Great News For Folks Who Want To DOUBLE or Even TRIPLE
Their Email Marketing Profits. Introducing…

Inbox Income Explosion!
Email Mastery & List Building Workshop

November 2nd and 3rd
Gold Coast, QLD.

Press Send… Bank Cash!

It can be that easy…
once you know how!

“At Last. A Step By Step Way To Boost Your Profits On Every Email You Send… While Building a Solid And Very Profitable Relationship With Your Tribe!”

WARNING! This workshop is for those who wish to sell more products to more people via email, while building lasting relationships that’ll feed you for a lifetime. This workshop is NOT about making a quick buck at the expense of someone else. If that’s the type of info you’re after, you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re genuinely interested in connecting with real people and solving their problems so they will continue to give you cash for the rest of your life, then you’re in the right place and we’re going to have some fun.



From: Pete Godfrey – Wizard of Words 

Location: Just North of Shellgrit Creek

Subject: Join me on the Gold Coast


G’day and thanks for dropping by…

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or online marketer, and you want to discover how to make money every time you send an email to your online list… then get ready to get excited.


Because I’ve assembled the best and brightest Aussie copywriters, marketers, web site and social media experts, to give you the rundown on what it takes to build an online list… but more importantly… how to monetise the list once you’ve got them.

Sound cool?

Great… I’m talking to the right person.

Fact is, as soon as we’re finished our two days together, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and confidence to write an email to your list that makes money.

You’ll have my templates, my strategies and my examples… so you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way.

Not only that…

Think about this…

Email is FAST!

You could easily send an email out the day after the workshop that recoups your investment many times over.

That’s the exciting thing about email!

  • Emails quick
  • There's absolutely no delay
  • And you get immediate results

You write an email in the morning, press send,
and minutes later you’re making money.

But I’m getting too excited and getting ahead of myself… so please let me explain what this is all about…

My name’s Pete Godfrey and I’ve been writing marketing emails that make money for many, many years. I’d hate to guess how many emails I’ve written over the past decade… thousands for sure… more like tens of thousands. (Not too many folks can say that in this country.)

I’ve also personally trained and mentored hundreds of copywriters here in Australia… and thousands more have studied my materials here and throughout the world.

This means, I have been directly and indirectly responsible for… at least a million marketing emails!

Now that’s a lot of emails right?

So when it comes to writing emails that get attention, get read, and make sales… well… I know a thing or two (he says humbly).

Frankly, I’ve cracked the code on email marketing… and… that’s what I want to share with you in November.

But hang on, this letter isn’t about me and how good I am and how many emails I’ve written. This letter is about you… and how you can double or triple your email profits… and get these results quickly, easily and without delay.

And you do this…

  • Honestly
  • Ethically
  • While having loads of fun!

And I’ll tell you all about my exciting new Inbox Income Explosion Workshop in a minute… and how I’m going to lay out a simple plan for you to follow to get big results.

But first…

I want to share with you a BIG secret
to making more money with emails…

Okay, so I’ve personally written well over ten thousand emails. And those emails have made a pile of money for me and my clients… but also… and here’s what I want you to keep in mind

Those emails have built a strong bond with the people receiving them… which leads to trust which leads to even more sales.

You see, it’s not just the sales that you make now that matter! By building a true relationship with your email list, you’re building sales for the future… and as trust builds you’ll find you get many repeat sales… customers who keep buying whatever you’ve got. And that my friend… is where the REAL magic happens, and you’ll build a REAL business, not just a series of promotions like many marketers do.

And for two full days on the Gold Coast on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of November, me and my team of experts will give you the keys to unlock your own email money vault.

When I asked my readers what they wanted covered at this gig… two BIG points were the hands-down winners.

  • First, my readers wanted to know how to build their online lists.
  •  Second, my readers wanted to know how to monetise the lists one they got them.

And that’s what my speakers and I will be covering at Inbox Income Explosion.

  • We'll show you how to get traffic
  • How to convert that traffic
  • And how to monetise your list while building a strong relationship with your tribe

But before I reveal the speakers, it’s vitally important you understand two critical things…

1: Every guest speaker has put together a unique talk, just for this event. No rehearsed speeches here that’s for sure. So you won’t get the canned and polished speeches you see at many seminars from folks with pasted on Hollywood smiles. You’re going to get the real uncut and unpolished truth without the glossy shine.

