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Tastes Like Chicken

by Pete Godfrey · 2 comments

Tastes Like Chicken

You’ve heard the old saying, “It tastes like chicken” right? It’s when you try to explain something new to somebody, like how crocodile tastes, so you say, “It tastes like chicken” so the other person gets it straight away.

It’s the same in copy.

You compare what is known to what you are selling (the unknown).

  • That’s why when I wrote the copy for an anti-snoring device, I compared it to a mouth-guard like footballers wear.
  • When I was selling a product that helps varicose veins, I compared it to just pulling on a sock.
  • When I was selling an anti-cellulite treatment, I compared it to getting a massage.

And the list goes on.

That’s why journalist will say, “It’s the size of a football field” when explaining some asteroid that’s hurling through space, preferably not on a direct course to earth.

Or they’ll say, “For the cost of a Big Mac” when describing something low cost.

Or they’ll say, “Hail the size of golf balls” to describe the impact of a storm.

Because it compares something unknown to something that is known, so the reader gets instant clarity, the words painting a vivid picture in the reader’s mind.

With me?

Great copy never confuses and
great copy explains itself as it goes along

So you need to paint a clear and vivid picture in your prospect’s mind about what your product is all about.

By comparing your product to something that is known and instantly recognisable, you get clarity and your prospect can actually see what you’re talking about.

Trust this helps…and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers and enjoy your ride,

Pete Godfrey

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Monika Mundell June 7, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Hey Pete,

Long time no speak. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post… again!

I’m afraid I tend to confuse people when I speak to them but for some reasons I can clearly communicate the job in writing.

I’ve even sneaked in some of your proven and tested morsels into a shock ‘n’ awe pack copy job I submitted today. Fingers crossed it will kick ass for the client. Early days as I’m only just learning the ropes for the actual “system.”

By the way… love… love… love your Emotional Ad Writing Letter (*note to self: why did you wait until now to tell Pete?).

Anyway… I guess I’ll be seeing you soon huh?


Pete Godfrey June 8, 2012 at 2:02 am

Hey Monika, great to hear from you and I’m sure your Shock & Awe pack will kick some serious butt. Also thanks for your feedback on the newsletter… and yes, I will be seeing you soon at the Customer Appreciation Workshop. Just waiting for David K to get back from his honeymoon and then I’ll launch…cheers Pete


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