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Great News For Copywriters Who Want to Elevate Their Incomes, Get Better Clients, And Build a REAL Copywriting Business… Introducing…


How to Build a Successful, Sustainable, & Very Profitable Copywriting Business


In just 7 short weeks, this one-on-one training gives you the skills, knowledge, processes and documents to build a thriving copywriting business.

BEST PART: This is NOT group coaching! This is one-on-one mentoring. I’m with you every step of the way. And I’m NOT going to teach you how to write copy. I’m going to show you how to build a REAL copywriting business. Get ready for a true INCOME breakthrough!

Dear Copywriting Friend,

This message is for two kinds of copywriters…


If you’re a copywriter with some skills under your belt, and you’re not making the kind of income you deserve… and… you’re sick and tired of competing on price and putting up with cheap clients and you want to make some REAL money for a change…


Or if you are copywriter who has been doing this for a few years, yet you still find yourself chasing clients, sweating on getting paid, and putting up with less than ideal clients…

Then listen up because this letter is for you.

Let me explain…

My name is Pete Godfrey and for the past 17 years I’ve worked from home writing words that sell.

Since 2003 I’ve never made less than a low six-figure income. Many times a lot more, especially 2004 and onwards when things really took off. And I know several copywriters that make a lot more than me as well… but I have to say… they work a lot harder than I do.

And I thoroughly believe you can do the same once you understand and implement my wizardly ways.

We all know this is an exciting business to be in.

  • You get to work with some amazing people
  • You get to work from home if you wish
  • You get to choose your own hours
  • You get to be your own boss
  • You get to make good money by sitting on your backside writing words that sell

Fact is, there’s no business like it in the world.

So that’s the good news!

The BAD NEWS is for many copywriters, even after several years in the trenches, are reduced to common labourers, subservient to their clients, taking what jobs they can get to keep the lights on and creditors at bay.

And frankly I’m sick of it!

And I’ve seen this so many times over the years.

I’ve got the frantic phone calls.

Received the desperate emails.

All wanting advice on how to turn their copy skills into cash.

So here’s where it gets good for you…

For the past few years I’ve been putting together all of my processes, documents, and Intellectual Property into a system anyone can follow.

A system that shows you, in step-by-step detail, how to build a thriving copywriting business.

Are You Ready for an Income Breakthrough?

If so, you’re in the right place at the right time. And you’re just moments away from discovery a different and more profitable way to leverage your copywriting skills… and start making some real and predictable income.

Here’s what I mean…

I’ve broken down the CA$H COPY CLINIC into 3 main parts…


Let’s have a quick look at what each part reveals…


  • How to get a horde of prospects standing in line, itching to give you money. Once you understand what business you are really in, client attraction gets a lot easier.
  • How to create Extreme Strategic Visibility. See what Extreme Strategic Visibility is… and… get a step by step process on how to achieve this phenomenon so you get a steady supply of quality prospects beating a path to your door.
  • How to create lead magnets which are irresistible to your audience. Many copywriters get lead generation wrong. Their lead magnets attract the wrong audience so their time is wasted by unqualified prospects. Here I give you an example lead magnet, plus a step by step guide on creating a magnet that attracts your ideal prospects… but more importantly… positions you as THE expert to listen to.
  • The power of stories! Get my templates, examples and lessons on how to create stories that sell your service. PLUS, I give you the template for the greatest story ever told… especially good for on stage presentations!
  • How to create your own gigs and sell from stage. One of the best ways to get clients is to speak on stage. However, to get on someone’s stage you need a proven track record. That’s why you should create your own gigs. I’ll show you the best, most inexpensive way to host such a gig, how to structure your talk (with plenty of examples) and exactly what you should sell. Frankly, just this one piece of the puzzle alone will more than pay for your investment in the Cash Copy Clinic.
  • Tribe building secrets of a reclusive Word Wizard.If you enjoy the spotlight then I’m going to give to many ways to build your reputation so you attract a raving tribe of fans who want to hire you. And if you’re more reclusive, I give you other ways and other media options to do the same thing. Fact is, tribe building should be your number one priority. I’ll show you how with plenty of lessons and real life examples.

Look, that’s just fraction, a mere morsel of what I’ll share with you inside the CLINIC. But it’s enough to give you the idea. I’m giving you the lessons, examples, templates, and confidence to attract a constant stream of qualified prospects. Enough said for now. Much more inside the CLINIC.


