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Never Forget Where You Came From… And Never Forget Those Who Helped You Get There!

by Pete Godfrey · 6 comments

Never Forget Where You Came From… And Never Forget Those Who Helped You Get There!

You know, I’ve been around a lot of years in this marketing game. I’ve seen new faces come and go, some stay longer than others, some just drift away into obscurity.

As a student of human nature, I find this interesting.

I find it fascinating how different personalities react to even the slightest bit of fame and success. As a copywriter and sales strategists, this information gets tucked away in my old memory bank to be used as future fodder for upcoming promotions.

(Take what happens to some people when you give them even a hint of power. Like the Parking Metre Cop. He might have been a swell, easy going guy in his past life, but once that uniform goes on stand back buddy! It’s hilarious to watch… but informing. The better we know people, the better we can sell them.)

You see, I’ve seen many people change over night when just a little bit of fame and fortune comes their way. They literally become another person. They forget where they came from, and what’s worse, they forget who helped them to get there. Maybe they don’t forget, but they NEVER acknowledge those who have helped. It’s sad, but it happens a lot. It’s just another human trait that you must be aware of to be a master persuader.

So with that said, I wanna give you a little advice… a little wake up call.

Never forget those who got you to where you are today. Get your ego out of the way.

One thing I’ve spoken about to my Copywriting students and newsletter members is that YES, it’s great making your clients money.

YES, it’s great getting spoken about in front of crowds.

And YES, the financial rewards of being able to persuade and sell with words blitzes any other profession.

But, when all that is over and done with, it’s just you, your laptop and the next promotion.

Only RESULTS count!

So YES, for many years now I’ve had famous marketers praising my name. And YES, for many years I’ve been the “Go-To-Guy” for copywriting in Australia. When other copywriters have failed, I was the guy who rode in on a white horse and saved the day.

And that’s all good, it’s a buzz.

But, I’m constantly working on myself… bringing myself back to what really matters. My family, my friends, and you, my valued reader.

So when I do my next promotion (I’m working on 5 at the moment) my ego isn’t anywhere to be seen.

Results are the only thing that matters in my world.

And I’m forever reminding myself of how far I’ve come from my rebellious nomadic years… and I remind myself of the few key people who helped me to get here.

It’s all good therapy… and giving gratitude is the key to REAL wealth!

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Konrad June 9, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Every time I read a Pete Godfrey Nugget! I feel like one of those olden Days prospectors,throwing my hard hat on the ground as i fall to my knees and clutching it with both hands placing it in a vault of usefulness. You see every thing Pete says is real valuable in the trenches tested and tried useful material.
I can’t thank Pete enough for all that he has shown me, just pure gold none of that Fools gold stuff that you find everywhere that’s worth Zip.
I know when I apply these Nuggets! I will need a bigger Vault.
Thanks Pete!

Ps I am not able to get this all together real quick due to my disability, daily aiming at my result and applying will.


Gary Hobley June 9, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Great stuff as usual Pete.

In the immortal words of Shirly Strachan “Ego is not a dirty word”, but in my mind (and from my experience) it can get you into a hell of a lot of trouble.

Life has a funny way of leveling things out though. Some call it Karma but I believe that we learn lessons along the way that shape (maybe I mean restore) our true self. Just as a sculptor chips pieces off to create a masterpiece, we all become a product of our lifes experience which is more or less desirable to those we meet but more polished as each year passes.

Once we experience power and the responsibility of it we realise that we are now placed in a position of service or should at least anyway. Some don’t get this immediately and end up alienating themselves. Case in point, the parking inspector. I have met some good parking inspectors in my time but they were all much older and wiser.

I think that it is the wisdom which attracts me to you and your writings. I don’t know if I will be around for a long time or just a season, but while I’m here I am absorbing as much as I can. I have heard it said and it may have been by you, “The quickest lesson is one you learn from an experienced teacher but you must be willing to learn”.

I am here to learn. Thanks for your continued input into our lives.


Terry June 10, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Hi Pete,
Resonates on many levels mate. I always liked the saying “when the pupil is ready the teacher appears” I believe and like to follow this through with this phase “when the teacher is ready the pupils appear”. You have become a dynamic teacher for many people just through being you, a real walking example. Thank you



Mr.Mate-eyes June 10, 2011 at 4:11 pm

G’day Pete,

YOU Chose Wise “Mate-eyes”, and I agree mate to stay grounded, is of most importance and remain “FAIRDINKUM” to ones self and others all the way through,so when I climb higher, I will be extra mindfull and appreciative of where I WILL BE …

I APPRECIATE all wisdom YOU decide to share my way mate and my work is now getting busier with my level of copy flowing around small snippets of some good Ausssie businesses,which to me also makes me FEEL appreciated….100% the past 3 weeks…

I am on a wisdom mission,and its one copy at a time, one small business at a time ,and after I myself have only just been treated to some magnificent home study courses,I feel obligated and even driven to “GO BOLD” and get that wisdom out there,and while doing so mate,I always pay it forwards with “the clever few” whom I feel connected to now with my new creative copy lifestyle.

You Pete, get exposure among a few others often from my personal humble grattitude ,so I hope YOU have scored extra business from it all …

YOU choose Wise “Mate-eyes”

All the best .

Kind regards.


Rodney Joy- aka – “Mr.Mate-eyes”.


Christina June 11, 2011 at 3:48 am

I totally agree! God made all people equal, just because we are good at something doesn’t mean we are better than others.

It reminds me of an Italian proverb that I heard once:

After the game of chess is over, the king and the pawns both go back into the same box


Marilyn Martyn July 22, 2011 at 10:32 am

How right you are Pete. I have a message sent down the generations from my
great grandmother who I never met. The message: “Always remember the ship that carried you over.”
Thank you for your open sharing.
It is inspiring. I am a fan!


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