I’ve put aside 20 Volumes of my exclusive The First 100 just for my members. Once they have gone, this site comes down.

Buckle up… you’re about to get ushered past the velvet rope… and into a world of hyper-effective salesmanship that’s understood and used only by the world’s most notoriously rich and successful marketers… welcome to Pete’s World


“Here’s How You Can Get Australia’s Best-Known & Most Celebrated Copywriter and Sales Strategist ‘On-Call’… Ready to Share His Very Best Advice, Answer or Strategy Any Minute You Need it Day or Night…”


At Last! You can now grab your own piece of history. The first 100 issues of my Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter have now been collected into 2 stylish volumes…so you get to reap the rewards of my efforts, and get 8 full years of the best copywriting, marketing and mindset advice right at your fingertips. Only 100 volumes will ever get published… so this offer is for action takers only…


“Just imagine… how much more money you could add to your bottom line if you had me… the Wizard of Words… at your beck and call… ready and more than willing to give you my very best advice, answer or strategy, any time you need it…”

petegodfreyFROM: Pete Godfrey

LOCATION: North of Shellgrit Creek
Tropical North Queensland, Australia


G’day and thanks for dropping by.

I’ve got an important and time-sensitive message for you… so let’s get started.

Let me tell you about a moneymaking tool that is over 15 years in the making… a tool that I’ve personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to bring to life…

that I want to hand to you on a silver platter… so you save the time, money and angst of doing it all yourself. (PLUS make a lot more money in your business… quicker and easier than ever before.)

It’s a copywriting, sales, marketing and million dollar mindset tool unlike anything I’ve released before…

One that has the potential to allow you to tap previously hidden profit centres in your business… magnetically attract clients to your business like bees to a honey-pot… add thousands upon thousands of dollars to your bottom line… and… change your current lifestyle for the better.

Big call?

Not really.

I’m just excited that’s all. And I know first-hand the POWER and potential profits this tool gives you.

And I know, if you’re the right person, you’ll be excited too.

Let me explain…

Since the late 90s, I’ve been a direct response copywriter and sales strategist. From humble beginnings, my little kitchen table Mail Order business grew, selling information products to the extra income crowd.

My first product was ‘How to Make Money at Flea Markets’… something my wife and I did on the weekends.

Told you it was humble beginnings right?

Soon folks started contacting me, asking me who was doing my copy. When I told them it was me, they begged and pleaded for me to write their copy too! 

So it all grew from there… and it wasn’t long before my wife and I quit our jobs, and since then I’ve dedicated my life to mastering sales and marketing, and sharing my hard won secrets with my clients and members.

Since that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have helped many thousands of people make more sales and live better, less stressful lives. If I put all the testimonials together I’ve received over the past dozen years, you’d be here for a week.

And since 2006, I’ve shared my secrets with my members each month, in my Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter.

Recently, I published my 100th issue… and I’m celebrating by releasing a very special and potentially profitable toolkit… 

It’s a tool that acts like a quick copywriting, marketing and mindset refresher… a tool where all you have to do is ask the question “What would Pete recommend I do here?” turn to the right section in the tool and there you’d find your answer…

  • Maybe you’d like to know how to write attention grabbing, eyeball attracting headlines. You just turn to the lesson on headlines and ‘Bob’s-your-uncle’ you’ve got yourself your very own sizzling headline that’ll pull customers into your copy.
  • … Or, maybe you want to put together a sales letter for a new product and you’re not sure how to get it started. You’d simply open this tool, flick to the sales letter openers and bam! There’s your answer.

Just imagine how valuable something like this will be for your business?

A tool where at any time… you can call on my 15 plus years of copywriting, marketing and sales experience to boost your sales like clockwork and magnetically attract more clients like seagulls to hot chips.

Well, after much head scratching here’s my solution…

‘The First 100’
Personally Signed Limited Edition
2-Volume Collector’s Set…

As mentioned…

I’ve put together a limited edition set of the first 100 issues of my Emotional Ad Writing and Marketing Letter and bundled them up into a pair of stunning volumes individually numbered and personally signed by me… what I call, “The First 100”.

They really do look a million bucks let me tell you.

Now, if you’ve been around my stuff for a while you’ll know my newsletter is the longest running ink and paper marketing publication of its type in the country. Hundreds of business owners in Australia and around the world eagerly await its arrival each month and enthusiastically consume the copywriting, sales/marketing and mindset strategies inside.

