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Cashless Society?

by Pete Godfrey · 8 comments

Cashless Society?

What is it with people who don’t carry any cash?

Is it a scarcity thing?

Are they broke?

Are they scared to carry any cash in case they are robbed?

Who knows, but I tell you, they’re making a BIG mindset mistake… one that could shackle them to a lifetime of mediocrity.

Let me explain a bit about this here rant and why it’s important to you and ultimately, why it’s important to your financial health. Here’s the story…

It was our last week at the apartment and I was itching to get home. We all were. We had spent 6 months there as our house was being fixed up after the floods. So we were eager to get back home, get into the backyard and do our thing.

Anyway, the apartment was just a short stroll to one of the major Shopping Centres. It’s nice and handy. And seeing as I do a lot of the cooking at home, I had been walking to the Shopping Centre regularly.

On this occasion, according to the sign peering on down at me, I had one too many items in my basket for the Express Checkout. (Supermarket etiquette clearly states: Supermarket rules are NOT to be broken!)

This left me two options for getting the hell out of there.

I could use the self-service machines, an option I quickly dismissed as I watched a red-faced woman arguing with the automatic checkout machine, her face knotted in frustration. No way, not for me.

So that left the only other option; a choice of four or five checkouts that were opened.

I scanned my options, settled on my choice (in the back of my mind fearing I had made the wrong choice), and stood in line. In front of me were three folks; a business guy in a cheap suit, a middle-aged lady in a Toys R Us® uniform, and a young mum with two toddlers in tow.

Nothing special there.

However, it did take a while to get to me; that’s because all three of them paid with cards, not cash. All savings accounts too, not credit, so each customer had to enter pin numbers etc. The check out girl let out a sigh of relief when I pulled out a couple of fifties to pay my bill.

Strolling home, dodging traffic, I got to thinking. I thought of something I read the night before written by Matt Furey. His book “101 Ways to Magnetise Money” had arrived and I devoured it in one sitting. I knew it would be good. I like Matt and I like his stuff. You wanna think abundantly, spend a couple of days with Matt, he’ll sort you out. I know, because a few years back, Matt and I had spent a couple of days together hanging out at Starbucks talking marketing, copywriting, mindset and an electric mix of other topics that stretched my thinking.

One thing Matt talks about is having cash in your pocket.

It’s good for your subconscious.

You don’t have to spend it; just have a BIG chunk of notes right there in your wallet so every time you open it up, all those hundreds are staring back at you; reinforcing wealth into your subconscious mind.

Try it; this works.

I shared this at my Last Ever Master Class and I know a few students are now doing this… carrying a grand or two around with them wherever they go. I’ve got a client who carries a stack of hundred dollar bills in a gold money clip. Around ten grand’s worth. Never leaves home without it. It’s all good therapy. Because get this: If every time you open up your wallet and there’s no cash inside, just plastic, what’s this reinforcing? Lack! Scarcity!

Even if you are struggling at the moment, you can still do this.

When I was flat broke, still working for the man, robbing Peter to pay Paul, I had a lucky one hundred bill that travelled everywhere with me.

If I was hungry, I would take that sucker outta my pocket and have a look. But I wouldn’t spend it.  I could, but I never did.

Hey, this wealth strategy is even more important if you grew up with a lack of money in your house. Chances are, if that’s the case, there’s a lot of negative crap running rampant inside your head concerning money. It’s important to grow and to unlock the shackles of the past and embrace an abundant future.

Coming from a working class, blue-collar background, I had a whole lotta hang-ups about money. It’s not until you start getting successful, start bringing in the money, that these hangs-up rear their ugly heads.

So I worked hard on myself.

I read the books, went to the seminars, spent time in the mornings to reinforce abundance.

There are many little rituals I still do every day to ensure I stay on the abundant path and don’t go careering off into the scarcity wilderness. Too many to mention here; but here are just a few of the things that work for me.

BIG POINT: I create for myself ideal situations and environments where wealth and abundance are the natural order.

  • I eat at top restaurants
  • I stay at 5-star hotels
  • I tip liberally and often
  • I carry a big wad of cash wherever I go
  • And so on.

But it’s in my writing bunker where you’ll see the images and feel the presence of abundance. I use wealth triggers around my office to constantly reinforce abundance.

  • $100 bills stuck on the walls so everywhere I turn I see money.
  • One draw full of cash that I open regularly and stick my hand in; sometimes adding to the bounty with a handful of notes.
  • Photos of cars and holiday resorts tacked on my walls.
  • Clocks everywhere I look to reinforce time is money and to get busy.

I use everything I can to keep my mind on abundance.