  • The smartest thing you can do when first contacted by a prospect. And no, it’s not picking up the phone or getting on Sykpe or Zoom for a free chat. Fact is; that’s the BIGGEST mistake you could ever make.
  • The email I send when contacted by a prospect. (You get permission to adapt and use as your own.) Not only does this specially worded email sort out the real prospects from the time wasters, it positions you as a busy professional. (Take note of the 3 specific questions I ask in the email. These are critically important as I’ll explain in the training.)
  • How to turn down time wasters without sounding like a big-headed blowhard. Not all prospects are created equal. And frankly, some prospects you will never want as clients. But how do you turn them down nicely? Relax. You’ll get the email I send to prospects that turns them down gently. On a sidenote, many of these prospects will want you even more once you turn them down. Some will even chase you after seeing your email… almost begging you to take them on as clients.
  • RIP-OFF SCANDALS! Red flags to watch out for when dealing with clients and prospects. There’s not much I haven’t seen in my 17 years as a freelance copywriter. While I’ve met some wonderful, inspiring people, there’s a flipside to this business. Put it this way…I’ve met psychopaths, swindlers, conmen who would rob the gold from their grandma’s teeth, pathological liars, and just plain dishonest people who all have one agenda…And that is…

    To Rob You Blind!

    Frankly, over the years I would be owed at least $100,000.00 and that’s being conservative.

    So as you can imagine, I’ve got systems in place and I possess a finely tuned Bullshit Detector that can sniff out any concerns BEFORE they become a problem.

    So I’ll give you at least a dozen RED FLAGS to watch out for. Not all of these red flags are deal killers. Yet all are important. You’ll get to see what these red flags are, but also how to handle them so you get paid or you walk away before any damage is done.


I should have listened to Pete!

“I had a call with Pete about a new client I was thinking of taking on. I explained everything to Pete and he told me not to move forward. There were too many red flags. I thanked Pete but I didn’t listen and took the client on. Long story short, I’m out a few thousand dollars from this client. Plus many hours of unpaid work. I should have listened to Pete.”

Tamra Forde – Gold Coast QLD

  • How to set up the first phone call with a prospect. There’s a strict process to put into place that positions you as the expert and also stops anyone from wasting your time. Here I give you the email to send to set up the call. PLUS, exactly what to do on this call and what questions to ask. This puts you in control. No time is wasted. And you’ll come across as a knowledgeable professional.
  • Steal my professional documents and use as your own. You get my copywriting questionnaire, my consulting questionnaire, plus my proposals. And you’ll get a step by step breakdown of what I’m doing in each document and why I’m doing it. Every year I add something to my proposals that ensures I’m covered and I get paid. Every year I add to my copywriting questionnaire so I get the answers to write a promotion that sells. This I.P. is worth a fortune but you get it all inside the CLINIC.
  • Closing the deal. If you use my processes, closing the deal is easy. The prospect wants to get started and wants you. But I’ll also give you precise instructions and scripts on closing from stage, face to face, or over the phone. These are invaluable skills to possess and I’ll give you my hard won lessons and scripts to make it easy for you.

Frankly, I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s in store for you. But if I list everything here, we’ll be here all day.

However, this small glimpse should reassure you I haven’t left anything to chance. You’re getting all of my hard won lessons, processes and documents you need to handle clients in a professional manner and get paid handsomely for your services.

PLUS, you can stop wasting time on the TIME VAMPIRES and start dealing with qualified prospects and respectful clients.

And now let’s look at the last of the 3 parts…



  • How to maximise the income potential of every client you get. Once you flip your thinking from order-taker to strategist you WILL make a lot more money on every job you do. I give you the tools and templates to expand your thinking and take your income to a whole new profitable level.

Thank you Pete!

“Just wanted to thank you Pete for your awesome advice on structuring deals with my clients. I now expand and leverage every opportunity so I can easily double my fees. No more order taking for me.”

Lyndi MacRae – Brisbane, QLD

  • An extra profitable income stream you can easily add to your business. This one is extremely profitable but few copywriters even think about doing it. This really is extra money that’s just waiting there for you to scoop it up. I’ll show you how.
  • How to turn one time clients into raving fans and long term customers. Most copywriters do one job and then move on to another client; almost forgetting about the clients before. Not me. There’s a reason why 80% of my clients come back for more. And it’s not just because of the results I get them. It’s more involved than that. There is a process. A process I’ll gladly share with you.
  • Get PAID to prospect! How to create hot selling products people love to buy. Your best clients will come from those special people who buy your info-products. So you’re basically getting paid to prospect. I’ll show you what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to info-marketing… plus quick and easy products you can create to add a profitable income to your business. PLUS, I’ll take you through the profitable art of licensing your products for BIG pay days!

