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How To Find The Right Tone & Voice For Your Market

by Pete Godfrey · 1 comment

How To Find The Right Tone & Voice For Your Market

In my workshops and seminars I talk a lot about the greased slide. One piece of advice I give is…

Don’t Gamble On a Single Word!

Good advice. And I go to great lengths to explain this concept. In this post, I want to really ram home the importance of “The Greased Slide.” PLUS, next week, I’m going to give you 6 ways to write copy that focuses directly on the prospect, not the product. 6 ways to capture the right winning tone and voice that resonates and captures the attention of your readers.

But first, “The Greased Slide.” What do I mean? Simply this. Your sales message has to be like a greased slide. The prospect gets on up top and slides breathlessly to the close… to the sale.

There must be NO interruption. No pause in the urgency of your message. Because get this…

Your prospects don’t want to read your letter!

And I know… you’ve sweated over that letter, agonised over the headline and offer. Spent days trying to come up with the right message, the right theme that’ll cause a buying frenzy. Sure I know that! Trouble is, it doesn’t matter how much you worked on that letter, how much you love it, your prospects don’t give a damn. And they definitely don’t want to waste their precious time reading your letter.

They want the benefits your letter promises. Big difference right?

At my recent workshops in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, I spent time emphasising the importance of not boring your reader for even one second. I explained the concept of “The Greased Slide” and I revealed 8 ways to keep your prospects reading.

But there is one critical thing I want to share with you now that you MUST accomplish in your copy to have any hope of keeping your prospects’ interest.

You have to find the winning voice that instantly bonds with your particular market. I’m up to my ears in a large job at the moment and finding this winning voice has been a bit of a struggle (it’s a new market for me). I’ve spent many hours honing this voice, ironing out the bugs, until now I’m certain it rings true. That it rings of authenticity. One false word or phrase could blow all of my good work.

Here’s the secret: You have to show empathy, that you know what your prospect’s day is actually like. That you genuinely and sincerely care what happens to him. And one way to do this is by writing “YOU” copy.


  • Your copy is focused solely on prospect, not product.
  • Your copy rings true with your market. (Not one word is out of place.)
  • Your copy radiates warmth and sincerity.

And in my next post, I’ll give you 6 ways, count ‘em, 6 ways to achieve this!

POST SCRIPT: By the way, at the upcoming Inner Sanctum Conference, I’m revealing a secret on copywriting I’ve kept close to my chest all these years. A secret that almost guarantees connection with your audience. And this time, we’ve opened the doors to non-members.

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Jonathan Dune October 20, 2009 at 7:19 pm

G’Day Pete,
Good points all. I’d like to relate a story to you that confirms the validity of what you just read. This story is about something specific that happened recently with a client of mine who has a billion dollar net worth.

After a telephone meeting and all the details were laid out on the upcoming campaign I am working on for him, I wanted to confirm again how he would like his updates and test results delivered to him and his company.

Well, no shock to me but very telling to anyone who may read this comment. And that goes for you. This client, someone I have made millions for through the years with many successful sales campaigns said specifically: “DO NOT email, DO NOT communicate anything over the internet – I want my communications by direct post mail. Put the results in my hand. I want a hard copy just like you’ve always done.”

That’s coming from a man who knows success when it comes to life and business. He did not hesitate in his demand to get his results in his hand by direct post mail. The KEY here for YOU is to just to ASK. Ask how your client wants to be best communicated with. Afterall, it’s about him or her. And this is about YOU.

On that note, I do several different methods of sales delivery for his products and services. Direct post mail is just one but it accounts for 36.3 percent of his overall annual revenues brought in. The internet and email sales on the otherhand only account for a little over 3 percent of his overall sales. Whereas the biggest heap of revenues comes from his DRTV infomercials at over 60 percent.

So Pete has been never more right-on when he says that your prospect doesn’t want to read your letter. They don’t want to read your email, your fax, or anything else UNLESS it’s RELEVANT to them. Is this relevant to YOU?

Cheers Pete!

Keep up your good works.

P.S. Not to forget, Pete has an opportunity for you to attend and find out all the secrets that he and I use in our winning sales campaigns through direct post mail, emails, radio, television, print ads in magazines and news rags, and the biggie … DRTV infomercials you watch on your tv. I challenge you to attend just one of Pete and David’s Crocodile Marketing Inner Sanctum Conferences.

Click this link below right now and check this out. You’ll be glad you did:

[NOTE: I receive no payment for this recommmendation]

P.P.S. If you aren’t yet an Inner Sanctum member, join up now and get Pete’s printed Crocodile Marketing monthly newsletter. Print newsletter subscribers like you are the hardcore marketers that are constantly learning, constantly discovering how to use new techniques to succeed.


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