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How to Find Your Own BIG Money Breakthrough

by Pete Godfrey · 8 comments

How to Find Your Own BIG Money Breakthrough

In business, when you keep your eyes and mind opened and keep your eyes on the numbers, you may get two breakthroughs that can really add to your bottom line.

First is a Media breakthrough.

Second is a Market breakthrough.

Let me explain by giving you a couple of examples.

Media example: I have a client in Sydney specialising in children’s behavioural problems. Advertising is expensive and we were looking for a media breakthrough. We found Sydney’s Child magazine and this has been a big breakthrough for her, effectively slashing her advertising rates while honing in on a captive, targeted and highly motivated audience.

Market examples: Okay, here are a few market examples to get you thinking like a marketer, thinking like an opportunity-focused entrepreneur.

1: A client of Dan Kennedy’s offers Russian Brides to American men. After painstakingly going through his client list he realised many of his clients were long-haul truck drivers. Think about this! How can he use this information? Can you see what a goldmine this is for him?

2: I’ve got a client in the beauty industry and upon heavy questioning from me, he realised there is a subsection of his clientele that just laps up his services. I can’t give it away here what that subsection is… however; to get this lesson you don’t need to know. Just think about how important this is to him and his marketing. He can now actively seek these women out and make targeted, emotional offers to them with pinpoint accuracy, hitting the hot buttons that are already stirring inside this market.

3: I’ve recently come across a great market for my copywriting training. And if I wasn’t so lazy (and busy), I’d target them now. (It’s on my to-do list.) The only way I discovered this was by keeping an eye on my newsletter subscribers and customers, who they were, what they did for a crust.

It’s why I take care of all my white mail even though some days this takes 30 or more minutes… I wanna know what’s going on, what’s being said.

Think! This is GOLD. This forces you to think like a marketer!

Look, I thoroughly believe for any product or services there is a passionate subsection of your market, a sweet-spot that when found and targeted can open the cash flow floodgates.

So might pay to back up a little, read the above again and think about your own business.

What Media and Market breakthroughs aren’t you capitalising on?

Here’s another BIG POINT: A lot of times, we can get myopic, our money making antennas are only raised for opportunities inside our own niche. But opportunities are everywhere… that’s why you’ve gotta always be awake, keep your eyes and ears opened.

(Back in my working days, I used to get all of my jobs from the local hotel. I’d be there drinking a few quite beers, but also keeping my ears opened for job opportunities.  And basically, nothing has really changed… I still hear about some good deals over a beer or two.)

SIDE NOTE: A BIG lesson I got by working with a very savvy Direct Marketing client a few years ago, is always maximise your winners. Analyse your winners and see why they are working. According to my client and my own experience, the two BIG areas to look to for improvement and what you should be looking for are…

1: Media breakthrough and 2: Copy breakthrough.

And as you have seen, another BIG breakthrough can be found in your Market; those special folks who buy your products and or services. Within your list of customers are subsections of passionate buyers. When you micro-target each subsection with precision message-to-market- match marketing; your results will explode.

So your job is to find those subsections within your database.

If you’ve been in business awhile I can tell you, without even knowing you or your business, that these subsections of passionate buyers do exist in your database, they are there now just waiting to be discovered.

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tsanko October 19, 2010 at 12:03 am

Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog


Dean Kennedy October 19, 2010 at 8:30 am

It’s a great insight Pete … and really with such a “land of the blind” marketplace it really doesn’t take a lot to focus on these areas and really have an impact. I’ve got one sub-section of my clients that I even have a separate business card for … separate email address for contact … I talk in “their language” on the phone and it virtually shuts out all other competitors. I know exactly who to target within this group, and it’s a whole lot easier that way when you know your market.

The media breakthrough is essential too to give you room to make compelling offers — keeps your marketing bucks in your pocket for prospects in your sales funnel, rather than, as I’ve heard it put, the “spray and pray” media method of trying everything (but tracking nothing!).

Great insights you’re sharing for nix, thanks!


Pete Godfrey October 19, 2010 at 8:34 am

Great clarification there Dean… and yeah, the old one-size fits all marketing message is as dead as a Dodo…great stuff, Pete


Maxine Wright ND October 19, 2010 at 9:26 am

This blog message is really really good. Got me thinking about my target market and how to get to it like never before. – I’ve got to stop throwing out hundreds of marketing bread crumbs and throw a couple of well directed marketing rocks.

Thanks for all your sharing,it is greatly appreciated.


Pete Godfrey October 19, 2010 at 10:19 am

Hey Maxine, glad you enjoyed it. And yes, targeted offers to targeted groups always out pull general offers. I’ve got clients and members in many different industries but take Chiropractors for example. Instead of a general message you have a message for each problem like headache, neck ache, back pain, that kind of thing. Each message talks to that one ideal propsect about his or her unquie problems. Much better conversion. Cheers, Pete


Kurt Johansen October 19, 2010 at 10:17 am

Hey Pete, spot on. Having segmented lists enables slightly different messages to be sent to each group as well as giving insight into which areas to seek new business in. I am a massive fan of having a ‘Master List’ and then ‘Sub Lists.’ Different messages at times can be sent to entice the sub lists to act. From their actions it enables us to target similar people from external areas. It just makes sense. Cheers Kurt


Rodney Joy -AKA- Mr."Mateeyes" October 19, 2010 at 10:32 am

G’day Pete ,

Well I’m a newbie among so many great fertile minds, of which I find so “bloody refreshing’ at long last.

My “brain chatter” is always hunting out opportunities ,which is nothing new,as it ‘ticks 1000 miles per hour’ , however between ‘you Pete , & Mal emery’, I have found a virtual feast to engage my senses around in a completely different manner.

My back ground the past 20 years has been in the fitness industry,to which now my website & neiche resides ( “A work in progress to be polished” ) , and I have been applying my self with learning to write “compelling” words in my copy.( sometimes very bold & almost insulting, yet it’s working , which has amazed me & now “I’m hooked”.

I have learned from the health industry alone that once I shut out other “types” of (clients / people ), and (“focus in” ) on my market neiche, I can “aggravate & push those buttons” deeply, and without really trying.

I have been receiving an “awesome response” & I really dont know anything of worth just yet I feel,however I do know my market type clients.

I’m not content with just being a passenger, so I’m simply just going to “push & become a top level marketer” & learn my new craft of “writing really good copy” asap .

Now I feel I’m in the right ‘circle of freinds’ to which I can gain ground faster & easier, to which I am sincerely appreciative and keen to learn.

Thanks Pete, you Choose Wise “Mateeyes” with your methods.

All the best .
Kind regards .
Sincerely .

Rodney Joy -AKA-Mr.”Mateeyes”


Rich Muir October 19, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Another great one Pete and timely, have been rolling out some campaigns for one of our businesses with broadcast faxes and tested headlines that were general to those that targeted business type residing in specific location, and well I know you wont be surprised by the results!



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