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How to Write Better, Faster Copy

by Pete Godfrey · 2 comments

How to Write Better, Faster Copy

Here’s a breakthrough for you when it comes time to write some copy. What you need is a bank of “starting points” that are proven and that gets you into writing your copy quick smart. So here are “4 Starting Points” to kick your copy production up the backside and get you writing copy quicker, smarter and with less effort.

#1 Choose Theme By Object

When it comes to “grabbers”, those things we attach to letters that gets attention, gets the reader in fun, and gets the letter remembered for future mailings, I usually choose the grabber first, then tie it into my message.

I’m always on the hunt for ideas, for grabbers, for the theme that’ll get my message read. Take some time out from your day and check out novelty stores, dollar shops, go online and search for promotional products… they’re all good starting points for a theme that will hook your prospects. Plus, it gives you a great starting point to get into your copy.

#2 FREE Offers

The offer is KING! Many times, if your offer is great, especially if it’s free, I like to get it up front and in the headline. Here’s what I did for my newsletter promotion…

2 Content Rich Reports, 52 Wake Up Calls,
3 CDs, 3 Hot Sheets, Phone Coaching & Consulting…
a smorgasbord of business-building information and assistance…
ALL FREE… and you don’t even have to say yes right now…
all you’ve gotta do is say “maybe”…

NOTE: This is a blatant rip-off of Kennedy’s old newsletter control before he formed Glazer-Kennedy. It’s a proven template to follow. Think of the old music clubs and how they offered, “6 records for 1 cent.” Point is, many folks get cheap with their offers. Don’t you be one of them. Know your maths and how much each customer is worth to you and then work out how much you’re gonna spend to get them. That’s the proven formula that’s stood the test of time.

 #3 What This is Not Click

This click is especially good for markets that have been exposed to a lot of Direct Response Advertising, such as the Business Opportunity & Diet Markets. You can use it in your Lead Generating Ads or in the Sales Letter itself.

It’s a good way to build up to what you are offering. You start by listing everything your product is not. You list all the bad things… all the things you prospects don’t want… this whets their appetite and arouses their curiosity to find out just what the hell it is you’re selling.

Here’s a great example of the “What This Is Not Click” taken from one of my million-dollar-plus Business Opportunity letters. If you’re writing to this market, this click is almost mandatory.

And second, let me tell you what this business is NOT:

  1. NOT Multi-Level Marketing where you try to flog over-priced products to your friends, family, workmates and neighbours.
  1. NOT some Internet get-rich-quick-scheme.
  1. NOT another “how-to course” or pile of books and tapes that get you all revved up with nowhere to go … or worse, gather dust on a shelf.
  1. NOT another Mail Order scam where you get to buy “reprint rights” to outdated American books that nobody wants.
  1. NOT a “regular business” with BIG overheads and BIG headaches.

See how it’s done?

 #4 Without Click

This is a variation on the previous click that takes it up another level. I call it the “Without Click.”

Here you simply list all the things your prospects don’t want or don’t want to do while still getting the benefit of your offer. Below is a chunk of copy taken from one of my weight loss promotions that demonstrate the “Without Click” perfectly.

Sick Of Dieting?
Relax… Now You Can…

Without Dieting, Without Strenuous Exercise, Without Counting Calories,
And Without Starving Yourself To Death Either

A BIG point to keep in mind is the laziness of most people. They want results without the work. This click zeros in on this lazy behaviour and lets them know straight up you understand.

Okay, I’ve given you 4 ways to start your letters plus 3 winning examples of my work.

I trust you appreciate my generosity.

See you next week.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy the ride,


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john January 25, 2012 at 10:37 am

I love your point about #2. The offer is king, and it was that ‘click’ that had me sign up to your newsletter Pete. I couldn’t resist it! And I am glad I fell prey to your persuasive power!
Because, of all the things I get in my mail box that’s the thing I am most excited about! Cheers, John


Pete Godfrey January 27, 2012 at 8:29 am

Hey John, great to hear from you buddy… and thanks for the feedback regarding my newsletter, I appreciate it!


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