Everything is Tested so You Don’t Have to!

Each and every idea in my newsletter is personally tested and refined so you don’t have to. I’ve tested everything with my own money, refined, tweaked and polished until each strategy, method and idea work predictably like clockwork, every single time. Nothing has been left to chance. 

There’s absolutely NO theory… just pure, proven, moneymaking strategies to BOOST your bottom line. Nothing is included in the newsletter that either my clients or I haven’t spent our own money on to test and prove that it works. 

And with a 100 issues…spanning close to 8 ½ years you’re getting everything I know packaged up into this stunning bundle of mind-expanding, profit-pulling information…

Fact is… this is… 

The Closest Thing to Having Me ‘On Call’

With ‘The First 100’ in your hands you’ve got me at your fingertips… whenever you want day or night there I’ll be ready to give you my advice… share my knowledge and call on my 15 years of hard-fought, in the trenches copywriting and marketing experience.

Whenever you need me, I’ll be at your side… just an arm’s length away ready to give my very best advice on the BIG 3 of business success…

  • Copywriting
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • And million dollar mindset. 

And just think… all this is available to you whenever you need it… no matter when or where you are… day or night… rain, hail or shine.

It’s that simple. 

A Workshop With Pete Any Time You Desire!

Now, make no mistake this is the closest thing you’ll EVER have to a direct phone line to me. When you need my guidance… just call out and there I’ll be to get to the bottom of your marketing dilemma… to make suggestions on adding new rivers of profits to your business, or to add fuel to an existing profit centre.

But look, what I’ve just shared with you here doesn’t even begin to reveal the smorgasbord of benefits on offer with your edition of ‘The First 100’.

Not even close… in fact, I was flicking through both volumes the other day and here’s just a taste of what’s in store when you grab your copy of ‘The First 100′ today: 

  • 7 secret ways to charge premium prices for your products without mumbling and fumbling or fear of embarrassing rejection (don’t be fooled… charging the higher prices you deserve for your products and services is easy when you know how)… Issue #55
  • How you can use the daily news as ‘fodder’ for your marketing (and why doing so will land you a windfall of profits)… Issue #11 

Forget talent… Here’s the single thing above all else you need to succeed in ANY endeavour… See Issue #78 

  • How to maximise ANY opportunity or business for leveraged maximum profits (4 awe inspiring tips on how to make BUCKETS of money from every opportunity that passes under your nose)… Issue #59
  • How to be booked solid for months – even years – with cash paying, respectful clients… Issue #78
  • The ONE biggest mistake folks make when presenting price (avoid this mistake and your sales will climb faster than a speeding freight train!)… Issue #55

The #1 skill you need to succeed in the super competitive Info-Marketing niche… if you’re looking to get into this niche anytime soon this is a MUST read – more details in Issue #55

  • 6 highly effective ways to get inside the hearts and heads of your target market and make them believe… Issue #57
  • The tried and proven methods to ‘lock down’ your BIG idea. Realise… a promotion without a ‘big idea’ at its core will sink faster than the Titanic… this really IS where the money is and I show you exactly how to do it… Issue #64 covers this topic in detail.
  • The little-known yet highly valuable positioning secret of millionaire marketers… Issue #11
  • Operation Moneysuck: why this simple yet highly effective technique (invented by a copywriter some consider the greatest to have ever lived) is essential for ‘crushing it’ in your business… issue #57

The Wizard on Wealth – a regular injection of million dollar mindset wisdom to increase your future earnings and get you thinking like the wealthy!

  • The power of visual communication and why this technique can make you a whole heap of the folding stuff… Issue #11 
  • The ONE critical act that makes everything happen (do this one thing and success in whatever you do is almost guaranteed!)… Issue #67
  • Where’s the money? 3 money-making secrets that’ll make you more attractive to money and get that cash flowing like a torrential flood… Issue #59
  • Never be a pioneer! Here’s the easiest way to triumph and make a fortune in any market… Issue #10

Give them what they want! In issue #59 you’ll find a revealing, no-holds-barred account of what REALLY makes people buy. This astonishing info is worth the price of both volumes of The First 100 alone

  • My advice on sharing your dreams and goals with others and why you shouldn’t do it if you ever want to achieve anything in your life… issue #64
  • Revealed: why it’s not the best product that sells the most… it’s ALWAYS the best marketed product… issue #67
  • 17 ‘Quick as Lightening’ pro marketing secrets to dramatically boost sales and profits in any business… issue #12
  • The 9 universal buying motivators that unlocks a cascading stream of wealth from your copy… issue #67

Hidden Money. In issue #10 you’ll find a fast and easy process that when implemented will have a dramatic and near immediate impact on your bottom line.

