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Moneymaking Emails You’re The Star of The Show!

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Moneymaking Emails You’re The Star of The Show!

If you want to connect with your email audience, you’ve got to tell them your story.

Let them in so they get to know you.

So they get to trust you.

And today, I’ll give you one powerful way to get ideas for your emails… and how to make you the star of the show by sharing your stories. It’s a big lesson, and if you want to create a true personality-driven business (and you should), this is where the money really is.

The lesson begins with this…

Think of your life as an educational story

Your trials and tribulations, your successes and failures, are all lessons to reveal to your tribe. You reveal these lessons in a strategic way, through the use of stories that sell.

The important thing here is to be awake for lessons in your life

Take note of what happens throughout your day and then figure out how to use this lesson in a story which then ties into your product. Please let this sink in. This is how you develop a REAL relationship with your tribe and this is how you sell in your emails without offending folks with a blatant pitch.

It’s what we call…

“The slice of life” story

You simply take an everyday piece of your life, wrap it up in a story, and then tie it into what you are selling.

You can do this by using my Triple S Email Template I revealed in detail in my Email Magic course.

Here’s a quick overview of the template…

  • Story
  • Segue
  • Sell

It’s one of the quickest and easiest templates to follow.

But for now…

Let’s get back to your slice of life story. You’ll see how to create your own, and you’ll see just how powerful it really is.

First up…

Your story must have a premise (an objective if you like), and this premise is backed up with what you are selling.

Take note here: If they get into your story and agree with the premise you presented in your story, then they are more likely to then buy your product.

Here’s an example…

I wrote a slice of life email the other week.

I was on a plane, heading home, when a coughing and sneezing maniac sat next to me. The premise of my story which I wanted the reader to agree with was “things can quickly change”.

I tied the story into my newsletter, explaining how my newsletter teaches you how to change and adapt and come out a winner.

See how it’s done?

Point is…

Almost anything that happens in your life can be fodder for your emails

You’ve just got to be awake to the lessons around you.

  • Listen to what people are saying.
  • Open your eyes when out and about.
  • Be curious.

You’re the star of the show. Get busy getting good and turning your adventures into strategic stories that sell.

And realise and understand fully your journey is what your tribe is buying into. Done right, they want to know what happens. They want to live voraciously through you.

And you share your journey in a strategic way

So before you write, ask yourself:

“What’s my objective?

How can I tie this into what I am selling?”

For more on emails, I’ve created a short but powerful FREE report called: “Shocking Email Blunders That Cost You Money!” Although this report is small and will only take you a few minutes to read, it reveals a simple, yet powerful lesson on writing emails that get attention, build trust, and ultimately make you money. Here’s the link:

See you next time… and don’t forget to leave your comments below.



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