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5 Incredible Bonuses Valued at $1,705.50 absolutely FREE!

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Sales Letter Writing Workshop Take Home Pack (Valued at $297.00)

This is the take home version of my successful one day sales letter writing workshop in which attendees invested $1,000.00 to attend. Here’s what you get in your Take Home Pack:


• A full-on, hands-on day of training with me captured on DVD and CD. You get the A –Z roadmap to writing compelling Sales Letters that sell.

Pre-Head to Post Script Blueprint Manual: We work straight from this workbook and I take you through the whole process of starting and finishing a dynamic, compelling sales letter. You’ll discover everything you need to know to write your own Sales Letters, from start to finish without delay.

PLUS, Your Take Home Pack Also Includes…

Sales Letter Writing Workshop Examples Manual: Giant swipe file containing a smorgasbord of my winning letters including Seminar promotions, e-Books, Business Opportunities and more. The examples on offer are all proven winners; so you can see at a glance what it takes to create letters that sell.

5 FREE Hard-Hitting REPORTS (Valued at $235.00)

You see, I really want you back... so I’ve created 5 hard-hitting reports guaranteed to tempt you no matter what business you are in. Although concise, these reports pack a powerful punch. They contain no filler, just compactly written moneymaking information. This way, you get the meat without having to wade through pages of filler. Here’s what you get...

Special Report #1

How to Build a Fence Around Your Tribe With FREE, Offline Customer Appreciation Newsletters

When it comes to retention, nothing in my experience comes close to a FREE Offline Customer Appreciation Newsletter. In this report I give you a fill-in-the-blanks template on creating profitable, customer appreciation newsletters. You’ll see...

fenceWhat to include in your newsletter so your customers eagerly look forward to your publication and take action on your advice

• How to get your newsletter written quickly and easily without all the angst

• How to get your customers to write your newsletter for you

• PLUS; loads more including a foolproof checklist to keep you on track and heading in the right direction

There’ll be no excuse for NOT having a newsletter; for not testing this profitable strategy.

Special Report #2

How to Make Your Seminar Sales Stick

This report concerns Seminars and how to make a lot more money from each event by making the sales stick. It’s one thing to sell a lot of product at your gigs, but it’s another thing to make all those sales stick. It’s a whole new marketing strategy and your stick campaign should be planned and ready to go well before the event. You’ll discover...

report_covers_2011_2 copy• 5 aspects of the Seminar Game you must consider to ensure a successful event

• 3 smart things to do immediately after your seminar than slashes refunds and boosts your profits

• FREE MONEY! A little known and often overlooked strategy that makes you sales where a sale didn’t exist before... it really is like getting FREE money!

• PLUS loads more including advice on shipping products that can save you a fortune

Special Report #3

How to Make The SALE in Difficult Situations

Sometimes, you’ve got to sell hard. When I say “selling hard” I do NOT mean bashing your prospects over the head until they buy.

(Although it’s worth a test…☺)

report_covers_2011_3 copyNo, what I’m talking about here is never letting a chance go by to sell. I mean honing your copywriting and selling skills to a razor’s edge so you know instinctively the rules of selling. So you know instinctively what needs to be done. In this report you get...

• 2 little known ways to get inside your prospect’s head and get the sale even to the most stubborn and resistant buyers

• PLUS, complete examples with detailed analyses so you really get this

Special Report #4

How to Turn One Time Customers Into Members For Life!

This report concerns membership marketing and how to use the written word to entertain, persuade and keep your customers coming back for more... so instead of creating one-off customers, you’re building a solid foundation of members, who keep paying you month after month until they cancel. Inside this report you’ll discover...

report_covers_2011_4 copy• The BIGGEST SECRET of membership marketing and how to make this your dominate thought

• 12 critical elements of successful membership marketing... ignore just one and you’ll find attracting and keeping members extremely difficult

• Members will stick with you for years, and not necessarily for the “thing” you provide. (HINT: There are 3 important things to keep in mind to make your membership irresistible and even addictive... I’ll show you what they are and how to use them)

Special Report #5

How to Recession-Proof Your Business

You’ve gotta get busy. That’s how you survive and thrive in business no matter what the economic climate you live in is doing. Going up, going down... doesn’t matter. You can still make money and prosper. Using the economy as an excuse for lazy, ignorant behaviour is NOT an option. (W. Clement Stone built the largest Insurance Company the world has ever seen during the Depression of the 1930’s. There is no excuse for not doing well, only alibis. GET HIS BOOK: THE SUCCESS SYSTEM THAT NEVER FAILS.)

report_covers_2011_5 copyWhat’s needed is a plan of attack to fight this war on recession. You need a plan to follow so you know exactly what you are going to be doing each week, each day, to attract customers, to retain customers and to rescue lost customers. Make no mistake...You Must Treasure Every Customer You Get! In this report, find out...

• The 3 critical areas to focus on in your business to boost your profits no matter what the economy is doing

• How to create your own success environment

• Why reinvention is your key to thriving in any economic conditions

Okay, at $47 each, you’re getting $235.00 of value absolutely FREE. As you can see by this smorgasbord of moneymaking information, I’m sincere in wanting you back. But I can give you more… lots more.

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powercallSpend 30 minutes with me and let me tackle any copywriting, marketing or mindset problems you are facing.

Let me point you to overlooked opportunities, hand you a road map to business success, and solve your most pressing business problems. I talk quickly and we can cover a lot of ground on our call... and I suggest you tape the call to listen to again and again. (What’s even better is you’ve got a full year to use this call!)

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