Okay, that’s just a small glimpse of part 3, INCOME BREAKTHROUGHS, but you get the idea.

Here’s an important point to keep in mind…

Most copywriters have one or two, or at best 3 income sources from their copy skills. I’ve got at least 8!

Can you imagine how this puts you in control? You’ll never have to be held to one client ever again! You’ll have many other clients and many other income streams to keep your coffers full.

I can’t tell you how much peace of mind this gives you.


Let’s back up a little bit here.

So that’s the main structure of the lessons inside the CLINIC…


But it doesn’t end there.

I’ve got plenty more wisdom and lessons to share with you.

Here’s a small sample of the smorgasbord of EXTRA lessons I have for you…

  • Habits of highly productive and prosperous writers
  • Confidence boosters that puts steel in your backbone
  • How to slay writer’s block once and for all
  • How to stay grounded and focused on the money when all around you folks are singing your praises
  • How to play a bigger game and elevate your thinking
  • Working fast and easy so you get more done in half the time
  • Outsourcing mundane jobs so your time is spent on the money jobs
  • What never to say on facebook… not only does this make you look like an amateur, it kills your positioning
  • Why saying no makes you more money… I give you plenty of real life lessons… see my mistakes and learn from them
  • How to ‘rig’ the game in your favour so you’re never competing with any other copywriter for the same job… you’re the only candidate!
  • Presenting your price so it’s accepted without delay
  • Why you don’t have to be an “A List” copywriter to make BIG money (frankly, I never even think in these terms and I’m definitely no “A Lister” … but… I’ve consistently made a good 6 figure income year in and year out since 2003… and I’m convinced you can do the same once you know how)
  • How to confidently control the conversation when talking with a prospect or client so you stay on track and stay in charge

PLUS much more!

How CA$H COPY CLINIC is structured and delivered

For many years I have offered high end masterminds, workshops, courses and trainings. So I know how to train in the most effective manner so my members get quick, long lasting results.

And the way I train is unique…

I give you lessons, then examples of lessons, then templates you can use as your own. This way, not only to you get the lessons, you get the examples so you can see the lessons in action, plus you get the templates of the examples so you can easily apply to your business.

And with the CLINIC, you get my one-on-one attention too.

So here are the details…

7 Weekly Training Modules: Each Friday you’ll get sent via email the module for that week. This is your core training. Some weeks you’ll also get bonus materials you can use as your own including: My client attraction lead magnets, my client handling emails, my proposals, my copywriting and consulting questionnaires, my scripts and so on. I encourage you to adapt these proven documents and use as your own. You have my full permission.

(STARTS Friday 2nd March 2017)

7 Weekly Training Calls: Each week you get a 30 minute call with me. This is NOT a group call. It’s just you and me for a full 30 minutes. Now while the training modules are set in stone and everyone gets the same modules; these calls are fluid. Meaning, they are adapted to suit each member. This way you get personal attention and we only focus on issues important and relevant to you.

Discovery Call: Once you register your spot, I’ll book you in for a 30 minute Discovery Call. This is where the fun begins. I’ll see where you are, where you want to be, what you want to concentrate on, and a few other important facts. This way, I get to know you and can adapt our calls to suit your needs and agenda.

Okay, to recap, each week for 7 weeks you get a new training module, plus, each week you get a one-on-one, personalised phone call with me. And, before the show begins we get together and plan out a personalised agenda for you.

As you can see, you’re getting it all. Everything you need to build a successful, sustainable and profitable copywriting business.

But it doesn’t end there.

We copywriters know the power of bonuses right? And we wouldn’t be seen dead not offering a few tantalising and tempting bonuses.

So I’m not going to disappoint you.

Here’s what you get FREE when you register for my upcoming CA$H COPY CLINIC…


17 Back Issues of my famous newsletter,
The Commercial Writing Letter
(Valued at $500.00)

A few years ago, I published a monthly paid and print newsletter called the Commercial Writing Letter (CWL). It targeted copywriters and was a smash hit with my subscribers. Each issue contains…

  • The Professional Writer’s Ethos. The professional writer’s attitudes to the craft that guarantees continued improvement and success.
  • This Writing Life. See the habits and thought process of professional writers that ensures you stay on top of your game.
  • The Persuasive Writing Process... and how to tap into its awesome powers...
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Persuasive Commercial Writing. Learn the key elements of good writing to make your prose shine...
  • How to Get Good Clients That Stay, Pay and Refer. See my process on handling clients and developing long term relationships with them... effectively maximising the value of every new client you get...
  • Productive Habits. See how to overcome procrastination and get more done than you ever thought possible...
  • How to write sizzling leads, middles and ends... discover the core structure of stories and prose that gives your writing an unmistakable professional finish...
  • And much, much more!

