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Introducing ‘Email Wizards’


"Secret Confessions of a Word Wizard Gives You The Skills, Knowledge & Confidence to Make Money Every Time You Press Send!"

petegodfreyFROM: Pete Godfrey - Wizard Of Words

SUBJECT: New course Email Wizards gives you proven ways to profit from your emails…

Hello there,

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or online marketer, and you want to discover how to make money every time you send an email to your online list… then…

Get ready to get excited 

That’s because once you know these clicks…you’ll know them for life and you’ll NEVER look at copy the same way again. And… you’ll never sweat bullets writing your promotions… because knowing these clicks cuts down the time it takes to create any promotion.

You’ll instantly know what clicks to use
and know exactly how and when to use them


Because I’ve put together a step-by-step resource that gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to create emails that sell… but also… emails that build a solid relationship with everyone on your list.

You get my templates (including launch templates), my strategies, and my examples, so you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way.

Fact is…

Email marketing is pretty damn simple… once you know how… and email marketing comes down to just a few simple, core things.

And now…

I’m going to share my hard-won secrets… and break them down into everyday English… so you can see at a glance just how easy email marketing really is (once you know how…)

Let me explain…

What you are about to see
is based on facts, not theories...
results, not opinions!

My name’s Pete Godfrey, A.K.A. The Wizard of Words and I’ve been writing marketing emails that make money for many, many years. I’d hate to guess how many emails I’ve written over the past decade… thousands for sure… more like tens of thousands. (Not too many folks can say that in this country that’s for sure.)

I’ve also personally trained and mentored hundreds of copywriters here in Australia… and thousands more have studied my materials here and throughout the world.

This means, I have been directly and indirectly responsible for…
at least a million marketing emails!

Now that’s a lot of emails right?

So when it comes to writing emails that get attention, get read, and make sales… well… I know a thing or two (he says humbly).

Frankly, I’ve cracked the code on email marketing… and… that’s what I share with you in my new course…

Email Wizards

Recently I took two groups of people through this new training. It was a 4 week course containing 4 training modules, and 4 weekly webinars. The results my members continue to get from this training are amazing. And you can easily do the same.


Look what long-time client, newsletter member and trading expert Louise Bedford had to say about Email Wizards…

louise“Pete, your call from your Email Wizards course was exactly what I needed this morning. You got me all fired up and I sprang into action and wrote an email I was procrastinating on for the longest time.

Bam! Done!

Feeling of accomplishment sweeping over me. 1st sales just rolled in!

By the way, one of the things I find most refreshing is that these skills don’t rely on the latest piece of confusing technology or software. I get quite lost with the pace things are moving. Pete… your perennial truths have stood the test of time.”


This kind of feedback gets my blood pumping.

I love it when folks get results on my advice.

And Louise made a great point too.

Email is simple once you know how.

  • You don’t need the latest piece of expensive software…
  • You don’t need a funnel or tripwire…
  • And you don’t need to jump on the latest craze bandwagon and forever jump from one thing to another.

Anyway… I have now packaged up this Email Wizards training into a cool take home pack, so you can go through the course at your own pace.


There is absolutely no theory in this training. Just hard won advice proven to work in the real world. There is absolutely no fluff or filling. I’ve condensed everything down to its core value. This way, you get the skills, confidence and knowledge to create your own emails that sell in the shortest possible time.

And the way I teach is so easy to follow…

  • I give you the advice in easy to understand language…
  • I then show you a winning example so you can see the idea in action…
  • And then, in many cases, I give you a template to follow that makes implementing the idea a breeze.

There is no better way to learn.

What’s taken me years of expensive sweat and expensive testing, gets handed to you in such a way you instantly get the lesson.

Okay, let’s have a quick look at what’s inside each of the 4 Email Wizards Modules…

What's Inside

This is your overview. This is where you get a bird’s eye view of my Email Wizards training in action. It’s important you see the whole picture before we move on into the details. This module guarantees you do… so you can move forward with confidence and clarity. This module also contains my famous Email Magic course.

You’ll discover…

  • How to turn your life into a movie with you the star of the show! So easy to do, yet so effective to build trust and make sales. (See page 5)
  • The power of personality! And how admitting some flaws makes you even more irresistible. (Page 6)
  • 8 Powerful profiling questions that position you as a leader… simple questions that suck out powerful stories from your subconscious faster than a politician can break an election promise. (Page 7 reveals these magical questions.)
  • The slice of life story… what it is, and how it magnetically attracts eager buyers. (Page 8)
  • My ‘Triple S Email’ Template gives you superhuman skills to instantly connect… so simple yet so effective, this template puts you in charge and gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to pump out winning emails anytime you please. PLUS, you get 3 powerful examples… and… a simple example on how to apply this powerful template to a more conventional business. (See pages 9 -14)
  • PLUS lots more including how to create your authentic self… and how… by being the REAL you, magnetically attracts a tribe of loyal and eager customers.

