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Opportunities Are Everywhere

by Pete Godfrey · 11 comments

Opportunities Are Everywhere

I remember reading that line in a book back in the mid nineties when I was still out of control and beating my head against a wall.

I won’t repeat my reaction here… let’s just say I thought it was fine for this rich guy to say that, but what about me?

Anyway, it wasn’t until I changed my attitude that I realised just how true those words really were.

These days, it’s become a mantra for me; deeply ingrained… I couldn’t live any other way. I’m switched on to opportunities; like a bloodhound on the scent of an escaped prisoner, I hunt down opportunities with a determination bordering on obsession, the thrill of the hunt edging me on and pushing me forward.

So what about you? Are you alert for opportunities? Is your mind flipped to this way of thinking? Well here’s something that will help, no matter where you stand.

Here’s something BIG that could be worth a fortune to you and it’s only through experience that you get this knowledge… they don’t tell you about this stuff in books or on facebook.

Listen up: In business, when you keep your eyes opened and keep your eyes on the numbers, you may get two breakthroughs.

  1. Media
  2. Market

Media example: I have a client in Sydney specialising in children’s behavioural problems. Advertising is expensive and we were looking for a media breakthrough. We found Sydney’s Child magazine and this has been a big breakthrough for her, effectively slashing her advertising rates while honing in on a captive, targeted and highly motivated audience.

Market examples: Okay, here are a few market examples to get you thinking like a marketer, thinking like an opportunity-focused entrepreneur.

1: A client of Dan Kennedy’s offers Russian Brides to American men. After painstakingly going through his client list he realised many of his clients were long-haul truck drivers. Think about this! How can he use this information? Can you see what a goldmine this is for him?

2: I’ve got a client in the beauty industry and upon heavy questioning from me, he realised there is a subsection of his clientele that just laps up his services. I can’t give it away here what that subsection is… however; to get this lesson you don’t need to know. Just think about how important this is to him and his marketing. He can now actively seek these women out and make targeted, emotional offers to them with pinpoint accuracy, hitting the hot buttons that are already stirring inside this market.

3: I’ve recently come across a great market for my copywriting training. And if I wasn’t so busy, I’d target them now. (It’s on my to-do list.) The only way I discovered this was by keeping an eye on my members and customers, who they were, what they did for a crust. It’s why I take care of all my white mail even though some days this takes 30 or more minutes… I wanna know what’s going on, what’s being said.


This is GOLD.

This forces you to think like a marketer!

Look, I thoroughly believe for any product or services there is a passionate subsection of your market, a sweet-spot that when found and targeted can open the cash flow floodgates. So might pay to back up a little, read the above again and think about your own business. What media and market breakthroughs aren’t you capitalising on?

Here’s another BIG POINT: A lot of times, we can get myopic, our money making antennas are only raised for opportunities inside our own niche. But opportunities are everywhere… that’s why you’ve got to always be awake, keep your eyes and ears opened. Back in my working days, I used to get all of my jobs from the pub. I’d be there drinking, but also keeping my ears opened for job opportunities. And basically, nothing has really changed… I still hear about some good deals over a beer or two.

SIDE NOTE: A BIG lesson I got by working with a very savvy client is always try to maximise your winners. Analyse your winners and see why they are working.

According to my client, the two BIG areas to look to for improvement and what you should be looking for are…

  1. Media breakthrough
  2. Copy breakthrough

Love to hear your thoughts on this article… and I trust you can see the value of what I’ve revealed. See you next time, cheers Pete.

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Konrad October 24, 2011 at 12:04 pm

WOW ! ” This Pete Godfrey Dude knows how to fish” The Hook ! The Hook ! it’s in my Gob, I have been on this massive greased Slippery Slide ! for a while now ! Every dam thing I read about copywriting in books etc he knows, I think “That’s a goody I’ll keep that one for later” and blow me down he goes and lets the cat out the bag, talk about people getting inside your head. But HEYYYYYYYYYYYY That’s why He’s so dam good at it.
Awesome post about Opportunities Pete, Thanks for the impression you are making and the guidance to see the opportunity for me.
Tight Lines Mate ! Konrad


Pete Godfrey October 25, 2011 at 2:45 pm

Konrad, it’s a pleasure to know that you and others like you appreciate my words on this blog. Without you (and others) I’d be like that big old damn tree in the forest that falls and no one hears it.

So cheers to you.

Also, if you enjoy the blog, you’d absolutely LOVE my monthly printed newsletter. When you are ready Konrad, I suggest you go here and grab a subscription. Without doubt it will be the best and most affordable investment you will ever make.


john October 24, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Love that article. Find where the fish are swimming in mass quantities and even if you’re bait is average – which if you’re a student of the Wizard of words it won’t be – you’ll still come home with a full net. You’re the man Pete. There’s the Marrneyy!


Pete Godfrey October 25, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Hey John! Great catching up last week at the Conference, your product launch talk blew everyone away.

And yes, get the full net, but inside the net, there are different kinds of fish…and… some of those fish are so much sweeter than the rest. It’s then that we attract them with special bait just for them and them alone…


Gary October 24, 2011 at 12:57 pm

So, what fantastic opportunities are being presented today, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations? That has become my base position over the last couple of years and after reading your blog Pete, it came to mind again.


Pete Godfrey October 25, 2011 at 2:52 pm

On a broader note as you suggest, yes Gary, so much opportunity… but on a marketing note, on a copy note, what I revealed in this blog post is what I get paid 6K a day to do… to hunt down the hidden opportunities in a client’s business and maximise their potential. Finding hot sub-sections in the client’s tribe is just one of them… and I may reveal more in future posts.

For now, enjoy your journey mate… I can see the changes in you altready…and… when I pulled your name and Sandy’s name out of the hat the other day to win dinner with Ted Nicholas, I think I was as happy as you guys. Cheers!


Gary November 1, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Happy! Seriously mate, delerious comes to mind. And Sandy was speechless for well over an hour. Before dinner we rang her dad to tell him the good news and as she started to speak she was overcome with emotion and handed me the phone.

I truly feel sorry for the “could a been but didn’t” people who showed interest in the Masters of Conversion Super Conference but found other more important things to do. The wealth of knowledge just walking around the room was unrivalled in my lifetime and the content from the stage was staggering!!!

I know this seems over the top but it really only hints at what we all experienced. And for us, dinner with Ted and the other presenters was one out of the box. great memories, massive revelations and possibly one of the best launch pads I have ever had. The momentum we left with is still snowballing more than two weeks later.

How’s this for amazing. I picked up web copy for a uniform company in Sydney, web copy, report and email sequence for an Eco Friendly home company and wrote a new clutch for my car into being in the first 4 days after the conference. All out of thin air. The total value would be about $3500. Working on realising the value as I write this. Now that is momentum. Best damn week I’ve had copywriting so far.

OK, Off my soapbox now. I didn’t do a video testimonial at MOC because I was so busy networking and connecting. So there’s a little emotionally charged testimonial you can use for up coming events.

Big thanks to you guys for being open and accessible to us.


Dean Kennedy October 24, 2011 at 1:01 pm

The “market” breakthrough is a great one. For me it started with one client — and is now 210 similar clients — we can laser-target this sub-niche of clients (and even segment within it) … makes our marketing often 8-to-1 ROI or higher and removes all the waste. That’s a great insight Pete and very very profitable advice!


Pete Godfrey October 25, 2011 at 2:53 pm

You’ve always been an implementor Dean… that’s why you are so successful!


Leah October 24, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Mmm yes, thanks for the reminder – exactly what I need to do…


Pete Godfrey October 25, 2011 at 2:53 pm

No worries Leah


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