2: Every guest speaker is at the top of their games… and… they actually DO what they teach. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of seeing the same old speakers, teaching stuff they themselves haven’t done in years. Be assured, each one of my guest speakers is an in-demand professional who is working on the front lines of business each and every day. Every piece of their content works and works now, not yesterday but today!

I trust you can see why these two reasons are very important to you and what you’ll get out of this gig.

Here’s a Quick Look At My Guest Speakers

GTGlenn Twiddle will show you how to write emails packed with persona… and jammed full of powerful persuasion.

This is where many people get it wrong. A lot of folks get all hung up about writing emails. They sit down to write. Stare at the screen for ten minutes. Then jump across to facebook for inspiration. 30 minutes goes by and they haven’t written a damn thing. And what’s worse is when they start to write, it sounds like they’re speaking in another language. They get all formal. Stiff. And unemotional.

But don’t worry about it if this is you…
There is a simple answer to this problem.

Write the way you speak. Develop your own special persona. And that’s what Glenn will show you. How to quickly and easily write emails packed full of persona that get opened, get read, and get acted upon.

By the way, Glenn coaches Real Estate Agents, is a true legend in his field, and writes emails that are persuasive, personal, as if he’s just sitting down having a yarn with you and you only. He rarely speaks outside of his industry so we’re all very lucky to have him on board. (Don’t be out of the room when Glenn takes the stage. I’ll be taking notes on this one.)

BTBret Thomson will rip apart winning emails and shows you why they were so successful. (This WILL be fun and very rewarding)

This is GREAT news for all of us! Why? Because over the past 6 or 7 years, Bret has forged his reputation as one of Australia’s best and brightest copywriters. He’s copy has made millions of dollars. And we’ve got him for this gig.

What’s even better…

Bret’s going to rip apart a few of his mega successful email promotions right on stage.

Line by line, word by word.

This way you get to see it all uncovered.

  • You get to see what he wrote…
  • You get to see how he did it (so you can easily do the same)…

But more importantly…

  • You get to see why he did it…

This is where the REAL money is… it’s the strategy behind the words… and… if you’ve got even a drop of entrepreneurial blood running hot through your veins,  this is when you’ll really get excited… leaning forward on your chair like an A-Grade student at a mid-term exam.

You don’t get this kind of high-level,
reveal-all content at most workshops!
And if you did, it’d cost you thousands!

But you will at my Inbox Income Explosion gig… and you won’t have to break the bank to attend either. (More on your investment very soon.)

spSteve Plummer, will show you how to infuse your emails with emotion so you connect at a deeper more intimate level.

You’ll see Steve’s 5 simple steps that builds connection and trust and leads to the sale.

Steve burst onto the copywriting scene a few years back and now is my mate Mal Emery’s personal copywriter. Plus, he coaches copywriters from throughout the world how to do what he does.

And because for many years Steve was a teacher, he knows how to break a lesson down so his students really understand the message.

PLPauline Longdon shows you “What Women Want – Mindful Marketing Messages Made Easy!”

Pauline is one of the most exciting things that have happened in copywriting here in Australia for many years. She’s obsessive and has been mentored by a few of the best copywriters in the world including me.

And she has a very important message to share with all of us. That’s why she’s taking my stage. You see…

While it is a well-known fact females make over 70% of the buying decisions, marketers and copywriters continue to write masculinised hype-filled copy. When it doesn’t work… they scratch their heads and wonder why.

To compensate for the hypey copy, people will then swing across to the other end of the emotional spectrum…where their writing becomes way too soft (or woo woo) and doesn’t ask for the sale!

Strangely enough…

Both of these have the same result… No Conversions!!! … which equals No MONEY!

So what’s the answer?

YOU need to create a ‘Mindful Marketing’ message, which is the sweet spot between the ‘Male Money Making Model’ and the softer ‘Female Emotional Based Communication Style’. Once you have it…  you can easily create a more meaningful interaction and a deeper connection with your market.

petegodfreyAnd of course you have me… Pete Godfrey. Over 3 BIG sessions, I’ll give you my A – Z Blueprint on writing emails that connect and persuade and sell 

From subject lines, to segues, right through to the sale, you’ll get all of my hard won email secrets.