And each issue is broken down into 4 main segments…

    • Writer At Work
      The tips, techniques and strategies of persuasive writing
    • The Getting & Handling of Clients
      The art of getting and keeping clients
    • This Writing Life
      Daily habits and disciplines
    • This Month’s Examples
      Classic examples of persuasive writing

Now, at last, you can see what you missed out on!

You’ll get all 17 issues emailed to you in one PDF once you register.

Here’s what a couple of my subscribers said about CWL…

“Just reading the debut issue of your Commercial Writing Letter Pete.
Pornography for copywriters mate.”

Brian Cassingena – Funnel Copywriter at Mindvalley

“Pete just read your new newsletter really good mate. I am not a commercial writer, but as you know I am always writing for my business. I can't remember how much I paid for my subscription but I know it was ridiculously cheap. The formula you revealed in the first few pages has more than paid for subscription a few times. Looking forward to next issue cheers Matt.”

Matt Buchel – serial entrepreneur Gold Coast QLD


Cash Character Academy
How to Become The Super Hero Of Your Niche
(Valued at $1000.00)

There is no better gift I can give you for building your reputation and becoming the go-to guy or girl of your industry, than my Cash Character Academy Workshop Take Home Pack. This was a once-off, two-day, $2,500.00 event where I taught the audience the power of strategic stories to make them the super heroes of their industries.

This highly classified info…

  • Let’s you skip ahead of the pack… you’ll realise there is no ladder of success and even if there were, you don’t have to climb one rung at a time… in fact, get to the top in one giant leap!
  • Gives you the keys to charging top dollar… price resistance goes way down when you’re the natural expert in your field… lets you charge what you are really worth.
  • Builds a Tribe of loyal followers who’ll stay with you and keep buying for life… lets you develop a continual relationship with your Tribe of customers. Effectively turning one-time customers into lifelong members.
  • PLUS, Do business on your own terms only with people you want to deal with… let the lesser mortals fight over the petty customers, you get to choose exactly how you do business and who you do business with. When you’re the Guru, you automatically get a better and more respectful kind of customer.

In fact, not one in one hundred copywriters or entrepreneurs know these secrets. Secrets like...

  • Why it’s never been easier to become the leader in your field... especially if you know the 4 critical reasons why
  • The 8 leadership qualities that magnetically attract... includes the little-known Superman/ Kryptonite saga...and how, by admitting a flaw, makes you so much more likeable
  • How to build your tribe of raving fans... get clear on your 3 core objectives to really ramp up your tribe building efforts
  • 6 quick-fire steps to dominating your market... your road map to success
  • The rubber neck theory... 4 ways to create controversy... See how offending to attract actually works and why it’s so powerful in attracting high quality customers

And that was only the first morning of the first day... there’s so much more...

Here’s what’s coming your way…

You get the 220 PLUS page Workbook chock full of examples, templates and exercises.

You get the CDs of the full 2 days of the workshop.

You get the Bonus Workbook and CD: How to Turn One Time Customers Into Life Long Members.

This pack gets posted to your door as soon as you register.


Cash Characters was the turning point!

“The simple fact is Cash Characters was the turning point in my career. It gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to take my copy business to another level. The strategic story templates alone were worth the price of admission.”

Bret Thomson, Copywriter – Gold Coast QLD



Mastermind & Training Weekend
(Valued at $2,000.00)

If you’re looking for true BREAKTHROUGHS in your life, business, and finances, nothing beats taking part in a true and focused mastermind group. And that’s why I’m giving you a FREE ticket to take your place at one of these exclusive and prestigious events.

Let me explain…

Each year I host a couple of 2 day mastermind and training weekends here in Mackay. Folks travel from all over Australia to attend. Past attendees include, Mal Emery, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Bret Thomson and a swag of other great copywriters, bestselling author Andrea Drew, web maestro David Krauter, facebook ads experts Tamra Forde and many others.

Saturday is mastermind day where every attendee gets 30 -45 minutes spent on their business. If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think And Grow Rich” or even better, his book, “Laws Of Success”, you know the POWER of belonging to a mastermind.

