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Sales Copy Is King

by Pete Godfrey · 9 comments

Sales Copy Is King

FOREWORD: Many folks have been asking for more copywriting articles. So, because I’m such a generous and obliging kind of guy, for the next couple of weeks, my posts will all be about copywriting. You want insights into copywriting then this is the place to be.

Language is critical to making sales.

The ability to put words together to form a complete sales message that motivates folks to buy is a skill ALL business owners should possess.

Fact is, many business owners and entrepreneurs can’t afford a full-time copywriter. If you operate a true Direct Response business, then you know there’s a ton of copy to do each month such as: New Promotions, Emails, Reactivation Campaigns, Newsletters, and Videos and so on; it never stops.

Your business is fuelled by copy. It’s the life-blood of your business. So for many, hiring a full-time copywriter is out of the question. They need to do all or part of the copy themselves.

If you’re in this situation, then it’s vitally important you get at least competent at writing copy and spotting good copy. If you want real freedom, real independence and take control of your business and financial future, you’d do what it takes to get good at this #1 money making skill.

Make no mistake, everything revolves around great copy.

Your most valuable assets other than your Tribe and the relationship you have built with them, are your sales letters, websites, emails, ads… not your office equipment, your staff; not the balance sheets understood by Bankers or Accountants.

The ability to sell should be your #1 business goal. Above all, mastering the skill of writing copy that sells gives you independence, freedom to create profits at will, self-reliant in a world that breeds reliance and dependence.

This to me is the ultimate freedom.

While others, what Kennedy calls the “mediocre majority” look to Government to provide the answers and to provide for them and their families, you’ll have your hands on the steering-wheel, driving to the destiny of your own making; not cowering in the corner with a furtive glance, hand held out in submission.

When you can sell, when you can write copy that sells, life and business gets a whole lot easier and a whole lot more enjoyable too.

The GOOD NEWS for you is, writing great cash-sucking copy is a skill that can be mastered… you just need desire, commitment, and get the right mentors.

Which leads me to this… which is obviously a shameless plug… but one that has your best interests at heart.

In my humble albeit self-serving opinion, there is no better publication in Australia to get that knowledge, to hone your skills, to develop a true understanding of copywriting and the thinking that goes on behind all great promotions than my newsletter.

You want copy breakthroughs then my newsletter is THE place to be.

Brief Interlude With Bret Thomson:

“My secret weapon…”

“Clients often wonder how I get my BIG ideas, how I get them such outrageous results. One secret that I’ve been guarding close to my chest is Pete Godfrey’s Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter. It’s my monthly dose of reality… my monthly dose of BIG ideas. If you want the insider’s advantage we pros use every day… then grab Pete’s newsletter… and guard your copy like a snarling pit-bull on a four-foot chain.”

Bret Thomson, Master Copywriter, Gold Coast QLD

Okay, I’m back from my shameless plug (I don’t know what came over me).

Here’s the point I want you to get…

It takes commitment to hone your copywriting skills. The ugly truth is many just won’t bother.

Too hard.

Too time-consuming.

Let’s face it; some folks have the attention span of a teenage X-Box addict on a Red Bull diet, the commitment level of a Politician’s pre-election promise.

They jump from one “Guru” to the next, one opportunity to another, caught in the glare of the dazzlingly brilliance of shiny objects, in the futile never-ending search for microwave-quick results. Like the Sirens of old with their seductive songs calling Sailors into the rocks and ultimate deaths, shiny objects can smash any hope of long-term success.

Anyway, you know different.

Success in business comes through mastery of a skill(s) such as copywriting.

The smart thing to do is to figure out what’s important and what’s a distraction.

The ability to write copy that sells is an asset, plain and simple. And as mentioned earlier, you’re in the right place to hone your copy chops right here, right now.

In the coming weeks, do yourself a favour and check in here at the blog. I’ll be posting some eye-popping, jaw-dropping, profit-pulling posts on copywriting.

And here’s another point to keep in mind, and one I discussed with Ted Nicholas on the phone the other night:

Even if you do not want to write the copy yourself,
it’s smart to know what good copy looks like.

So look out in the coming weeks… and get trained by me in the seductive art of copywriting.

But a word of warning: It can become addictive.

See you next week.

Cheers, Pete

P.S. A good place to start honing your copywriting chops is by studying my Emotional Ad Writing System. And the good news is; you get this amazing system free when you grab a subscription to my newsletter.

