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Shocking Email Blunder Instantly Breaks Trust & Sabotages Sales!

by Pete Godfrey · 2 comments

Shocking Email Blunder Instantly Breaks Trust & Sabotages Sales!

We all know the importance of email subject lines right?  Subject lines are like headlines in ads; they need to get attention and stimulate interest. (The ‘from line’ is even more important.) So just like headlines, this is where I spend a bit of time, working out the best subject line to fit the email.

Sometimes, I choose a subject line first and then wrap an email around it. I call this my ‘brain-fart’ method of email writing. That’s because every evening when I sit on my deck and take in the evening, I get plenty of ideas (brain-farts) that I capture in my notebook for future analyses.

Some of these ideas are subject lines.

And if they are good, and if I can’t stand the thought of tossing them away, I’ll use them and just wrap my message around them.

In future posts, I’m going to give you my take on subject lines and simple ways you can create your own.

For now, I’ve got two lessons for you.

First, the Sales Psychology of Email Marketing. As you know, this is where the money is really made.

And second, a BIG mistake many marketers make in their subject lines that breaks trust and sabotages sales.

Sales Psychology of
Email Marketing

How many emails do you delete each day?


At least a few hundred.

I’m quick at it too. My finger on the mouse ready to fire, deleting any emails that don’t immediately catch my attention. Many times I’m so busy I delete emails from people I actually want to read but haven’t the time or energy to do so.

I betcha you do the same.


They Don’t Want To Read
Your Email!

They are busy, distracted, bored and restless. Your email hits their inbox. What does it take to get them to open it?

This goes right back to the old copy principle of walking in your prospect’s shoes. Understanding what their day is like. Feeling what they are going through, what they are thinking. And what they dream about and what they fear.

So put yourself in their shoes. See them as they check their emails. Then you’ll never take readership for granted.

Here’s where many get lost in the technology of the Media. They try to get clever. Try to trick people into opening their emails. The important thing here is to stick to principles. Principles can be transferred from one Media to the next. Sure, techniques change from one Media to another but the principles remain constant, unchanged, to think otherwise is foolish.

SIDE NOTE: Be seduced by principles, not technology. Be seduced by basing your business on solid principles like connection, trust, value, relationship and a clearly defined point of difference in the marketplace. To think these principles change with the Media, that somehow they do not apply in this instant-access, instant gratification world of ours is plain wrong. These principles are timeless, they will not go out of fashion; they are the foundations of a successful, long term business and always will be.

So your objective with Subjects Line is twofold…

1)    To get attention

2)    To get the email opened

And you use the same principles of marketing here, by using emotional triggers such as curiosity, anchors, bribes (greed); secrets and so on.

If you have these core principles ingrained into your pores, creating sizzling Subject Lines gets easy.

Bait & Switch…
A BIG Mistake

Here’s a lesson on subject lines.

Many marketers try to trick you into opening their emails by using outrageous subject lines packed with shock value.

Many times, using shock value will get your emails opened.


Well it’s like a car crash; you’ve just got to look.

Take a look at the ninemsn homepage for some classic examples of short headlines packed with hype and emotion.

Here’s one I just came across…

“Bride defends raunchy
‘white trash’ aisle dance.”

Now get this. I was busy. Had lots of work on my plate. But I couldn’t help but click on the above so I could watch the video. I just had to see it even though I knew the copy would be better than the actual video.

It’s the same with subject lines.

Using outrageous and controversial subject lines can increase your open rates. But, and here’s the but…

You’ve got to back it up in the copy!

There’s got to be a ‘connect’ between the subject line copy and the email copy. Otherwise, it’s the old bait and switch and this just pisses people off.

So the 4 BIG LESSONS of this post are…

  • 1: Understand the critical importance of subject lines.
  • 2: Get real clear on the Sales Psychology of your market and what this means for your subject lines.
  • 3: Never take readership for granted.
  • 4: Don’t trick folks with your subject lines. There must be a connection between subject line copy and the email copy.

I’ve got plenty more to share with you on email marketing including examples, templates and plenty of strategies.

Fact is; I’m doing a two-day gig on this subject.

It’s called my…

Inbox Income Explosion
Email Mastery & List Building

… and it takes place on the Gold Coast November 2nd and 3rd.

You can grab your tickets from the link below.

I’m going to reveal it all.

PLUS, as soon as you walk through the door, you’ll be handed a very powerful gift. It’s my…

Email Magic A – Z Blueprint Manual

… specifically designed for this gig.

It contains…

  • My strategies
  • My templates
  • And plenty of examples.

Make sure you keep this manual handy when you write your next email and watch out for the results you’ll get.

Love to see you there!



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Damien October 15, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Great tips, Pete. The white trash bride dance made me laugh out loud. My personal pet peeve when it comes to emails is when the marketer puts “Re:” or “Fwd:” at the beginning of the subject line just to get more opens. I recently unsubbed from a very helpful list in a fit of pique because of this!


maria March 12, 2014 at 12:49 pm

This was way better than jumping on facebook. Thanks for the inspiration pete!


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