What are you thinking

What Are You Thinking?

by Pete Godfrey · 5 comments

What Are You Thinking?

Each month in my newsletter I include a Wizard on Wealth article.

We talk about your thoughts, your actions, your habits; and how to align them to achieve your goals.

When you say it real quick like I did above it sounds real easy doesn’t it. All you have to do is think the right thoughts, take the right actions, and change any bad habits into successful habits and BINGO! Everything you ever dreamed about is REAL! Trouble is, in the real world of business and day to day living, it’s easy to let your goals slide while you take care of business.

But here’s something to keep in mind while rushing around getting things done. In our haste we lose touch with one ultimate truth:

Success starts within

Here’s how I sum it up in my newsletter

“Like a Wizard peering into a crystal ball, you too can accurately predict your future earnings. Your actions, thoughts and behaviours of today determine what you reap in the future.”

So this brings me to you.

Where is your head today?

What are you thinking about?

Think about those questions for a minute. Think how you are feeling. Pissed off? Angry? Worried? Stressed? Or are you bursting with optimism with energy to burn?

And here’s the money question…

Are your thoughts helping or hindering your Goals?

This is where we’ve got to be honest with ourselves and stop bullshitting ourselves and answer the hard questions.

Because here’s what I know…

It’s an amazing feeling when you realise you have the POWER to change… and you have the power to change your life starting today.

What you have now is enough and who you are now is enough.

Only one thing is needed. One word to change. One word to galvanise action and one word to move forward. One word to reap untold rewards.

The word is simply…


I wish you pleasant thoughts (and actions).

And BIG dreams.

I welcome your comments.


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Rich Muir March 4, 2011 at 11:04 am

Nice one Pete,

Love the simple, powerful and profound logic that comes from a single word.



Brian Cassingena March 4, 2011 at 11:39 am

Thanks Pete, as usual you come through with the goods when they’re most needed mate. Have some troubles at the moment but this too shall pass, as they say. I hope everyone gets the significance of your little ending:

“I wish you pleasant thoughts (and actions)”


Jean Cannon March 4, 2011 at 11:52 am

Hey Pete – You’re right!
On the days when I fill in my planning form and think of at least 6 sucesses and 6 things I am grateful for , the write out my goals just before I go to be I find the next day works well. When I skip it, the next day ends up being scattered with my energy all over the place.
Being pissed off never helps and I am continually amazed by people on FaceBook constantly whinging anf being the victim – especially when they then tell us all how ssuccessful they are.


Kath March 8, 2011 at 8:58 am

Timely reminder, Pete. I recently bought a personal development book for kids and teens, The Mastery Club by Liliane Grace. She’s taken the idea of the power of thinking and created this amazing story around it. It’s really given me an even better understanding of what it means to create magic in our lives…


Monika Mundell March 10, 2011 at 10:08 pm

My headspace is aligned with my greater self right this moment in time and has been for a good week now. It’s amazing what happens to you when your thoughts are aligned with your purpose and values. Magic happens and things are falling into place effortlessly.

It took me years to understand and learn that other people can suck you clean of your dreams if you let them. Whether they do it unconsciously or not. The trick is to stay true to yourself and tend to those evil weeds in the head with daily doses of personal development and most important of all – a supporting group of likeminded people.

Have a fabulous day.


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