  • How to live longer and worry less (Yes… Dr. Godfrey gives his advice prolonging your life and living it to the fullest)… Issue #57
  • The super potency of the provocative question… Issue #13

And that’s just for starters!

I could keep writing this stuff forever. That’s because there is so much packed inside the amazing resource. But let’s move on…

1,001 Powerful Money-Making Lessons at Your Fingertips

Each issue of the Emotional Ad Writing and Marketing Letter has a dozen or more money-making lessons inside. But let’s make it simple and say each issue has 10 powerful lessons just busting to get into your hot little hands… that’s at minimum 1,000 lessons on copy, sales & marketing and developing a million dollar mindset.

Just Call Out And Ask For My Help…

Whatever issue you’re having in your business… whenever you’re looking for a hand just call out “Hey Pete… I need help with X” then, like a trained dolphin at Seaworld I’ll leap to your attention and point you in the right direction… I’ll hand you the strategy, technique or tool you need to answer your question and send you on your way.

Like I said, this is the closest thing you’ll ever have to a direct phone line to me… a real look inside ‘Pete’s World’. Everything… and I do mean everything I’ve learnt, studied and practiced as a direct response copywriter and sales strategist up to this point is included within each of the pages of the this encyclopaedia of the Wizards wisdom.

My Wealth of Knowledge in One Big Marketing ‘Bible’

Every ounce of 15 years of experience is condensed in these two volumes… all my blistering money-making triumphs… all my embarrassing losses… all the marketing challenges I’ve faced… the businesses I’ve brought to life and everything else in-between.

And that’s why I think it’s so important you get a copy of this thing in your hands… because every time you open its pages your business gets a money-making adrenalin shot to the arm. You get to see exactly what core strategies, techniques and methods work and of course the ones that don’t.

Best part… there’s no gimmicks here. Everything I teach and share is based on sales and marketing principals.

Marketing gimmicks and ‘magic bullets’ come and go all the time (and so do the amateurs that use them… but your no amateur, right?) but the principals that soak the pages of your copy of ‘The First 100’ NEVER change. All the rich information you’ll be running your eyes over work right now and will continue to do so for many years to come.

OK, now I’ve got your attention… you know all the tantalizing marketing information you’ll get inside ‘The First 100’… but I just want to get clear on one last thing before we move on.

‘The First 100’ isn’t for the faint of heart… those looking for the easy way out… folks who have an ‘opportunity’ mindset rather than an investment mindset… forever chasing Band-Aid solutions to their business woes.

And I’m NOT interested in sharing this exclusive once-in-a-lifetime, mind-blowing resource with just anybody… 

So if you’re not serious about doing some work to add a real adrenaline shot of sales and to your business… please DON’T purchase a copy of this valuable resource… save it for the folks who really want to make a difference in their businesses and lives.

But if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level… making more money… building better relationships with your clients then you’re my kinda person and I want to put a copy of this rare and limited release in your hands… 

Act Fast… Just 100 ‘The First 100’ 2-Volume Collector Sets Available

Now, when whispers got around I was releasing ‘The First 100’ my office phone blew up and my email inbox was chockers with folks wanting to grab their very own copy.

“Pete… put a copy aside for me would ya…” was the main response I got.

But it’s hardly surprising…

Aside from the fact you get a treasure trove of marketing gold here inside ‘The First 100’… this is a STRICTLY limited release. See, I’m only ever releasing 100 copies of this personally signed and individually numbered profit boosting resource.

I’ve taken my own copy and a number of these classy 2-volume sets were put aside for some very lucky clients who got in early on a pre-launch special I had a few months back.

Good for them… not so good for you IF you delay in making a decision to grab your copy today.

Here’s the true gravity of the situation… 

Right now there are only 88 copies of “The First 100’ left… sitting with my shipping company (maybe even a few less as you read this). 

Your copy is ready to be delivered straight to your door right now… BUT only if you act fast and order before the 100 sets get sold. (Or before the countdown clock at the top of the page expires.)

