The Congruency Conspiracy

The Congruency Conspiracy

by Pete Godfrey · 2 comments

The Congruency Conspiracy

Have you ever seen an overweight Personal Trainer? I have. And I’ve sat through health advice from a doctor who smoked.

I still remember a married pair of very successful authors, each with multiple divorces under their belts and now divorced from each other, whose speciality was dispensing relationship advice to couples.


Of course!

But is their advice invalid? Just because they do not practice what they preach, does this make their advice flawed?

Which leads to this question…

Is their advice still worthy of your attention?

I believe in many cases, the advice is still sound.

Take the overweight Personal Trainer for example. Sure he’s carrying around a spare tyre around his belly, and yes, I admit it, he has grown another chin, but… he still knows a lot about getting in shape. He knows exactly what to do, and just because he doesn’t do it, his advice to his clients is still valid.

So the reality is…

There are many folks giving advice who don’t actually do what they say…

But there is another group of advice-givers… those special people who actually LIVE their advice… and in many cases… they have built their lives around the thing they teach. What they teach is the corner stone of their lives. They live it, breathe it, and their passion is infectious.

Take my good friends Hayden Keys and Frances Bueno who run their Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre in Sydney. These guys radiate health. They cook healthy, eat healthy, and live healthy. Their patients can see this… so both Hayden and Frances are living examples of one of the most powerful ingredients in selling which is the…

Dramatic Demonstration!

Same with clients and friends Tamra and Ben Forde. These guys help Personal Trainers and gym owners get more clients and live better business lives. Plus, they’re also putting out their own fitness DVDs targeting consumers. Both of them are fit. Healthy. Strong. And they’ve built their lives around their passion for fitness and training.

So which group inspires more confidence?

It’s an easy answer right?

But getting back to my original point.

People can succeed as role models and advice-givers without being congruent to their teachings. There are too many examples to deny this undisputable fact.

However, when you can walk your walk and talk your talk, not only will you sleep better each night with a clear-conscience… your target market will feel your passion, and you will become a magnetic walking and talking dramatic demonstration for your business.

Love to hear your thoughts on this right here in the comments below.



POST SCRIPT: Of course, there is a third group of advice-givers. These are the ones who not only do not do what they teach, but what they teach is flawed and maybe even harmful. Think cult leaders. Sadly, they are out there and can be hard to pick. And if you do come across one, think of this person as you would think of a snake and act appropriately.

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Josh Oakey April 16, 2015 at 3:07 pm

Hey Pete,

Great article.

I cracked up when your email came through with the subject line “The fat doctor who smokes” – because I knew exactly what you were talking about before even reading your blog.

About 12 months ago I made the conscious decision to only follow the “gurus”, who firstly gave great content, and secondly to those that I could trust.

No I hadn’t met all of them personally, but I knew their story. I knew that what they were teaching what they believed in AND more importantly they practiced what they preached.

Thanks Pete, for justifying my reasoning.

All the best!



Pete Godfrey April 16, 2015 at 3:14 pm

Ha ha… great stuff Josh… and yeah, got a few emails back saying they loved the old subject line.

cheers Pete


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