That's just for starters... here's more...

  • Your two objectives that maximises your email profits… once you are clear on these 2 objectives everything just falls into place. (Page 15)
  • How to build your emotional bank account with your tribe of readers so they want to give you money… this is THE foundation to build your email marketing on… and… once you fully understand its importance you’ll be smiling like the cat that just swallowed the canary. (Page 16)
  • The one thing you should never do in your emails even though you are compelled to do it... this will slash your profits... and no, I’m not talking about spam. (Page 16 explains this important concept.)
  • The 3 things you should do instead … this makes your emails exciting, fun to read, and gets your readers eager to open your message. (Pages 16, 17 and 18 reveal all… comes with a classic example to show you how.)
  • The ONE critical question you must ask before writing any email... failure to do so costs you money… and robs you of clarity. (Page 19)
  • How to get ideas for your subject lines… contains many winning real-world examples to get you fired up and ready to write. (See pages 20 and 21)
  • 9 subject line elements to kick start your brain and get you writing riveting subject lines that get attention and stand out from the rest… so easy once you know how! (Go to pages 21 through to 24)
  • How to get ideas for your email. I take you behind the scenes of a recent campaign... so you can see what I had to work with and how I got the big idea that sent this email viral. PLUS, get the example of the email with an in depth, line by line analyse so you can see what I was doing each line, each paragraph. (Pages 24 -26)

But that's just the tip of the iceberg...
a mere fraction of what's on offer.
Here's more...

  • How to create sizzling, page-burning leads that instantly hook the reader... plus many examples of how it’s done. (Page 27)
  • 6 tips for writing relationship-building and money making emails... ignore these tips at your peril. (Pages 28 – 31 reveal all.)
  • How to position yourself as the expert... see the 3 critical objectives plus examples of how to do it right…(Pages 32 -34)
  • The #1 skill needed to make a fortune with email... the answer may surprise you…also contains 2 classic examples of this skill in action so it’s easy to follow and easy to use… (Pages 35 – 39)
  • PLUS way too much to mention including…
  • The 4 most frequently asked questions on email marketing… and how knowing the answers can SAVE and MAKE you a lot of money. (See pages 40 -42)

Okay, that’s just a portion of the sales-boosting, business-building info contained in Module #1 of Email Wizards… but you get the idea.

PLUS, Module #1 contains…

Instant Promotion...

This one is real easy to do… yet very effective! You get to see how it’s done with an actual campaign… you get to see the actual emails used and the sales results of every email.

All you need is an email list, a product, a couple of bonuses, and write a few emails and you’re done.

And I’ll show you how to do it in explicit detail… so you know exactly what to do each step of the way.

Here’s what one of my long-time customers said about Module #1 (Email Magic)…

Your product sucks Pete!

“G’day Pete, as usual your new email product totally sucks.

It’s made me shift from writing incredibly interesting subject lines like ‘Upcoming Workshop’… …to ones like…

‘What Star Wars Taught me about Event Design and How it Can Help You’

Geez, now people are going to want me to engage and entertain them all the time – all because of your freakin’ product!

They’re going to be interested in what I have to say and now I may even have to deal with more people attending my workshops… To make things worse, this may even set me apart from my competitors – what are you doing up there in the tropics???

PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t promote this product any more – it’s too bloody useful – it’s all your fault!

PS - Worse still - whenever I’m stuck for an idea or wondering where to start, all I have to do is open your freakin’ course – so then who can I blame for not getting stuff done!”

Andrew Huffer
Andrew Huffer & Associates
Perth – Western Australia

What's Inside

Okay, Module #1 laid the platform with Email Magic, and in Module #2 we step it up another notch. I show you how to make an instant emotional connection with your audience, I tackle controversial subject lines that make open rates soar, go deeper into my SSS Email Template and plenty more.

You’ll discover…

  • How to zero in on your markets’ pain points to get instant attention… and why not doing so is costing you a fortune. (Starts on page 2)
  • The BIGGEST mistake I see when it comes to selling with emails… and how you’re probably making this mistake right now. (See page 3)
  • My infamous “It Sucks!” email that caused such a stir plus a flood of sales… get to see why it was so effective so you can easily adapt and use as your own. (Pages 4, 5 and 6)
  • How to write controversial subject lines that immediately get attention… you get to see my breakdown and analyses of my “Stop Playing With Yourself” email which caused such a fuss (and orders)… (Pages 12, 13 and 14 reveal all)
  • My “50 shades of Pete” email and how to adapt this to your emails. (Go to pages 14, 15 and 16… a tip of the hat to Ben Settle for suggesting this one.)
  • The easiest email template you’ll ever find… simply fill in the blanks… gets you pumping out emails in just minutes. (Starts on page 18)

lyndsey“Every time I use Pete’s email template to write an email and send it to my tribe I make sales. Thursday it was three sales, yesterday it was six sales.”

