The ONE Simple Technique to Closing More Sales

The Master Closers

by Pete Godfrey · 4 comments

The ONE Simple Technique to Closing More Sales

The Master Closers… those precious few copywriters and sales people who know how to close the deal and get the order… are worth every cent you pay them.

You see, without this ability, you can’t make money, and your cash register won’t be KA-CHINGING…

Like all skills, learning how to put together powerful closes that seal the deal is a skill, it can be taught…there are formulas to follow. Trouble is, those who know this skill are reluctant to share, they know the value of this skill and they desperately want to keep it to themselves.

That’s because once you know the Secrets of the Master Closers, once, you know and completely master the skills of the close, your income will SOAR, your promotions will hit the market with a BANG, your choices in life and in business will RISE… in fact, possessing this skill is the closest thing you’ll ever get to having your own…

Personal ATM

… it’s just like…

Printing your own money! (But legally!)

The CLOSE is the money shot. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where YOU get to bank the cash. And very few copywriters command this skill; very few know the short-cut secrets that take your prospect from interested to buying, from warm to HOT. Very few copywriters know how to get the money. But YOU will! You see, because I’m a generous guy I’m gonna show you the 4 major elements in every close. Then we’ll look at one little-known but critical closing technique, so you close more sales with less fuss.

(BTW. At my Sales Letter Writing Workshops I’ll be going through this process in detail. Many smart folks have already locked in their seats for this BIG event. I suggest if you want to be one of them, and get the real inside secrets to closing more sales, might pay to book your seat as only a few remain. )

4 Major Elements in Every Successful Close

1: You’ve got to repeat your main benefits: Just because you’ve mentioned all the benefits in your letter, doesn’t mean your prospects will remember them. So you have to recap your core emotional benefits in a succinct, emotionally filled way.

2: Introduce your guarantee: The guarantee you create can immediately take away buying resistance and instantly position you as someone to trust. However, not all guarantees are equal and many guarantees actually have the opposite effect than intended. Instead of building trust and allaying any fears, the wording of the guarantee brings up unwanted and negative thoughts in the reader’s mind. (This will be covered in detail at my Sales Letter Writing Workshops.) For now, keep your guarantees simple, easy to understand, and without any fine print.

3: Ask for action: This is where many people get all wimpy. You’ve got to ask for the order. Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do. Make it urgent, irresistible, get in now or miss out.

4: Use Post Scripts: The P.S. is your last chance to hook the reader on your offer. There are ways to do this. Here are just four things you can include… They are…

  • Include an extra bonus for ordering now.
  • Testimonials from happy customers.
  • Restate your guarantee.
  • Restate the limited number or limited time.

Okay, I want to finish up with a powerful way to close your letter. Copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace calls it “The Crossroads Close.”

I call it “The Status Quo or Salvation Click.”

Whatever you call it, it’s damn powerful. Here’s an example…

Don’t You Deserve The Best?

So now you have 3 options…

1: You can do nothing and put up with your pain. Struggle along and do your best to get through the day (and night).

2: You can stick with what you are taking now and maybe get some relief. Trouble is; many drugs have harmful side effects. Sure you might get some short-term relief. But it’s like putting a band aid on a major wound… it helps a bit, but it won’t do the job for long.

3: Or you can call me and get a no-obligation FREE Irritable Bowel Assessment Consultation and get specific, personalised recommendations on how to fix your problem fast.

And look, 30 days from now you could be just 30 days older with the same old problems. Putting up with your pain, trying to make do, promising yourself that “one day” you might do something about it. Or you could be pain free, without the nasty symptoms of irritable bowel, and getting on with enjoying your life.

It really should be an easy decision.

Make that “one day” today!

I’m looking forward to meeting you… and introducing you to a totally natural way to relieve your condition.

Book now and start living tomorrow!

Can you see how powerful this type of close is? Good.

Because what you are doing is showing your prospect his or her future if they don’t take action right now. But also painting the picture of what their lives could be like if they say yes. It’s one of my favourite closing techniques. And if you study my letters (as you should) you’ll see this powerful click used over and over… that’s because it works! Try it for yourself and close more sales.

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Judd Leverton August 3, 2009 at 1:11 pm

I like this technique Pete because it’s closely tied to a click that’s already in my arsenal – ‘Future Pacing’. The variance comes from showing not one, but two possible futures, pointing out the obvious that, without something changing, there will be no change in the readers circumstances (you don’t rely upon them to make the connection), and re-engaging them to the emotions that are causing them to seek for a solution in the first place.

This ‘close’ accomplishes a lot in a small amount of words. Thanks for highlighting it Pete.


“Out Smart, Out Think, Out Maneuver the Competition”


Jan Smith August 7, 2009 at 4:15 pm

Hey Pete,

Nice to catch up with you again and thanks for sharing the gem above. Please, please ~ keep them coming. I know you are quite right in what you are saying I just wish I could stop being so wimpy and do it too!




Leigh Farnell November 26, 2009 at 12:00 pm

A Million Dollar tip this one.. You really are a legend at this game mate.. and you’re getting better and better…
Simple, powerful, compelling, easy to implement, common sense (but uncommonly used) strategies..
Keep ’em coming..


Maxine Wright ND May 24, 2010 at 12:16 pm

I have watched your skills grow over the years and it is really true you are getting better and better – a real Aussie master. The messages you share – at no cost – are amazing . Glad to hear you are reaping the rewards of all your giving. What an inspiration you are Pete,
Maxine Wright ND


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