P.P.S. The hardest position to fill in any business is at the copywriting desk. The person who can craft a compelling message that gets acted upon, whether sales letter, web page, email, video script and so on, will never starve and can name his or her own price.

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Steve September 29, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Hi Pete
Thanks for the encouragement and sage advice .
Being a visual person I find myself trying to find inspiring evocative and relevant images to compliment the copy for my adverts.Im interested in your opinion on the role images play in advertising and any advice you may have on what to avoid and examples you may have seen that have impressed you.
good wishes Steve


Pete Godfrey September 30, 2011 at 5:31 am

Hey Steve, good point, images and photos play a big role… I wrote a post a couple of years ago on the illustrated sales letter… it’s on this blog somewhere. Anyway, I’ll porbably expand on that in future articles. By the way, I’m really enjoying doing a few product launches of late… it’s great to write the words, and then work with my young mate David Krauter to find the right images to fo into the video… loads of fun. Bottom line, copy backed up with the right image/photo nearly always beats copy alone…


Konrad September 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Awesome ! Pete, you have pumped out some wonderful words of Inspiration in many places today. You have Inspired me so many times to keep with Copywriting/Sales Strategies, I have so much gratitude to you for the possibilities you have shown me, I can’t get along the path as quick as others due to my pain but your help gives me the strength to not quit. I know if I can add something to my arsenal of copywriting everyday I am getting closer to my goal. I would encourage people who are serious about being a Copywriter to latch on to Pete like a Pit Bull and absorb everything he shares, I have studied most of the big names in copy and can honestly say Pete has taught them well ! He definitely is “The Wizard”


Pete Godfrey September 30, 2011 at 5:33 am

Konrad, man, while others look for excuses, you look for answers. I know you’re in pain mate… but your attitude is amazing… you have never let the pain stop you from moving forward… and that my friend is a rare trait… glad to help in my own small way.


Bret Thomson September 29, 2011 at 4:21 pm

You’re an absolute legend Pete!! As our good ol’ marketing mate Mal says, “Copywriting is the highest paid skill on the planet”. True to the word in my world, let me tell ya…

Mate, It’s so true what you say about people jumping from one guru to the next – chasing the magic pill – or trying to short cut the journey to success. But those of us who’ve been around long enough know the real truth… that it ends up costing them bucket loads more money over time from loss of potential income. The smartest financial decision any marketer could make is to learn the art of writing persuasive copy! Once learnt – It pays well. Very well.

Look’n forward to your next posts buddy…

Bret Thomson


Pete Godfrey September 30, 2011 at 5:35 am

Hey mate you invested… and keep on investing in your education. Same as me. Old Dan did a launch recently… I knew from the first video I was going to buy… so old Dan got me again… also mate, as soon as you get back, we’ll finalise our direct mail talk for masters of conversion… I’ve got some great ideas on this man to share with you.


Monika Mundell September 29, 2011 at 9:31 pm

I look forward to this series Pete. I second the fact that you are the real kick ass deal. Thanks to your help I’ve managed to study the art of copywriting in great depth and for me it’s an ongoing journey.

I love nothing more than gently coaxing, rubbing, and massaging copy into something tangible. Something that connects the reader with their core and helps the client make money.

I’m excited to report that I recently got a 5% conversion on a long sales letter for a client. I have a feeling you know him. 🙂

So thank you Pete. You are da man and you and Bret are my copywriting idols. I love you both for sharing your knowledge with me and teaching me to be the best I can be in my profession. You two will always be my copywriting gurus. 🙂

I’m really excited to meeting you both again next month – this time with hubby in tow. ‘
Rock on and keep the inspiration cracking.



Pete Godfrey September 30, 2011 at 5:37 am

Hey thanks Monika… you are another one that invests in herself and then takes action. Also, glad your copy is getting results… and… it’ll be great to catch up with you and meet your other half at Masters of Conversion… make sure you get a photogragh with Ted Nicholas mate… he’s a legend, but more than that, he’s a gentleman, a rare breed in today’s world.


Lorwai Tan October 3, 2011 at 9:36 pm

Thanks Pete for another post that calls a spade a spade.

I like that you use the “C” word-commitment.

Yeah, some days I feel I am pushing the proverbial uphill and despite my best efforts it’s all going to slide down and bury me.

And then I get sh***ty (great pun) and give it another go but using a different tactic because it ain’t over until the amply proportioned female of a certain age and demographic exercises her tonsils.


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