Hill discovered this powerful force in his 20 year study of businessmen such as Carnegie, Edison, Ford, and Firestone to name just a few. These ultra-wealthy folks knew the supreme power of collective thoughts harnessed together to achieve a common goal. They knew the supreme power of masterminds.

So it’s no wonder many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs join mastermind groups. The breakthroughs can be staggering. By joining minds in the group, all focused on one person’s business, insights occur spontaneously that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise. One person’s question or comment sparks another’s, that sparks another’s, and ultimately brand new and unforeseen solutions, strategies and opportunities are ignited.

It really is an explosive atmosphere; one that has to be
experienced to be believed!

So there’s no doubt, belonging to the ‘right’ kind of ‘well-run’ mastermind group is a good thing to do. In fact, if true financial and business success is your goal, joining a mastermind group is a prerequisite.

Sunday morning is training time, where I present at least two unique and profitable presentations on copywriting, marketing and or sales.

By registering for the CLINIC you get to attend one of my Mastermind & Training Weekends FREE. I’m doing two in 2018 so you can choose which one suits your schedule best.
(Details and dates get sent to you once you register.)


CA$H COPY Webinar
(Valued at $500.00)

After our 7 week training is over, I’ll host a webinar exclusively for those inside the CLINIC. Here, I’ll answer any questions you may have. This way, everything will be clear and you’ll have a clear roadmap to follow to move forward with confidence and start building your successful copywriting business.


That’s a lot of bonuses.

As you can see, I’ve left nothing to chance. Each gift is designed so you get maximum value and maximum results. All up, you get $4,000.00 worth of very real, very profitable FREE GIFTS when you register.

Which leads me to the question that’s probably on your mind right now…

How Much is This Going to Cost?

I prefer to use the word investment. Because that’s what you’re doing when you register today for this unique and very valuable training. You’re investing in yourself. In your future. In your business.

And when you think about what this training is all about, when you think about all the one-on-one attention you’re going to get, when you see all of the bonuses, you may start thinking this will be expensive.

But you’ve got to ask yourself…

Expensive compared to what?

Compared to doing nothing it’s not expensive at all. You can keep doing what you’re doing now and hope in a few years things will get better. That’s your choice. But why wait? Why let others get this exclusive, business-building training while you miss out?

Another point I want to make…

If I was training you in copywriting, the starting investment for this kinda training would be at least $7,000.00.

• My Apprentice program cost $15,000.00.

• My Copywriting Intensives (3 day training) cost $6,000.00.

• And my Last Ever Copywriting & Masterclass 3 day training was $7,000.00 and that was way back in 2008.

So surely, this new training should cost at least $7,000.00.

And when you consider all you need to do is get one new client, or expand the job of one client to recoup your investment… $7,000.00 would be a bargain.

But you know what?

I’m not greedy.

And frankly, this subject is close to my heart. I’m sick of seeing good people, good copywriters struggle with their business. Struggle to money good money. Worrying about their next job. Appeasing bullshit clients because they need the money.

And I’m determined to put a stop to this despicable situation!

So I’ve kept the price down as much as I could.

You have 2 choices…

Your investment to register for my upcoming CA$H COPY CLINIC, plus the 4 FREE Bonuses worth $4,000.00 is…

SAVE $501
Invest Only $3,000

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

3 Monthly payments of $1,167
(total $3,501)

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

But let’s get realistic here.

The real question is not how much... but... do you trust me to deliver?

Do you really think I can deliver on my promises?

You see, you’re not buying a ticket here to some seminar. What you are buying is me and my narrowly defined objective and laser-like clarity to turn your copywriting business into a sustainable, successful and profitable business.

If you believe that I can do this... then... you need to jump on this quick because spots are strictly limited. (Because of the personal, one-on-one attention each member gets, I must limit the amount of folks I can help. After all, there is only one of me and my main job is still writing copy for clients.)

I’m in!

“If you’re a copywriter or even a coach/consultant and you’re thinking about Pete’s new CA$H COPY CLINIC my advice is just do it. I’ve been to Pete’s masterminds. I’ve invested in his high end apprentice program. And every time I invest with Pete I make more money. So I jumped on this new training. I didn’t need a sales letter. I just rang him and told him I wanted in on this. I can’t wait for this new chapter to begin.”

Eve John – Melbourne VIC


The other question you need to answer is...

Do you have enough confidence in yourself to invest in yourself?

Look, while others are sticking their heads in the sand, frightened of shadows, fearful of the future, investing now in this training takes some serious self-confidence.