Lyndsey Baigent
Creator of Task Manager Pro


What's Inside

Okay, this Module is real special. In it, I take you through my proven and reliable Email Launch Template.

In fact, I give you one of my launch campaigns. The pre-launch emails where I tease and build desire for the product… and then the complete set of launch emails that sells the product. You’ll see them all.

I explain each step in detail. You’ll see behind the curtain and understand everything I’m doing. This is a template you can easily follow and adapt and use as your own.

You’ll discover…

  • Why Email Launches are so easy and effective… and how you can get away with an average sales letter and still make a ton of sales because the emails do the selling for you. (Go to page 2)
  • The first critical step in any launch… missing this step costs you money. (Page 4)
  • The 4 core elements of your first pre-launch email… see how this email sets the scene for what lays ahead. (See page 5)
  • The secret ‘continuation technique’ that makes sure your pre-launch emails are read… so effective, people will email you asking for the emails they missed. (Page 5)
  • How to set expectations for your next email… this makes them eagerly await the next instalment and open and read your email when it hits their inbox. (Page 5 reveals all)
  • PLUS…
  • A line by line breakdown of all pre-launch emails… this makes it so easy to follow.
  • PLUS plenty more.

Awesome Results From Pete’s Launch Template

lyndiemcrae“Hit Pete, I applied your 'email launch' sequence to one of my client’s promotions. What I created was a result my client has never seen before. It was so simple, so effective it has now become part of their offer and has been getting their highest conversions ever. My client told me, "Whatever you are doing keep doing it, it is working like gangbusters! - best results ever!” What’s even better, all I did was follow your template so thank you Pete. You’ve made me look great in my client’s eyes. Oh and the ROI on that one email launch series... 4 new members at over $5K each… and it is still converting more since then.”

Lyndi MacRae – Gold Coast, QLD


What's Inside

Okay, this last training module contains an electric mix of ideas, strategies and techniques for writing emails that sell… but more importantly, building and crafting your authentic persona which magnetically attracts and keeps a loyal tribe.

You’ll discover…

  • The email secret Matt Furey shared with me at a Sydney Starbucks… and why this could be the best piece of advice I ever give you. (Starts on page 3)
  • My Cash Characters Super Hero Questionnaire… this valuable document pulls out your stories… and your answers positon you as the expert in your niche. (Begins on page 4)
  • 6 categories of strategic stories… and how to use them in your emails to connect, persuade and ultimately sell. (Pages 5 and 6)

PLUS plenty more including…

Bonus Moneymaking Email Series of Reports

Moneymaking Emails Reports is a series of 10 in-depth reports I wrote for my newsletter members, which expand, clarify and dissect what’s covered in Email Magic. I’ve packaged them all into one file, edited and updated them for maximum clarity.

And I haven’t finished yet. There is still one more valuable component to Email Wizards…

4 BONUS webinars makes sure you know exactly
what to do every step of the way

Each week of the original Email Wizards training, I’d host a webinar to take my members through what was covered in that week’s module.

I found myself giving extra clarifications, examples, and advice which really added to the course.

PLUS, I’d open up the line and take questions at the end… and there were plenty of smart questions that extracted some very valuable answers.

Naturally, I recorded all of these webinars and you’ll get them all inside your package.

As you can see,
nothing has been left to chance...
You get it all!

So it’s time to get excited!

You’re about to discover the FORBIDDEN secrets of email marketing…

secrets that have taken me more than a dozen years to perfect…

are now yours for the taking!

But don't start getting carried away just yet 

I’m not promising you instant riches when you invest in this new course. That would be just plain silly.

But I do promise to give you the exact same formula I use every day to write emails that connect and persuade and sell. I do promise you if you follow my advice and you actually care about your customers and you sell great products and or services, then you’ll be armed with the very best info on creating emails that sell.

Fact is, you’ll be absolutely amazed how easy it is once you follow a proven, step-by-step system… even if you think you can’t write… I’ll show you how to make it easy.

Which begs the question…

How much is all this going to cost?

By now I’m sure you can see the value in this resource… and you realise no matter what I charged, you’d still recoup your investment the very first email you send to your list after grabbing this precious information.

And you know there is no theory in Email Wizards… just proven templates, strategies and examples based on real world results.

And you know what I reveal in Email Wizards has taken me more than a dozen years to perfect.

So this will be expensive right?

Well it should be…

I was going to sell this precious resource for $499.00.

And it would be worth that amount… no doubt about it.

Then I thought, nah, I’m not greedy, maybe I’ll let them have it for $200 (this is what I charged for my original Email Magic course).

