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“Which of These
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The Following May Have an Instant and Dramatic
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petegodfreyFROM: Pete Godfrey

LOCATION: North of Shellgrit Creek
Tropical North Queensland, Australia

Dear Friend,

If you’re a copywriter, small business owner or sales professional, and you want to shortcut the time it takes to create promotions that sell, then this will be the best news you’ve heard all year.

Here’s why…

My name is Pete Godfrey, AKA the “Wizard of Words”, a copywriter and Sales Strategist from Australia. For the past 15 years I’ve created thousands of promotions that have brought in millions of dollars for myself and my clients. Sales letters, Video Scripts, Emails, Webinar Scripts, Reactivation Campaigns and dozens of other types of promotions, you name it, I’ve written it. 

So what I’m about to reveal is based on experience… not fancy theories… and it’s important for you to understand the difference between the two before we move on.

Anyway, over the years, I began to realise there are certain ‘clicks’ we copywriters use each and every day… clicks that not only shortcut the time it takes to write copy… but more importantly… they’re all based on proven principles that work time after time to get the sale.

So in 2006, I created my first copywriting course called the Emotional Ad Writing System. Inside that course I listed 27 Copywriting Clicks guaranteed to pump up the effectiveness of your promotions and also cut down the time it takes to create any promotion.

And guess what?

My customers LOVED it.

  • They LOVED seeing all the clicks in action…
  • They LOVED the way they could slip these clicks into ANY promotion…
  • And they LOVED the way I pulled back the curtain… and how they now can spot these clicks in other people’s copy… and instantly know WHAT the copywriters are doing and WHY they are doing it. (This gives you a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of what great copy is all about.)

Studying Proven Copy Clicks Instantly Gives You An Advanced Copywriting Education 

That’s because once you know these clicks…you’ll know them for life and you’ll NEVER look at copy the same way again. And… you’ll never sweat bullets writing your promotions… because knowing these clicks cuts down the time it takes to create any promotion.

You’ll instantly know what clicks to use
and know exactly how and when to use them

Here’s where this gets exciting…


Potentially very rewarding for you!

Since I released the Emotional Ad Writing System, I’ve discovered and used many more of these proven copywriting clicks in my every day copywriting life.

And for the first time ever… I have collected these clicks into a new resource I simply call…

Fast Track Copywriting Confessions
17 (Extra) Copywriting Clicks

The use of the word ‘Fast Track’ in the title is very important.


That’s because…

Knowing these clicks…

  • Fast tracks the time it takes to create your promotion…
  • Fast tracks the results you’ll get because they are all based on proven, winning principles…
  • Fast tracks the time it takes you to understand what great copy is all about… because I show you exactly what these clicks are and why they are used.

Not only that, ‘Fast Track” also describes how much time it takes for you to go through this new resource… that’s because… 

You’ll find this new manual a fast read

I’ve wasted no time padding out this resource. This way you get all the meat without wading through all the filling. You’re busy. I’m busy. So this manual is short and to the point. Just don’t confuse value with size. I could have padded this out and turned it into a 300-page manual or a full-day seminar and…

Charged 10 Times The Price!

But that’s not my style.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to realise the difference between size and value.

Anyway, speaking of busy, I’m going to keep this real brief. If you’re the right person you’ll instantly know whether this is right for you. PLUS, because I’ve kept the price way down on this one, investing in this precious resource should be an easy decision.

Okay… here’s just a brief taste of what you’ll discover…

COPY CLICK #28 solves the problem of introducing a product that’s new… a product you’re market is unaware of

In copy, you can easily confuse the reader (listener/viewer) and confused readers don’t buy. It’s that simple. Click #28 solves this problem.

Here’s a tip: In your copy, what you want is instant clarity. Your prospect must be able to see the product and understand exactly what you are saying. As you’ve seen, confused readers don’t buy. So you want your prospects to immediately understand.

That’s where this click comes into play… and why it’s so effective…

  • Your prospects instantly understand your pitch… no matter how new or unfamiliar your product…
  • Your prospects instantly ‘get it’…
  • PLUS, you’ve painted a clear and vivid picture in your prospects’ minds about what your product is all about (they can ‘see’ it clearly)….

Oh, and one final tip.

Great copy never confuses and great copy explains itself as it goes along. Armed with this click you’ll never again confuse the reader…and… your prospects will instantly see your product no matter how new and no matter how unfamiliar it is.

COPY CLICK #30 makes your incredible offer
sound absolutely credible (and very desirable)

By using this click, no matter how BIG your claim and or promise, your prospects instantly know you are telling the truth.

Here’s a tip: When people read your sales letter, or watch your video, the last thing you want is the, ‘yeah sure’ response. This is where you have made a claim that your prospects just don’t believe.

That’s the elegant beauty of this click… it immediately…

  • Makes your claims believable…
  • Establishes trust (your prospects can see you’re telling the truth)…
  • And lets you make your BIGGEST and BOLDNESS promise without sounding like a used-car salesman on a late night TV commercial. (Now that alone must be a good thing right?)

