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You Need Your Own Dynamic Story

by Pete Godfrey · 1 comment

You Need Your Own Dynamic Story

People love stories. We eat them up, especially when they involve others who are experiencing the same problems that we are. We can see ourselves in the stories. That’s why they are so effective.

NOTE: Please read the underlined section again, because this is how you form an instant bond with your market. It’s no accident best-selling magazines and Current Affair shows are chock full of Human Interest Stories. Because they work… work to build rapport, work to grab attention and hold interest.

It’s the same with sales letters. The best letters I have ever written all contain stories. It’s that human interest side of things that get people in.

There are two critical elements of all great stories…

  1. Tension
  2. Discovery

Okay, how can you apply these two elements to your letters?


You bring tension into your sales piece by highlighting your prospect’s problems. You then agitate these problems to a fever pitch. Work them up a bit and get them very aware of their problems. This creates a palpable tension.

Then comes the discovery.

This is where you reveal the solution to their problems. And the solution is your product.

So when you are writing your sales letter try to wrap your message around a story. Remember, it’s the human interest pieces that get us interested. Not the product. But how the product is used by a person and the results that person gets by using the product.

It’s never about the product … it’s always about the benefits of the product, what the product can do for them.

And you highlight what it can do for them by telling a story of how the product has helped others. You see what you are doing? You are putting people into the equation … real people who have used the product and the changes that occurred in their lives when they did.

This makes your sales pitch so much more interesting … more personable and believable.

So, what does this mean to you?

Well what’s your story? When I ask clients this question, many don’t have an answer. They don’t think there’s much to say about their history; no surprising twists or turns … how wrong they are.

  • Every person has a story to tell.
  • Every product has a story hidden just waiting to be exposed.

The secret is to find it. So go deep. Don’t hang around on the surface floundering. Go deep and discover the inherit story. If you can, entwine your story into your product’s story so they blend together as one. This is seamless selling … the best kind there is.

It involves tickling your prospect’s senses through an entertaining story that reveals the answers to their problems. They are being entertained, not blatantly sold.

But in reality, they are being sold … they are subconsciously selling themselves while reading your story.

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Judd Leverton October 4, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Pete, you’ve manage to get to the heart of the issue again. “Your Story”! Your value to others and your main point of difference, are the most powerful things to ‘get right’ in business and marketing, and also the most difficult.

In a nutshell, this is due to the fact that most people, even those who are well versed in marketing and business and know the power of this technique, are blind to their own self-value, their own points of interests. What we find easy and everyday we do not value, as we believe that everyone else’s experience is similar to our own, so why would they value more highly our knowledge and skills over their own.

Frankly, the easiest, fastest and most accurate way of discovering your ‘Story’, filled full of value and interest, is to be interviewed by a qualified mentor or coach. Qualified mentors and coaches are identifiable by those that have studied Emotional Direct Response Marketing, Social Psychology and Conversational Persuasion. They know better than any other what your audience is most interested in, what they highly value, and if they know your market well, how best to deliver your Story for greatest effect.

A qualified outsider, looking in, giving critical feedback like a Marketing Magic Mirror.

“Mirror, mirror in front of me – what is my Story that others wish to see?”

Who is your Magic Mirror?


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