Persuasion Power … The Two-Sided Coin

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Persuasion Power … The Two-Sided Coin

People buy on feelings. And if you’ve been with me awhile now, you know you are really in the FEELINGS business… that’s where the real money lies.

And basically, there are two kinds of feelings, positive and negative.

Now I’m a positive person, so I’m always looking at the positive feelings, the positive benefits a prospect gets from the product I’m selling. It’s only natural, that’s the way I think. But here’s what I have to constantly remind myself of: In many cases, you get better results by manipulating negative feelings than you do positive feelings.

Fight this statement as much as you want. But it’s the truth. Here’s an example to prove this point…


Two sides of the same feelings coin.

Now let’s pretend for a minute I’m trying to sell you something and you’re a parent. I can go down the love angle and I would do this. I would stress in story form the love you feel for your kids. But this love angle would be my secondary priority.

Guilt would be my major emotion. I would hammer home the guilt angle. About not being around for your son’s soccer game, missing out on his graduation, not taking him fishing and so on.

It’s why the subhead I wrote below for a client specialising in children’s learning and speech difficulties worked so damn well. (It’s why the Special Report I wrote for her over two years ago is still bringing in the money.)

“Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Child Is Slipping Behind The Rest Of The Class?”

Sure it plays on the love angle, but it also rams home the guilt. The prospect starts thinking that maybe somehow it’s his fault for not spending enough time with his son or daughter… that’s the reason the grades are slipping.

Don’t ignore this advice.

It’s why in the lead up to our Federal Election here in Australia, the ALP started using negative ads: Because They Work! (The Liberals did the same.)

Just be clear you are in the FEELINGS business. You are selling feelings. Your customers are a seething mass of emotions and how they feel will determine whether they buy or not.

So sell with emotion. Sell with the feelings your prospects will experience once they get the benefits your product offers. And don’t forget the two-sided coin. Positive and negative… and many times, negative is the angle to take.

And now, I’m outta here and on to my next deadline.

Keep smilin’,

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Anna Sonnenburg March 30, 2009 at 7:28 pm

I work for a retail store, and we had just finished a marketing exercise – letter and voucher mailout to our customers. After reading this entry of yours, I re-read the letter and knew it was all wrong! I changed everything around using your techniques, and have had the best response out of any mailouts we’ve ever done.

Thank you so much!


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