PLUS, I’ll give you many examples to model… and a couple of email templates that makes writing your next email fun, easy and painless.

You’ll also discover…

  • Your two objectives that maximises your email profits…
  • The one thing you should never do in your email even though you are compelled to do it... this will slash your profits... and no, I’m not talking about spam.
  • The critical question you must ask before writing any email... failure to do so costs you money…
  • How to get ideas for your subject lines plus many winning real-world examples…
  • 10 subject line elements to kick start your brain and get you writing riveting subject lines that get attention and stand out from the rest…
  • How to get ideas for your email. I take you behind the scenes of a recent campaign... so you can see what I had to work with and how I got the big idea that sent this email viral. PLUS, get the example of the email with an in depth, line by line analyse from so you can see what I was doing each line, each paragraph.
  • How to create sizzling, page-burning leads that instantly hook the many examples of how it’s done…
  • 6 tips for writing relationship-building and money making emails... ignore these tips at your peril…
  • How to position yourself as the expert... see the 3 critical objectives plus examples of how to do it right…
  • The #1 skill needed to make a fortune with email... the answer may surprise you…
  • PLUS way too much to mention here!

Okay, as you can see, I have the experts lined up to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to write emails that sell. But what about traffic? That’s where my next speaker comes in…

JMJulie Mason, the Social Media Princess, will show you how to drive targeted traffic to your website through social media…

Over the past few years, Julie has built a reputation as the go-to-girl when it comes to Social Media. Unlike many so-called social media experts, Julie has a lifetime of experience in sales and marketing BEFORE she entered social media. So her advice is based on real-world results, not fanciful opinions.

Julie takes the guess work out of social media for you… unravels the mysteries of social media… and shows you how to drive a swarm of targeted traffic to your website.

Okay, you get all this traffic,
so your website needs to convert.
That’s what my next speaker gives you…

DavidKrauterDavid Krauter, my web dude who makes things happen… he’ll be showing you how to create websites that sell.

David is obsessed with website conversions but also understands the importance of the look of your site. And over the last few years, he has worked with some of the biggest names in marketing including Mal Emery, Pat Mesiti, John Dwyer and many others.

Even so, Dave’s passion is working with business owners to grow their website profits. Here’s just a few of the things he’ll reveal…

  • How to turn your website into a 24/7 Sales System. Fact is... most website are boring. And we're talking about big companies websites as well as small ones! If your website is lame, it will never work as your best sales person (when it should). Dave shows you the 5 important (must have) ingredients to turn your website from "bland-to-grand" and at the same time become the CASH-COW you want! 
  • Discover how to WOW your customers with an incredible first impression. 
  • How to lead your prospects through his proven 3 Step Website Profit System. 
  • Position you or your Business as the expert of your industry.  You'll learn how you can create a brand persona of expertise, throughout your website, which gives you a magnetic attraction to your prospects.

Okay, that’s our speakers… each on top of their games… each an in-demand professional
And you get to seem them all!

As you can see, nothing has been left to chance.

  • We’ll show you how to get traffic
  • How to convert that traffic
  • And how to monetise your list while building a strong relationship with your tribe.

So what does this all mean to you?
What do YOU get out of this gig?

Well first up, let me tell you what this workshop is not

  • Is NOT one of those workshops with over a dozen speakers, each giving just a smidgen of content, each pitching you on their ideas, one speaker taking you this way, while another speaker takes you in another direction.
  • Is NOT one of those seminars full of tired old speakers teaching their tired old stuff that may have worked years ago but doesn’t work today.
  • Is NOT just a random workshop that’ll fill you full of information but you walk out the door and haven’t got a clue what to do with it.


And frankly, these kinda seminars really get under my skin! (Okay, I’ll chill now… just had to get that off my chest!)