Fact is, if you had any doubt on my ability to deliver you wouldn’t have read this far. So whether or not you register comes down to your level of commitment, your level of determination to possess my business building secrets, documents and processes.

So this decision is about you, not me. Not price. Not timing. Not the fact you have to commit to this important subject. It’s about you.

And just think about this for a second...

Putting yourself on the spot right now and accepting your place at my CA$H COPY CLINIC represents in itself a major step forward and upward. Let the commitment made with your decision to register change your thinking right now on what’s possible... and... realise the power you now hold to change your future for the better with one bold move.

I know I can impact your life in such a positive, life changing way.

Question remains:

Will you let me do it?

And remember, you don’t have to travel, book hotel rooms, and be away from home. This training comes to you. Over 7 weeks, you’ll get 7 training modules on how to turn your copy skills into a real, thriving and profitable business. And you get 7 one-on-one calls with me. And we’ll even have a discovery call before this training begins so we’re real clear on your objectives.

So What Happens Next?

If you believe this is for you…

If you truly want to build a thriving copy business and get all of my shortcuts, lessons, processes, documents and one-one-one help, then simply choose your payment option below.

SAVE $501
Invest Only $3,000

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

3 Monthly payments of $1,167
(total $3,501)

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

I’ll then send you an email with all the details and the bonuses will get shipped your way so you can get started on your journey.

And remember, this training kicks off on Friday 2nd March 2018 with your first training module. But we’ll speak before then on your Discovery Call.

However, do not delay your decision.

And no, that is not false urgency to get you to order now, not later.

It’s absolutely true.

Because of the personal, one-on-one attention each member gets, I must limit the amount of folks I can help. After all, there is only one of me and my main job is still writing copy for clients.

SAVE $501
Invest Only $3,000

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

3 Monthly payments of $1,167
(total $3,501)

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

Are You Serious About Building a Successful, Thriving & Profitable Copywriting Business?

If so, registering for my CA$H COPY CLINIC should be an easy decision.

I’m giving you the blueprint to building a solid 6-figure copywriting business.

A business where…

  • Clients seek you out
  • Clients keep coming back
  • Your skills are respected
  • Your fees are unquestioned
  • Your skills are leveraged into many income sources

If you’re not making the kind of income you deserve… and… you’re sick and tired of competing on price and putting up with cheap clients and you want to make some REAL money for a change…

If you find yourself still chasing clients, sweating on getting paid, and putting up with less than ideal clients…

Then the time to act is now!

SAVE $501
Invest Only $3,000

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

3 Monthly payments of $1,167
(total $3,501)

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

Step Into a World Few Copywriters Even Know Exists

From your very first Training Module you’ll realise you’ve stepped into a new world of possibilities. You’ll see how you really can do business on your own terms, get clients at will, charge more for your services, and position yourself as a respected authority.

Many copywriters play small.

They are happy to live small.

Happy to get a few jobs.

And that’s okay. That’s their choice.

But I’m figuring you’re different than that!

You know deep down you can do more, be more and make more.

And you realise getting better and better at copy doesn’t ensure you make more money.

The key to turning your copy skills into a predictable, profitable income is to build a real business.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do inside the CLINIC.

Claim your spot now while there’s still time.

SAVE $501
Invest Only $3,000

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

3 Monthly payments of $1,167
(total $3,501)

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you on board.

I’m looking forward to coaching you on your journey and giving you my hard won secrets on building a better, more rewarding, and absolutely profitable copywriting business.

See you on the inside.


Pete Godfrey
Wizard of Words
Copywriter & Sales Strategist

P.S. Don’t forget, when you register I’m gifting you $4,000.00 worth of FREE Bonus Gifts.

You get…


17 Back Issues of my famous newsletter,
The Commercial Writing Letter
(Valued at $500.00)


CA$H Character Academy
How To Become The Superhero of Your Niche

(Valued at $1,00.00)


Mastermind & Training Weekend
(Valued at $2,000.00)


CA$H COPY Webinar
(Valued at $500.00)


P.P.S. If you’re happy making a part-time income from your copy skills that’s okay. But this group is not for you. I’m looking for folks who want to excel. Who want to succeed. Who will work with me to make sure this happens.

If this is you, well done.

I’m here for you.

And I can’t wait to get started with you.

You’re just moments away from securing a better and more rewarding future… a better and more profitable business.

SAVE $501
Invest Only $3,000

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

3 Monthly payments of $1,167
(total $3,501)

NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars.

Registration closes 11am Wednesday 28th February