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A quick note from Pete Godfrey – Wizard of Words

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A few years ago, I published a monthly paid and print newsletter called the Commercial Writing Letter (CWL). It targeted copywriters and was a smash hit with my subscribers. And for the first time ever, I’m giving away Issue #1 absolutely free.

“Just reading the debut issue of your Commercial Writing Letter Pete. Pornography for copywriters mate.”

Brian Cassingena – Funnel Copywriter at Mindvalley

Each Issue Contains
4 Main Segments…

  • Writer At Work
    The tips, techniques and strategies of persuasive writing
  • The Getting & Handling of Clients
    The art of getting and keeping clients
  • This Writing Life
    Daily habits and disciplines
  • This Month’s Examples
    Classic examples of persuasive writing

Now relax. I’m not going to try and bribe you to download this highly-prized, and for many years, unavailable newsletter. That’s your choice to make. However, I probably should let you know a bit about what’s inside this first issue. This way you’ll know why you should get excited. So here goes…

What’s revealed inside
your FREE issue…

Writer At Work

I have ghost-written 3 how-to books for clients over the years, and the pay is great. In this article, I give you my 5-step formula to breaking down large jobs into manageable chunks.

You’ll discover…

  • How to hunt down the info you need to write your book… PLUS, the number one element to include that makes your book stand out from the rest (Page 3)
  • Two critical questions to ask BEFORE you write a word of copy… this keeps your writing on track and on schedule and makes the job so much easier (See page 4 for details)
  • My fill-in-the-blanks writing formula… perfect for articles and blog posts too! (Pages 4 and 5)
  • Pro tip on what info to include and what to throw out (Page 5)
  • Tips on getting the first draft done and dusted (Go to page 5)
  • How to make your copy shine and make your book thoroughly enjoyable to read (Pages 5 and 6)

The Getting & Handling of Clients

It’s the ugly side of the copywriting business that few talk about. And it IS ugly, with giant fangs ready to bite into your financial security, ready to suck the marrow right out of your bones. Damn thing has bit me a few times when starting out… and, I don’t wanna let it happen to you.

So what is this dreadful, debilitating scourge of the commercial writing world?

I can barely say it out loud. But I’ll write it. It’s called…Late or Non Payment! (This one article alone could SAVE you thousands of dollars!)

You’ll discover…

  • A simple way to structure the deal that ensures you get paid on time (Page 7)
  • The absolutely worst thing you can do when structuring your deal… this almost guarantees you get screwed on your fees (Go to page 7 so you avoid this insidious mistake)
  • The first thing you MUST do when the copy is finished. TIP: Do this BEFORE you hand over the copy and you WILL get paid (See page 7)

This Writing Life

We all procrastinate when it comes to writing. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Your mind needs to percolate the ideas. Other times it’s bad, you’re just putting off the hard work. As a pro, you must understand the difference between the two. And you must understand yourself. This article will help.

You’ll discover…

  • Why even Wizards procrastinate and what I do that spurs me to action… and why I’m convinced this will work for you too! (Pages 7 and 8)
  • The importance of unplugging while writing… this tip alone makes you more productive (Go to page 8)
  • If you’re not waking up every morning bursting at the seams to write then there is NOTHING wrong with you… you’re human that’s all. Here’s what to do on those days when the words don’t come (Page 8)
  • A simple breakdown of a successful year as a commercial writer… see how this makes it easy to hit your daily and yearly goals (See page 8) 

This Month’s Examples

In this issue, I give you a breakdown of a real-life, successful email. You get to see what I did and the ‘sales thinking’ behind each line, each paragraph.

You’ll discover…

  • A simple email template that lets you pitch without being too pushy (See the full email on page 9)
  • How to covertly seed upcoming events in your emails (Go to page 10 for details)
  • How to argue a delicate subject and get them to agree to your point of view. TIP: There must be some kinda agreement BEFORE a sale is made (Page 10)

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in this first issue. The best part is; if you want it, it’s yours absolutely free. (My generosity astounds even me sometimes.)

What’s Your Next Step?

If you like what you see so far and want a FREE issue, then simply enter your name and email address and get instant access to this highly-prized info.

“Pete just read your new newsletter really good mate. I am not a commercial writer but as you know I am always writing for my business. I can’t remember how much I paid for my subscription but I know it was ridiculously cheap. The formula you revealed in the first few pages has more than paid for subscription a few times. Looking forward to next issue.”

Matt Buchel – serial entrepreneur Gold Coast QLD