So here are 7 FACTS about my new
Inbox Income Explosion Workshop

  • FACT #1: Each speaker actually does what he or she teaches in the real-world. (Not yesterday’s heroes but today’s experts.)
  • FACT #2: Each speaker is a highly trained in-demand professional. (They do what they teach every day. Their money isn’t made from speaking about what they do, but actually doing what they do. Can you see the difference here? I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand why this is important.)
  • FACT #3: Each talk has been specifically put together for this workshop. (Not scripted drivel. But REAL behind the scenes secrets.)
  • FACT #4: Each session leads into the next session with no disconnect. This workshop is about building a list and monetising the list so all sessions are uniquely aligned.
  • FACT #5: Each session is all content. This is the stuff many speakers do NOT share (most don’t even know). This is REAL insider information you can use to skyrocket your profits.
  • FACT #6: You’ll walk out the door with the skills, knowledge and confidence to build your list and the ability to write emails that sell. (You’ll have my templates, strategies and examples, all in one Blueprint Manual to take home and plunder.)
  • FACT #7: Every speaker I have helped in some way over their careers. And they all get my newsletter. So the speakers are there for me out of respect. They want to give back to my community. That’s their motivation here. Not to sell. Not to bamboozle you. Not to show you how good they are! But to teach, to inspire, to give you their very best! Frankly, you’ll find this workshop refreshingly different to any other seminar you have ever attended. It’s that simple.
  • PLUS, a BONUS FACT: You’ll have a whole lot of fun as well! (I guarantee you won’t be bored for even a second.)

So what’s your investment?

Relax, I bet it’s a lot more affordable than you think.

Frankly, when I first thought of doing this gig, it was going to be a high-end workshop, maximum of 20 people, and the investment was going to be around $5,000.

But this gig has grown. My friends all wanted to speak and give back so this gig took on a life of its own.

So I don’t want price to be an issue with you.
I don’t want the investment stopping you from

attending this once-only event.

That’s why I’ve kept the price way down…

A single ticket is just $67.

Not, that’s not a misprint… just $67 gets you in the door for two full days.

And a DOUBLE ticket is just $97 which is even a better bargain.

Click Below And Secure A Single Ticket For Only $67

Click Below And Secure A Double Ticket For Only $97


Frankly, this will be the first and last time you’ll ever see such quality speakers at the same place at the same time. This really will be a workshop you’ll look back on for years to come, knowing that you were there.

Not only that… your investment is completely covered by my…

10 X Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works. I want you to sit through the whole two days. Soak up every last morsel of profit-producing information. Grab my strategies, templates and examples, and go through every one with a fine tooth comb.

And if at the end of the gig, in the extremely unlikely event you do not believe what you’ve discovered will recoup your investment 10 times over in the next 30 days… simply tell me and I’ll refund your investment.

PLUS, I’ll donate $100.00 out of my pocket
to your favourite charity.

I really can’t be any fairer than that.

Click Below And Secure A Single Ticket For Only $67

Click Below And Secure A Double Ticket For Only $97


But I know if you’re like most of my members, clients and readers, you’re going to love every second of my new Inbox Income Explosion Workshop. And you’ll be eager to get back home and put these priceless strategies into action. (Just think, one email can easily recoup your investment many times over.)

Now for all the details

Inbox Income Explosion takes place Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of November on the Gold Coast. The hotel is in Surfers Paradise and you’ll be sent all the details once you grab your tickets. Our days start at 9 and finish at 5.

So what are you waiting for?

By now you realise the uniqueness of this event… and how it will impact your life and your finances. So grab your tickets now while there is still time. (The room only holds 100 people… so it’s first in best dressed. PLUS, 20 tickets have already gone to my inner circle of clients and Apprentice Group members.)

  • Yeah we’ll have a lot of fun.
  • Yeah you’re going to meet some great people doing great things.
  • And yeah you’ll get up close and personal attention from every speaker.

But more than that, you’ll walk out with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make money at will… every time you press ‘send’. Now that’s going to be exciting right?

Click Below And Secure A Single Ticket For Only $67

Click Below And Secure A Double Ticket For Only $97


I trust I’ll see you there.


Pete Godfrey

Wizard of Words

P.S. Don’t forget, as soon as you walk through the door, you’ll be handed a very powerful gift. It’s my Email Magic A – Z Blueprint Manual specifically designed for this gig. It contains my strategies, my templates and plenty of examples. Make sure you keep this manual handy when you write your next email and watch out for the results you’ll get.

P.P.S. Don’t worry, this workshop takes place way before Schoolies week. So we won’t have to put up with drunken teenagers hollering for attention. We’ll be gone long before they arrive on mass.

See you there!