That’s the final day this website will be up.

But to be honest I don’t even know if it will be up that long. With only 88 copies of these hand signed and individually numbered 2-volume sets remaining… I’ll be surprised if this website is still up in the next few days.

As soon as the last copy is sold and in the mail my shipping company is under strict instructions to give me a call and the website comes down immediately

If for any reason, 101 get sold, the 101st person will get an immediate refund and an apology; but won’t get the volumes.

Now, I’m not trying to use fake scarcity on you or anything like that… I‘m just being very frank and open about the situation.

But here’s my promise… I’m going to make it as easy as I can for you to get your hands on a copy of this bounty of copywriting, marketing and wealthy mindset information…

Fact is, the person who will invest in these unique Volumes, will be someone who gets me… who really loves my stuff… someone who can relate to me… and someone who actually takes action and can make decisions without procrastination. This is my kind of person. I treasure people like this. And I don’t want price to STOP these precious folks from investing.

So here’s what I’m going to do… 

Special Offer – Save Over $2,000.00!
(PLUS Receive 2 FREE Bonuses)

I’ve got to admit it’s pretty hard to put a price on this deal. I mean, a fair amount of $30.00 per issue puts ‘The First 100′ at $3,000.00. 

Even at this price I’m confident the remaining copies would fly off the shelf.

But I’m not a greedy man as you well know… and you won’t be paying anywhere near this price. I want to make it as simple as I can for you to get a copy of ‘The First 100’ in your hands so you can start magnetically attracting more clients and adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

Act today… secure your copy of the First 100 and all you’ll invest is 3 easy monthly payments of $333 ($999 in total).

That’s a massive saving of over $2,000.00.


It’s get even better… pay in FULL
and SAVE an extra $100.00

Or if you’re really keen and want to save even more money… make a once off payment of just $899 saving you another $100.00.


If you live in Australia, you also get FREE shipping via express post. (If not in Australia, a postage and handling charge of $39.90 is applied on checkout and your volumes will be sent via normal overseas shipping.)

Fact is, at this price, this is a great deal on its own… but you know what… we’re coming up close to Christmas and I’m starting to feel a little bit festive already.

Plus I want to show my appreciation and gratitude for having you on board. So as you’re one of my valued readers… someone who’s been round my stuff for a while now… here’s what else I’m going to do when you grab your copy of The First 100 today…

Early Xmas FREE Super Bonuses!

There’s nothing like some early chrissy gifts to get the blood pumping so here’s what I’m going to add in on top of ‘The First 100’ when you grab your copy today…

First up you get my… 

‘Blast from the Past’ CD
(Value: Priceless)

cd_blast-from-the-past_3D_MThis CD is packed full of information all on PDF’s so you can quickly and easily look up all the material on offer.

There are 6 folders on your CD crammed full of moneymaking information…

Info Products: A full course on Info-Marketing… and a great course on getting ideas… plus more.

Newsletters: Plenty of different newsletters in this folder… even the first (and only) issue of “The Rebellious Newsletter”… a short-lived publication put out by me and Mal Emery in 2007. (At the time, we felt it was a great idea… then we realised we were both too busy J) PLUS, plenty more publications I’ve put out over the years.

Reports: Great selection of reports on Mail Order, Copywriting, Mindset, Online Conversions and more! (Something special… see the report: “Conversion Pipeline Blueprint” that me and Alexi Neocleous put out for the launch of our Master of Conversions workshop.)

Product Launches: A couple of great reports from The Launch Wizards, a little side business I started a few years back with web maestro David Krauter.

Swipefile: A collection of the greatest ads and letters from the past 100 years. Even a couple of my multi-million dollar successes.

Power Point Presentations: My actual presentations from various seminars. Just put the presentations on full screen and click on through. I even left the closes at the end, so you can see what I was selling.

Phew! I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an amazing bonus and to be honest I could probably sell this for the same price as a copy of The First 100 and have a whole stack of orders come through for it… it’s that good. But it’s all yours for nothing… like I said… think of it as a small gift from me for being one of my valued readers.

But if you think I’m done yet you’re wrong! Act now and you also receive…

30 minute FREE ‘Power Call’ with me
(Value: $1000.00)

powercallWhat do you get during the Power Call? Great question.