COPY CLICK #33 builds an insatiable desire
to own your product


Because it arouses insatiable curiosity in your prospects… they’ve just got to own your product so they get closure and find the answer.

A perfect click to use…

  • In your bullets because it arouses insatiable curiosity (in fact, it’s one of the most effective kinds of bullets to use…especially when selling information or seminars and so on…)
  • On your landing pages to increase opt-ins…
  • And it works even better when you know your market like the back of your hand… (You DO know your market intimately don’t you?)

Now that’s just 3 of the 17 Extra Clicks
You Get 
Inside My New
“Fast Track Copywriting Confessions…
17 (Extra) Copywriting Clicks”

Here are a few more to whet your appetite…

COPY CLICK #29 taps into the power of acknowledging a secret belief your market holds dear

World Renowned copywriter Clayton Makepeace once used this click in a headline that sold millions of dollars’ worth of product. If it’s good enough for Clayton, it’s good enough for me (and you) that’s for sure.

This click works so well because it…

  • Taps into a deep belief that’s already inside your prospects…
  • Targets a specific, deep seated emotion which sparks an emotional response…
  • And positions you as a friend… a saviour… the guy or gal with the answers to their problems.

TIP: The best way to get attention and build real connection with your audience is to make them feel. This click achieves this aim with elegant ease.

COPY CLICK #31 builds instant connection

This click uses a precise set of words that connects with your audience. It builds rapport, which leads to trust. (Shared values.)

As you know the BIGGEST barrier to any sale, no matter what you’re selling and who you are selling to, is the lack of trust.

So it’s important to spend time building trust in any of your promotions. Many folks go light on the trust. This is a mistake. It’s critical you establish rapport and build trust and this click helps you do exactly that.

This click…

  • Calls out to your ideal prospects while repelling those not suitable for your offer…
  • Instantly builds connection and trust…
  • And taps into values you share with your prospects… so you build a deep rapport with your audience.

COPY CLICK #35 confronts your prospects
and forces them to make a choice

This is a ballsy kind of click to use…and should be used sparingly only when dealing with a tough sale. However, when used correctly and to the right audience, this click often gets jaw-dropping results.

The reasons why this click is risky… yet extremely profitable are…

  • It targets a person’s ego so you get an emotional response…
  • Makes your prospects feel what they are missing out on… makes them feel discomfort with their present lot in life…
  • And forces your prospects to make a decision (buy your product).

As I said, handle with care. However, when the stakes are high and the sale is hard, this one works well even on the most apathetic and sceptical audience.

COPY CLICK #41 compels your prospects to keep reading and or watching your presentation

Here’s a BIG tip: Your prospects don’t want to read your Sales Letter. They don’t want to watch your video. They are distracted, caught up with their own worries, and they are itching to do something else (especially online when they are just one click away from departing your presentation).

That’s why this click is so important for ALL forms of sales presentations, including Sales Letters, Sale Videos, Blogs, Email, and Webinars and so on. Because it compels your prospects to view your FULL presentation. The more people who stay to the end mean more sales for you. If they don’t stay to the end and see and or hear your FULL presentation, then you’ve lost the chance of a sale. It’s that simple.

So you’ve got to do everything in your power to keep them reading. Click #41 achieves this purpose.

Like a car crash where people just have to look, this click…

  • STOPS your prospects in their tracks the minute they think of leaving…
  • Breaks the spell of low attention spans and rivets their eyes to the screen…
  • Creates an intimate conversation between you and your prospects.

I’m sure you can see the value in this click, especially if you track drop off rates and you’ve tried everything to keep your prospects dropping out. This click compels your prospects to stick around until the end… so they get to see your FULL presentation.

And look, that’s only 7 of the 17 Extra Clicks… but you get the picture… and I’m sure you can see the value of possessing these precious gems

What’s even better…

Every click is explained in full… you get to see…

  • What the click is and how to use it…
  • A winning example of each click in action…
  • PLUS, tips and lessons on each and every click so you get the skills, knowledge and confidence to take action on every gem revealed.

This is such an easy and powerful way to learn. What’s taken me years to learn and adapt, you get handed to you on a silver platter.

And it keeps getting better…

With your permission I’d like to send you 7 Cheat Sheets guaranteed to boost your sales! 

To keep with the Fast Track Theme, I’ve created 7, one-page Cheat Sheets guaranteed to ignite your sales. This way, you get the BIGGEST lessons and the BEST checklists, in the shortest possible time.

Cheat Sheet #1
7 Words & Phrases That Kills Sales…
Which Ones Are You Making?

There are certain words and phrases that sabotage your sales. What’s worse, you’re probably unaware you are even making them. Cheat Sheet #1 solves this problem by revealing the 7 words and phrases to banish from your sales presentation.

Cheat Sheet #2
The Number 1 Secret For Maximum Response

Knowing this secret automatically improves your response on any promotion. Get to see what this secret is and how to use it for maximum impact.

Cheat Sheet #3
9 Ways to Write Bullets That Sell

There are many types of bullets I used to create curiosity and to arouse interest in my audience. Here I give you the best 9… with plenty of examples to show you how.