But you know what?

This business has been very good to me over many years.

And, I have some of the best customers in the world.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

To get the complete Email Wizards Take home pack which includes…

  • 4 Email Wizards Training Modules (includes Email Magic)
  • 4 Email Wizards Webinar recordings
  • 10 Moneymaking Email Reports

All you invest is just $299. (And that’s Australian dollars too.)

And if you live in Australia, we’ll send your package via Express Post free of charge.

The whole course is packaged on to a USP stick for extra convenience.

Isn't it about time
you got your fair share?

And just think of the possibilities once you know how to write emails that sell and persuade and that bond with your readers…

You simply send an email in the morning… and instantly get sales.

Now that is amazing… and frankly, even after all these years the excitement is still there… every time I send an email to my cherished list of readers.

That’s the exciting thing about email!

  • Email’s quick.
  • There’s absolutely no delay.
  • And you get immediate results.

You write an email in the morning, press send, and minutes later you’re making money.

Not only that, you risk nothing by saying YES today

If you’re like my original Email Wizard members, you’re going to love the info contained in this pack and you’ll be itching to implement the powerful lessons.

However, in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact me within 30 days for a complete, no hassle refund.

So grab Email Wizard today. Go through its pages, see my templates, use the Instant Promotion, use my product launch template, listen in on the webinars and get stuck into writing strategic stories that sell… and take note of all the extra sales you make. I want you to use it all and benefit from every last golden nugget revealed. And as I said, in the unlikely event you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase; simply contact me for a full refund.

I can’t be any fairer than that can I?

Fact is, you risk nothing by saying YES right now… but you can WIN big time by following the advice inside Email Wizards.

And remember, all you invest is just $299.

Not only that, if you live in Australia, your package gets shipped FREE via Express Post. (If outside Australia, shipping and insurance comes to $19.95.)

What's your next step?

Simply click the button below to get started on this amazing journey with me. And get access to the forbidden email marketing secrets many online Gurus don’t want you to know.

Look, if you really want to make sales and build a rock solid relationship with your list, you’ll pounce on this offer like a lion on a pack of Hyenas…

You see, once you know…

  • How to write emails that bond with your readers…
  • Emails that build trust and ultimately sell…

The world truly is your oyster to crack open and get the pearls inside.

Here’s an undeniable TRUTH: Once you have built a solid relationship with your email tribe, one they know you actually care… then anytime you need extra cash, you simply contact your list and make them an offer.

It’s that simple once you know how. (And your list will thank you for your offer.)

Say yes now and look forward to a better, brighter and more rewarding future.

A future with you in the driver’s seat… taking charge.

That future begins today, right now, right this minute… but only if you take action and invest in this valuable course right now.

I look forward to sharing these highly-prized secrets with you... so you too can get the email results you so richly deserve. So you too can build a tribe of raving fans who will continue to buy for many years to come.


Pete Godfrey

Wizard of Words

Sales Strategist

P.S. Fact is, I want to hand you the keys to the vault. I want to give you my hard-won secrets… so you get the skills, confidence and knowledge to persuade in an ethical manner and start getting your fair share of life’s abundant bounty. Question remains, are you ready for this?

Are you ready to get your fair share?

And don’t forget, you risk nothing by saying YES now. In the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment; just contact me within 30 days of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment.

Not only that, all you invest is just 299 dollars to get your hands on this valuable and very classified information.

P.P.S. Here’s what a few of my original Email Wizards had to say about this new training…


“I have just finished Pete’s Email Wizards program. This is hands down the best training I have ever done. If you want to learn how to write emails for any situation this is the only course you will ever need. It was actually way too cheap for the value I got out of it. This is a must have training for any business owner.”

Scott Ferguson – Brisbane, QLD


“The content was KING!”

Wayne Moffat – Albury, NSW


“I feel like I ripped Pete off with what I paid him. Truly exceptional value and a master mentor.”

Julie Matty – Gold Coast, QLD


“Just hearing the examples roll off Pete’s tongue was worth every penny and saved me hours of staring at a blank screen.”

Raymond Bowring – Brisbane, QLD


kristine“I was never into the whole copywriting bit, I let my husband do it as he loves it and is good at it… however, after Module #1 I feel inspired. Thanks Pete for showing me the way.”

Cristine Krafft, Brisbane, QLD


P.P.P.S. WARNING! This course is for those who wish to sell more products to more people via email, while building lasting relationships that’ll feed you for a lifetime.

This course is NOT about making a quick buck at the expense of someone else.

If that’s the type of info you’re after, you’re in the wrong place.

But if you’re genuinely interested in connecting with real people and solving their problems so they will continue to give you cash for the rest of your life, then you’re in the right place and we’re going to have some fun.