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Copywriting Click #1 It’s NOT Your Fault

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Copywriting Click #1 It’s NOT Your Fault

We live in an age of zero responsibility. And it’s no use fighting it. This is what your prospects think.

So if you want to make more sales, you’ve got to let them off the hook.

  • If people are fat, it’s not their fault… it’s the fast food chains fault for making them eat 42 burgers a day.
  • If people smoke, it’s not their fault… it’s the Tobacco Companies fault for getting them hooked.
  • If people are broke, it’s not their fault… it’s because all of the rich people have got all the money.

Now this is flawed thinking.

As an entrepreneur, you can NOT let yourself think like this.

You know it’s simply not true.

But, you can’t tell your prospects this.

You can’t tell the fat person he’s fat because he eats 42 burgers a day, doesn’t exercise, and sits around watching TV all day.

Just can’t do it… it’ll murder any chance of getting the sale.

Same with the guy without money. You can’t say you’ve got to get off your butt, stop watching TV, and start improving yourself.

He doesn’t want to hear this.

So What’s The Answer?

You’ve got to let your prospects off the hook… let them know it’s not their fault and that someone else is to blame.

Here’s an example taken from a weight loss promotion…

“But listen closely; it’s NOT your fault. Greedy promoters have been pushing their outlandish diets for years. One day they tell you carbohydrates are good; the next day they tell you they’re bad. Every year you hear conflicting advice.

No wonder you’re having trouble losing weight.

I mean, who do you listen to? Who do you trust?”

Okay, see what I mean? You then simply solve the problem with your product.

As entrepreneurs we take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and results. We don’t go looking for scapegoats.

But here’s my point…

You Prospects Do!

So it doesn’t matter what we think about all this. All that matters is…

This is how many of your prospects think.

Anyway, what I just revealed is Copywriting #1 of my 27 Copy Clicks, simply called, “It’s not your fault.” In my Emotional Ad Writing System, I reveal my 27 clicks and how to use them. You can now get this System FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter.

So try this out for yourself. It’s a sure-fire way to emotionally bond with your prospects… and… that’s what good copy is all about.

By the way…since I released the Emotional Ad Writing System, I have discovered and used many more of these proven copywriting clicks.

And for the first time ever… I have collected these clicks into a brand NEW resource I simply call…

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Check it out and thank me later.

Okay, that’s about it for this week. Next week I’ll reveal a couple more of my 27 clicks.

For now, love to hear your comments about this click below.



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