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The Walking Dead

by Pete Godfrey · 3 comments

The Walking Dead

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

They are everywhere around us, the sleep-walking zombies that inhabit the earth.

They come in many forms.

The person who stands in line at the fast food joint and when it gets to his turn is unsure what to order, confused by how much to pay, and uses a credit card for his $5 purchase; he is one of the walking dead.

The person who is told repeatedly to board the plane from the rear stairs, because he is sitting down the back, yet gets on the plane from the front, and is agitated he has to push and shove to get to his seat; he is one of the walking dead.

The person who spends her days texting and facebooking and emailing her friends and is confused about her lack of progress, the lack of business success and looks to blame others for her misfortune; she is one of the walking dead.

They are everywhere. They’re sins are many. They are amongst us. But one thing you must fully understand is:

They are your customers.

I remember a short story I read many years ago about a town struck deaf and dumb and blind because they drank from the town’s well which was poisoned by an unknown toxin.

It reminds me of the world we live in today.

Attention spans like those of a teenager on a high-sugar diet are the norm. The masses can stand almost anything except boredom. They crave constant stimulation like a crack addict craves his next hit. As I keep pointing out; it’s getting harder to get attention.

TV executives understand this. Tabloid news-style the order of the day. Each year the news is getting more like The National Enquirer. Is it any wonder it’s getting tougher for our marketing messages to be heard?

Over the years I’ve given you many ways to solve this problem. Today I want you to get just one thing and that’s creating interest and how to make your business more interesting to your customers/clients/patients.

Are your promotions fun?

Is doing business with you easy?

Do you strive to develop a relationship with your customers through a monthly newsletter and other communications?

Do you make a big thing out of new customers backed up with a strong stick campaign and up-sell?

There are so many ways to be interesting to your tribe. Spend time each week in quiet contemplation on what steps to take so you remain interesting and exciting to your customers. I’m sure you will come up with many ways on remaining relevant in your customers’ lives.

And don’t make the mistake of dismissing this advice because you got it for free at this blog. This is where I spend a lot of time with my clients; strategising ways to make them more exciting to their customers, more interesting and ultimately more valuable. They pay me a lot of money for this, so if you’re smart, you’ll spend some quality time thinking about this and how to create more interest in your business.

The important thing is to remain agile and quick to change.

Reinvention is the constant reality we all face.

But it isn’t as daunting as you may think. Yes, constant reinvention of your business is an ever-present reality of this new economy. However, most times, it’s not about total change or big change to the core business, but by changing processes inside the business to get better results.

Think about that one.

And, I’d love to hear your comments.

P.S. Next week: Shock Night! You’ll see a very cool way to snap your prospects awake and instantly get their attention.

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Konrad November 1, 2011 at 12:36 pm

Another great lesson told in away that is so simple to grasp, I get very frustrated as over here in the west pretty well nobody knows how to get a client, service a client or keep one.They treat you as if you are never coming back, no understanding of a lifelong relationship. They are exactly as you explain Zombies ! Of course Mal Emery knows how to and has taught some.Whilst I say frustrated I actually see a great opportunity in it. As you say it describes most people.


Dean Kennedy November 2, 2011 at 7:47 am

Spot on! I remember watching ‘Shallow Hal’ (interesting timing — at the end of 6 massively intensive days of Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny program) … where Robbins claims most people are walking around hypnotised (not the other way around) … just like the walking dead. I’ve seen them on the planes too doing exactly the same thing. Worse are the ones BEHIND the counter in shops, who have no interest in helping serve customers. They’re everywhere, see them all the time — and I keep as far away as I can!

Speaking of fun promotions … one of the better feedback/reaction items we had recently in our travel agent client newsletter was our story introducing our new digital production copier — which we nicknamed Chewbacca (aka Chewie). Clients have emailed us asking for Chewie to print some flyers for them … it got their attention. We also ran a comp to name our poster printer (it’s the only thing that wasn’t named — all of our computers, hard disks, IT equipment have either a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings name) … again, something different and interesting that was noticed. It’s now called Chief Chirpa by the way, head of the Ewoks. I was hoping for Treebeard, but that’s our next poster printer. Hahahaha — can’t wait to announce that one in the next newsletter.


Josh Zampech November 5, 2011 at 2:30 pm


Awesome content as usual. Very helpful. It’s an inspiration to see the amount of free advice you give. But the difference between you and others is that you provide free content that is of a high quality, not the ‘scraps’…

Thanks mate



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