Who Are You Really Selling To?

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by Pete Godfrey · 3 comments

Who Are You Really Selling To?

One thing I stressed at my recent Sales Letter Writing Workshops was “Who” you target is more powerful than “what” you are selling. (By the way, DVDs and workbook of the workshop will be available shortly right here.)

This post is all about selling information products and it all starts with the “who”.

First you identify a growing market with money to spend, and who want what you are selling … in fact, this market has proven this “want” by purchasing previous information products in your subject area.

So you start with identifying a market.

Ask yourself: “Who do I want as customers?”

Okay, to be able to sell to these people we’ve got to know them. Their wants, fears, anxieties, desires, what they love and what they hate and so on. The more you know about them, the more you can empathise with them, the better job you’re gonna do at selling them.

Don’t be lazy here.

Look, you wanna become a top class marketer? Do you really want to make a lot of money selling information? Then…


So how to you do it? How do you get to know your market? Easy. You immerse yourself into their daily lives.

You read the magazines they read, you get your hands on surveys (located on the net and elsewhere), you study other marketers and find out how they are selling to this market, you talk to people in this market.

If they’ve got trade shows that cater to this market make sure you go. You go online and visit targeted discussion boards. Whew, some of these discussions boards are a hot bed of emotion. Emotions are running wild. And as a marketer, you’ve got to be there observing, taking notes, studying the reactions and planning your strategy.

The best marketers go deep. They know their markets like the back of the hands.

They understand their job is to…

Fulfil Human Desires!

You’ve got to tap into their emotions and stir them all up. And to sell emotionally, you better make sure you know your target market well. If you are going to fulfil their desires, you better make sure what “desires” to fulfil. Makes sense right?

For me, I cut my teeth selling products to the Business Opportunity and Success market, and my research still goes on. Even though to begin with I knew this market well. That’s because I was that market! I used to buy any self-help book I could lay my hands on. (Still do.) Any business opportunity package that I could find. (I don’t any more.) So I know this market intimately!

And this is what you’ve got to do as well … get to know your market intimately!

And many of my clients are the same.

They’ve picked markets that they themselves have an intense interest in. Which is great. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell to a market that you’re not wildly excited about. It just means you’ve gotta go deeper to find your answers, and you may have to manufacture enthusiasm in your marketing message that ain’t real … unlike myself where the enthusiasm is genuine.

When I’m writing a pitch to my market I’m intensely excited. I get myself worked up. My emotions are running on high. I’m picturing my reader in my mind. I’m getting excited and I can feel her excitement too. It’s like I’m in a trance … a selling trance. Hell, sometimes I even wanna buy the product myself until I snap out of it and realise the product’s mine already!

So study your market … getting a product to sell them is the easy part. Finding a market is what it’s all about. It’s never been about the product … always the market. As an old-time advertising legend said more than one hundred years ago…

“Any fool can make soap. It takes a genius to sell it.”

That sums it up beautifully!

So choosing your market is the first critical stage in your info-publishing career. And it’s where many people freeze. Who the hell am I going to sell to?

There are so many choices and this abundance of choice stops most budding info-publishers in their tracks. There are just too many alternatives.

So what do you do?

You keep your ears open. You take notice of all the ads in the paper. You start reading the papers to find out what’s hot. You buy magazines … heck, you become a regular at the newsagent. Peering through the racks of magazines like an archaeologist searching for buried treasure. You spend time at your library sifting through the trash to find the treasure.

You go online and search google and other search engines.

All these things and more will eventually give you the idea for a market. Once you get an idea, albeit a fuzzy one, you then do your research on that market and find out everything you can about them. Okay?

And hey, if you want more posts on Info-Marketing and how to do it right, leave your comments… I’m listening.

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Mark Fregnan September 8, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Hi Pete,

Another great article! I was also guilty of this common ‘business mistake’ before I learnt this lesson by being in your environment and Mal Emerys’. There would be thousands of business owners who are learning this lesson the hard way. I recently met with a company that spent over $300,000 developing a new type of street lamp – but didn’t want to spend any money on marketing. No one knows about their product and the company still doesn’t have any idea if the markeplace is willing to buy it or not.

Find the need first – not the product first. And use surveys, ‘test’ products and observation of previous and current spending to guage market response.


Mark Fregnan


Judd Leverton September 8, 2009 at 11:36 pm

G’day Pete,

Great post again as usual mate. Really shows you know your stuff. I personally would love some more posts on Info-Marketing, but since I’ve graduated from your ‘Last Ever Master Class’ in which you go deep on Info-Marketing and Copywriting, perhaps your future posts could slanted towards Info-Pubishing, focusing on various marketing funnel types.

I’ve a number of clients who are all stepping into the Info-Marketing arena within their respective niches, but I’ve had to alter how that information is best delivered and the marketing funnels they utiise for a number of reasons.

I’m curious to hear of your take on this subject Pete.





Carolyn Allen April 16, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Writers spend a lot of time alone thinking … and it’s hard to keep the reader’s perspective at the forefront. thanks for the reminder, and practical tips on how to get connected and stay “relating” in the conversation!


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