The Power of a Provocative Question

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The Power of a Provocative Question

You are just one sales letter away, heck, even one ad or headline away from riches. If you crack the code with a powerful headline the world truly can be your oyster. Because it’s your headline that will make the difference between a loser and an off-the-wall WINNER. And one way to come up with a dynamite headline and instantly hook your reader is by using a provocative question.

Years ago, I came across this headline in an old Dan Kennedy newsletter…

“How Much Younger Do You Want To Look?”

It was an ad for cosmetic dentistry. Below the headline was a before and after shot. Powerful stuff.

And I’ve adapted that headline many times over the years with great results for my clients.

“How Much Better Do You Want To Feel?”
“How Much Energy Can You Handle?”
“How Much Happier Do You Want To Be?”

If you really know your market, their thoughts, fears, wants, desires and so on, these kinds of headlines break through the clutter. Instead of promising one over-the-top benefit after another, you are focusing on your prospect’s emotions. This gets past the “Yeah sure” response you get when you have merely benefit-driven headlines.

It also gets under your prospects’ BS detectors and hones in on their feelings.

Here are three more templates you can use…

Tired of the same old….?

Isn’t it time you….?

Isn’t it time you did something for yourself for a change? (I’ve used this one many times. Usually when closing the letter after I’ve made my offer and I’m doing my call to action.)

It’s just a simple matter of taking proven headlines and adapting them to your own business. And yes, I can hear some members now.

“My business is different. I sell flowers”, or “I’m a plumber” and the list goes on.

Okay, so if you sell flowers use…

“Isn’t It Time You Showed Her How Much You Really Care?”

What about a plumber?

“Don’t You Think You Deserve a Plumber That Arrives On Time?”

The provocative headline works because it engages the reader. Try it!

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Riz April 24, 2013 at 8:55 am

Great post Pete…
A provocative question…brilliant!
Really makes you thing…
The right qestion could be worth $$$$…


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