Cheat Sheet #4
8 Ways to Ramp Up Your Post Scripts

The Post Script in your Sales Letter is the last chance you have to make an impact with your readers. Here I give you 8 elements you can include to make more sales. Don’t waste this special place in your letter. Knowing these 8 elements ensures you make the most of this opportunity to get more sales.

Cheat Sheet #5
The Original 27 Copywriting Clicks

These are my original 27 Copywriting Clicks I included in my Emotional Ad Writing System. In Cheat Sheet #5 I reveal what they are in list form.

Cheat Sheet #6
How To Write a Book Blurb That Sells

This is the only Cheat Sheet that’s 3 pages long. This is a book blurb (back cover) I wrote for well-known motivational speaker Pat Mesiti. You get my advice on writing book blurbs, you get to see my line by line review of Pat’s Book Blurb, and you get a fill in the blank template to follow. I used to charge $3,000.00 to write one of these babies. (If you’re a copywriter, I’ve just handed you a new and very lucrative income stream.)

TIP: The title of your book is critical, but so is the back cover. The back cover blurb is the ad for the book. And just like an advertisement, it must contain certain elements that will get attention, arouse interest, stimulate desire and then push for action (that is buy the book). In this Cheat Sheet you get it all.

Cheat Sheet #7
Easy Email Template Makes You More Money

Emails are fast, cheap, and if done right, a great media to use. But many get their emails wrong. Here I give you a simple and proven template to follow so your next email sells.

Okay that’s it… the 17 Extra Copywriting Clicks PLUS the 7 Cheat Sheets.

So let’s recap and see what
you get inside my new
“Fast Track Copywriting Confessions
17 (Extra) Copywriting Clicks”


You get...

  • 17 Extra Copywriting Clicks which lets you write faster and better copy, gets you more sales, and Fast Tracks your copywriting education…You get…


  • 7 Moneymaking Cheats Sheets to boost your sales… so you get the BIGGEST lessons and the BEST checklists, in the shortest possible time.

Make no mistake…
this IS your Fast Track to more sales!

  • A Fast Track way to increase sales…
  • A Fast Track way to write copy… 
  • A Fast Track way to increase your understanding of great copy…
  • A Fast Track way to ingest this info… you’ll be through the whole course in an hour, two hours max…
  • A Fast Track way to take action and implement the gems on offer because you get the fill in the blank templates to copy.

Frankly, nothing could be easier!

And just imagine how you will use this information.

Which of These 17 Copywriting Clicks
Will You Use to Increase Your Profits?

For example, let’s say you run webinars or you use Video Sales Letters. If I only just gave you Copy Click #41, you’d still be getting a bargain. And once you see how this click STOPS drop-offs in their tracks, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Anyway, I’m sure you can see the value here.

And what’s more, you risk nothing when you invest in this classified information...

Pete’s Fair Dinkum No-Risk
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your investment in my new “Fast Track Copywriting Confessions 17 (Extra) Copywriting Clicks” is completely safe and secure. That’s because I want you to try it out for a full 30 days risk-free. That’s right; simply try the course out for a full 30 days. Take advantage of the info it contains, see how easy it is to use these clicks to make more sales, and put into practice any or all of the gems I reveal to boost your sales and productivity. Use it all and use it well and take advantage of all the sales-boosting info.

And if in the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment, just contact me within 30 days of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

So How Much is This Valuable Course?

Good question.

Frankly, you and I both know I could have packaged this up into a one-day seminar and charged $1,000.00.

But that’s not my intention. I know the value of this information. I know how much of an impact it will make on your sales. So I didn’t want price to be an issue. I didn’t want price to STOP you getting your hands on these precious gems.

So your investment is only $129.

That’s it, no more to pay.

And if you live in Australia, I’ll send your package via Express Post free of charge. (If you live outside of Australia, a small shipping and handling fee of $9.95 gets added to your order. But keep in mind, this is Australian dollars we’re talking about here… which at the moment… is worth significant less than US dollars.)

What’s your next step?

Simply click the button below to get started on this amazing journey with me.

Look, if you want more sales fast, then grab your package right now. You’ll get through the whole course real quick so you’ll be able to instantly implement the gems on offer to increase your sales.

Once you know these clicks you’ll know how to persuade and influence at the highest level. Say yes now and look forward to a better, brighter and more rewarding future.

That future begins today, right now, right this minute.

I look forward to sharing my Copywriting Clicks with you… and I look forward to showing you how to put them into practice to make more sales.


Pete Godfrey

Wizard of Words
Copywriter & Sales Strategist

P.S. I want to hand you the keys to the copywriting vault. So you get the skills, confidence and knowledge to use these clicks and reap the extra sales on offer. Question remains, are you ready for this? Are you ready to get your fair share of extra sales?

And don’t forget, you risk nothing by saying YES now. In the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment, just contact me within 30 days of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment.

Not only that, all you invest is just129 dollars to get your hands on this valuable and very confidential information.