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How to Turn Boring Facts Into Exciting Benefits

by Pete Godfrey · 7 comments

How to Turn Boring Facts Into Exciting Benefits

This post is a bit more how-to than of late… and if you keep reading, you’re gonna discover a valuable lesson on copywriting… a lesson that could easily make you more sales, make you more money. (So why wouldn’t you keep reading?)

So let’s get busy…

I often get asked about the features of the product. Especially features of a technical nature.

“Surely you’ve got to mention the features, not just the benefits?” they ask.

And my answer is YES, of course you do.

You need to explain the features of your product so your customers know what they are actually getting. But you do it in an exciting way.

You let them know what these features mean to them (benefits) and what they’ll feel about experiencing these benefits.

But the REAL question these people are asking is:

“How do I stop getting bogged down in the copy when I have to mention a lot of technical stuff?”

That’s the real question they finally get to asking. That’s what they really want to know. And it’s a damn good question too. That’s why I spent time on this at my Last Ever Copywriting & Marketing Master Class, because it’s an important concept to understand.

So for now, here’s something to keep in mind.

When you read your copy out loud, you’ll find there are certain parts of your letter that slow down, that lose the “Greased Slide” effect.

Watch out for Technical jargon: Just because it’s technical, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You have to rewrite in everyday English.

Here’s an example so you get the idea…

FEATURES: Widget is small (5cms by 3cms), Widget is light (20 grams)


Just 5cms by 3cms, and weighing only 20 grams, this handy
lightweight widget fits snugly in your pocket.


There’s a lot going on in this one sentence.

  • I’ve let them know the features: 5cms by 3cms, 20 grams
  • I’ve used powerful adjectives: Just, Handy, Lightweight
  • I’ve used powerful Verbs: Fits, Snugly (Yes I know “snugly” is an adverb and I try and stick clear of them. But it fits here.)
  • I’ve painted a picture in my prospect’s mind: Fits snugly in your pocket. This makes it instantly identifiable… the prospect gets instant clarity. He can see it!
  • It’s active: I’m not saying: this handy lightweight widget would fit snugly in your pocket. No, that’s passive writing and doesn’t engage the reader. I say: this handy lightweight widget fits snugly in your pocket. This makes it happening now, in the present, as if the prospect already possesses the Widget.

It’s assuming the sale, another BIG subject I covered at the Master Class. It’s these small but significant changes that make the difference between okay copy and the world-class copy that brings in a truckload of money. It’s one of the reasons I get paid the BIG bucks, he says modestly.

Put it all together and I have turned what could have been a dull moment in the copy, into a benefit filled experience.

Strive for instant clarity in your copy.

Strive to make clear what the technical stuff means to the prospect.

Strive to put your prospect in the picture.

See you next week.

Stay cool

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Nobby February 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Absolutely right Pete. And a good reminder.
Now… if only I could do that for my product!


Pete Godfrey February 12, 2010 at 3:07 pm

hey Nobby, the main thing mate is awareness… being aware of this makes it so much easier to fix.


Susan Connors April 7, 2010 at 8:30 am

Hi Pete 🙂

Amidst the steam of the hot coffee, organizing the kids, I found your site again.
(Note: It pays to back up your data as when you lose it – its a pain in the butt
to remember where everyone is).

Thanks for another interesting post – I look forward to reading and learning more.

Susan Connors
Mum Copywriter in the Land Downunder

PS: Have a great day!

You can have the perfect spot to catch the one that didn’t get away. You spend all that time and effort into getting the right bait and fishing gear. You make a day to go fishing to catch it – the one tthat keeps taking your bait! So you set up your lines, grab a beer or drink, turn your back for one second and bang the fish strikes. Now had you of not had your back turned you may have hooked him – as it is you see your rod bend. You drop the drink, run over and grab the rod. There is a good fight, the muscles start aching and you are gasping for breathe. You will not let this one go – the fight continues. You get him closer to the shore, realizing that you may need your net. You do a quick look – out of reach – dang! So you have to try to bring it in without it. You start to get it into the air and out of the water. One quick swish of the fish large body, it flips and dives back into the water. It got your bait again!

Copy is like that hit and miss – sometimes something works and other times it bombs. You have to keep trying, keep fishing and enjoy ups and downs of our industry.

Have a great day!


Carolyn Allen April 16, 2010 at 9:47 pm

I like that: “put your prospect in the picture”. Sums up perfectly what really, truly motivates us.


Michael Soininen July 12, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Hi Pete,

This is the second time on your site and I’ve hit gold twice. I’m liking those stats. 🙂

Thanks for another great piece. Will continue to prowl your work…


Leanne Greenhalgh October 27, 2011 at 12:13 am

Hi Pete,
Your session at the Entrepreneurs Superconference was amazing. I’ve been really excited about reviewing every bit of ‘mundane’ script that I’ve been sending to my customers and using your advice to turn them into sales generators! Weather’s great in Maryborough!


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