Because it doesn’t matter how much we know, what opportunities we are exposed to, or who we know, the FACT is: Success will elude us if we’ve got the wrong mental attitude. I work hard to keep a positive mental attitude because I know, that’s where the money is.

Love to hear your thoughts on this… Cheers, Pete

POST SCRIPT: I’ve recently completely updated and revamped my mindset talk into a jam-packed two hour presentation called: “How To Think Rich, Get Rich & Stay Rich.” I will present this talk as a free added bonus at our Masters of Conversion Super Conversion in October. I trust you can join me.

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David Miller September 9, 2011 at 5:50 am

Great post thanks Pete. Another one I added to the abundance was (if you wear one) to always have an expensive watch on, fits well with the time and money. If anyone checks out some of the older Frank Kern long hair slacker videos, take a moment to check the watch. Big expensive gold sucker.


Pete Godfrey September 9, 2011 at 8:59 am

Yeah, many of my colleagues have got their 25k watches… me… I don’t know, I just bought a watch a couple of months back, looks good, good brand, only 500 bucks reduced down from a grand… so I hear what you are saying David but for me, my watch will do… however… I do wear a gold chain on my wrist, set me back a few grand, so that’s my bling… and you are right, everytime I look down at it, or feel it’s weight, it invokes abundance… thanks for sharing…


Lorwai Tan September 9, 2011 at 11:21 am

Hi Pete
You are right on the money! (pardon the pun). I have come to realize that all my transactions are via direct debit, credit cards as was my salary (electronic transfer) when I was working for the man.

Another non prosperous habit that was ingrained was that I could only be paid on a fortnightly basis. Talk about being brainwashed into thinking that money would only appear at set times, duh!

These paradigms do not serve the entrepreneur.

I have instituted one success ritual and that is to carry my “money bag” filled with gold coins when I am working at my desk. Just feeling the weight of it reinforces that money is tangible, not just numbers on a screen.

I agree it is the conscious awareness that is important, much like the idea that if we don’t know what the target is, hitting the mark is elusive.

Thanks again for this valuable insight.


Pete Godfrey September 9, 2011 at 12:08 pm

Wow, thanks for sharing your viewpoint on this Lorwai… seems like we’re on the same page here… and your point about when you were working for the man was brilliant… you do the work for a fortnight and then you get paid… there’s an old saying, “Rich folks get paid before they do the work, and poor folks get paid after they do the work.” Anyway, took me a lot of years to get rid of my old blue collar mindset… and the change occurred within, before my reality caught up… which I am told is nearly always the way…


Alan September 9, 2011 at 1:59 pm

thanks for that reminder!!heard your mate Mal talk about that one….so great to get it reinforced by you! I have been thinking about this very thing lately when the adverts promoting the “swipe and go” cards came on..with the guy who holds up the queue by paying cash…that advert had the reverse effect on me… it looks like a modern “1984” made me think that I would rather use cash! But I was thinking that apart from the scarcity mentality and I understand the concept of having money in your wallet… its probably not a bad idea to have a cashless society.. cash and coins are a bit outdated in our digital society but saying that don’t think people will stop taking cash anytime soon!! so I think I’ll just going to fill up my wallet again!! cheers.


Konrad September 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Pete, the more I absorb your teaching which comes very much from your heart I begin to feel like you have been stalking me,you know so much about what I think and know. Obviously you have done the homework and research that makes you the great Copywriter/ Sales Strategist you are and know what makes us blokes do what we do and why. Some could say what has this got to do with copywriting etc, I would have to honestly say everything. I have been quite frustrated at times because I want to get out there pump out some serious copy,but just can’t, my pain knocks me for a six, I have found I needed to understand my mindset and purpose all need a lot of work, trying to go from a disability pensioner to entrepreneur takes time, so my goal is to make sure every day I am taking steps towards my goal. I find a lot of the changes are small things but as what you have said above give massive results.
Thanks again for your encouragement and support you give.


Christina September 10, 2011 at 1:28 am

Hello 🙂 That’s very true what you said about cash. That’s why I get so upset when I see that the monopoly board game that they sell in the shops now, is cashless, it uses credit cards. What a recipe for disaster.


Christina September 10, 2011 at 1:36 am

Ps- I forgot to tell you about another tip I thought of. If you are really broke, you can still buy monopoly money on ebay, and then you can look at it every day and pretned its real money. It sure looks like real money, and it’s better than not having any money to look at. If you have a stack of it, you can get used to having money like that. If you do that all the time, one day your monopoly money will become real money 🙂

PPs- if you are so totally broke that you can’t afford to buy monopoly money off ebay, then just get some paper and cut it into bank note shaped rectangles and write on it with pen: $100. There you go, now you have a $100 note to start you off, then you can trade up to monopoly money, and then you can trade up to real money. Worked for me 🙂


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