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Who Controls Your Day

by Pete Godfrey

Now that’s a damn good question isn’t it? Who controls your day? Makes you think. Is it your customers? Your lover? Your kids? Any random fool with a laptop and internet connection who wants to throw a question your way? Who? Or do you control your day and make others work around you? Frankly, I’m […]

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When Long Copy Sucks!

by Pete Godfrey

“It’s too long,” said the client from the other end of the phone. “The copy is too long. No one will read it.” Arrggg, I sighed to myself, here we go again. I gathered my thoughts, and then quietly explained why it’s so long, and YES, qualified prospects will read it… and NO, I do […]

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How to Write Better, Faster Copy

by Pete Godfrey

Here’s a breakthrough for you when it comes time to write some copy. What you need is a bank of “starting points” that are proven and that gets you into writing your copy quick smart. So here are “4 Starting Points” to kick your copy production up the backside and get you writing copy quicker, […]

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How to Regain Control Of Your Life And Replace Distractions With Focused Concentration

by Pete Godfrey

FOREWORD: YUCK! What a title! Looks like work doesn’t it? And I won’t lie; this is a heavy, thought-provoking post all about reality; the reality of the world we live in, and what we can do with this reality to ensure a successful life. I won’t be giving much advice either; more like throwing out […]

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Overcoming Resistance

by Pete Godfrey

“The truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery.” Steven Pressfield, in his book, The WAR Of ART. I turned 46 last year and I’m still getting to know myself. I’m still finding out why I do what I do, discovering my motivations, my desires. But I’m getting better at […]

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Shock Night! How to feed the fear

by Pete Godfrey

Let’s talk about headlines. Yeah I know I cover headlines fully in my courses and yes, we have talked about headlines here on the blog and in my newsletter many times, but bare with me will ya… this is special. We’re going down deep into the underbelly of persuasion and you’ll see a very cool […]

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The Walking Dead

by Pete Godfrey

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid They are everywhere around us, the sleep-walking zombies that inhabit the earth. They come in many forms. The person who stands in line at the fast food joint and when it gets to his turn is unsure what to order, confused by how much to pay, and uses a credit card […]

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Opportunities Are Everywhere

by Pete Godfrey

I remember reading that line in a book back in the mid nineties when I was still out of control and beating my head against a wall. I won’t repeat my reaction here… let’s just say I thought it was fine for this rich guy to say that, but what about me? Anyway, it wasn’t […]

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I’ve Got A Secret

by Pete Godfrey

Have you ever tried to keep a secret? Pretty good at keeping secrets are you? Or are you absolutely dreadful? The point is: People Love Secrets We all want to know the inside gossip. We all like to know things that other people don’t know. Get this: Secrets are one of the most powerful buying […]

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Sales Copy Is King

by Pete Godfrey

FOREWORD: Many folks have been asking for more copywriting articles. So, because I’m such a generous and obliging kind of guy, for the next couple of weeks, my posts will all be about copywriting. You want insights into copywriting then this is the place to be. Language is critical to making sales. The ability to […]

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Facebook Frolics

by Pete Godfrey

Pete’s Note: Everywhere you look its doom and gloom, war and famine; no wonder everybody is so damn serious these days. Anyway, I thought I’d lighten things up a bit, and post this little article which was sent to me recently. Let me know if you get a chuckle. By David Attaboy – London, England […]

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Cashless Society?

by Pete Godfrey

What is it with people who don’t carry any cash? Is it a scarcity thing? Are they broke? Are they scared to carry any cash in case they are robbed? Who knows, but I tell you, they’re making a BIG mindset mistake… one that could shackle them to a lifetime of mediocrity. Let me explain […]

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Getting The Money!

by Pete Godfrey

“Guy hands you a light envelope, it’s just the beginning.” From the Sopranos Okay, I’ve been watching a few Sopranos reruns of late; purely for educational purposes. But that line above hit home. A guy owes you say 2 grand, and gives you only 1,500, chances are, the situation is only going to get worse. […]

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How to Finish What You Start

by Pete Godfrey

NOTE: Below is an updated post adapted from a recent newsletter article. Now while I can’t and won’t share most newsletter content here, this article caused a ton of feedback from my subscribers, so I knew this was a problem with us entrepreneurs, and I just had to share it with you here. It’s a […]