When we jump on the phone together this is your opportunity to lay out everything on the table about your business. Tell me your plans… what it is you want to achieve in the future and I’ll share my tips on a blueprint for achieving everything we discuss… for getting the results you need in your business quick smart.

You have to admit this is a great deal not only do you get your hands on the exclusive ‘First 100’ 2 volume set but the ‘Blast from the Past’ CD AND a 30 minute call with me.

But here’s something even more special… say ‘yes’ today and you risk nothing… here’s why:

Iron Clad, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You simply cannot lose with my 30 day money back guarantee. Grab your copy of “The First 100’ today. When it arrives at your doorstep… tear your package open… then sit back and flip through the pages of each meaty volume.

Ask me all your pressing questions… Call out “Pete, I need help with X” and I’ll guide you to the section that will answer your query… I’ll be there at your fingertips to give you my very best advice.

And if in the highly unlikely event you are not absolutely over the moon with your purchase… if within 30 days you don’t see the potential to add at least $10,000.00 to your bottom line with the information inside ‘The First 100’ then just send both volumes back to me for a prompt and courteous refund…

PLUS you can keep the ‘Blast from the Past’ CD as my apology for wasting your time.

Oh and here are more astonishing bonuses…

As you flip through your 2 stylish volumes, you’ll discover a wealth of proven promotions such as…

  • Fill in the blank reactivation campaigns… so easy when you follow a proven plan… 
  • Video scripts that sell…
  • In house promotions that cause a flood of new and old customers to your door… just follow the templates…
  • Email promotions… in fact, inside you get a full blown, 10-part moneymaking email course…
  • Up-sells and cross-sell scripts… so you make more money on each and every transaction…
  • Plus way too much to mention here… but you get the picture.

You’ll never be stuck again. Never have to worry about where and when the next sale is coming from. Simply copy these proven promotions, adapt to your business, and sit back and smile knowing more sales are coming your way.

Own Your Very Own Piece of History Today!

Like I said, only 100 copies of ‘The First 100’ will ever get published. Once they’re all gone… that’s it… this offer will NEVER be on the table again.

I’m sure with time these beauties will become a real collector’s item and only increase in value.

And with just 88 copies left available… why would you wait? All the risk is completely on me when you say ‘yes’ today… PLUS you get access to a HUGE pile of FREE bonuses including my ‘Blast from the Past’ CD and a full 30 minute Power Call where we’ll chat about your business and I’ll work my magic and point out a few untapped profit centres that’ll add thousands (maybe even tens of thousands) to your bottom line.

But not only that, you get the priceless information I’ve shared with my members over the past 8 years… all yours… all in one place… packaged into 2 very stylish collector’s volumes.

Here’s What You Do Next…

Choose the payment option you prefer below and then click on the appropriate button…



You’ll then be taken to my secure payment area. Just pop in your details and then within 24 hours my shipping company will have your copy of ‘The First 100’ sealed inside an express post bag on the way to your door step.

Remember when you order you also receive a 30 minute Power Call (value $1000.00) PLUS the ‘Blast from the Past CD (value: priceless) packed to the brim with information products, reports, newsletters, power point presentations and MORE. All this information is sure to add thousands upon thousands to your bottom line… have customers buying more of your stuff and land you a windfall of profits…



Look, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this exclusive, priceless piece of history. That’s because I know the impact it will have on you and your business.


Pete Godfrey
Wizard of Words

P.S. Your exclusive 2 volume set of ‘The First 100’ comes individually numbered and signed by me. This is a true collector’s item and the closest thing you’ll have to a direct phone line with me. Just imagine… if you’ve got a burning question on copywriting, sales or marketing you need answered simply flip to the right page in ‘The First 100’ and your answer will be waiting. 

PLUS you get my 30 day, iron-clad money back guarantee. If you’re not absolutely 100% over the moon with your purchase simply send the 2 volumes back for a prompt and courteous refund.

P.P.S. Remember this is a strictly limited time deal…. so you’ve got no time to waste! I’ve only got 88 copies of ‘The First 100’ remaining and I’m closing the doors to this special once the countdown clock winds down… or earlier. Once the last copy is sold, that’s it… the website comes down.

PLUS… as one of my valued readers, when you purchase your copy of ‘The First 100’ today you receive thousands of dollars in FREE bonuses including a 30 Minute Power Call (Value: $1,000.00) and my ‘Blast from the Past’ CD (Value: Priceless) packed full of money-making information.