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And some say short headlines don’t work.

The headline above ran successfully for years in many different publications. Just goes to show the right word CAN and DOES get attention.

I mean, if you were suffering from haemorrhoids and you saw that headline, chances are, you’d stop what you were doing and pay attention wouldn’t ya?

So don’t buy into any of the dogma about headlines and how they have to be a certain length. The important thing is to get your headline right, so it gets attention and compels the reader to read the rest of your ad. BIGGER isn’t always better ya know…

Okay, now that you’ve got haemorrhoids on the brain, let’s shift gears…

It’s amusing and scary how little people know about things concerning them; how little they invest to educate themselves on subjects that would ultimately enrich their lives. It reminds me of a conversation with a woman the other day who is about to launch a coaching group for a certain business niche. Out of genuine curiosity, I asked about who she studies; who are her mentors?

By the way, this is a question I ask all of my colleagues; I wanna know if I’m missing something, I wanna know if there’s something I should be reading. And because I surround myself with a diverse and sharp-minded group of people, I usually get a couple of recommendations… and if they sell me on it, giving me good reasons why I should get it, usually I’ll go and order the book or course or whatever it is; waiting for the box to arrive like a 7 year-old kid on Xmas Eve.

Anyway, I was surprised by the limited number of people this “Coach” could name.

V-E-R-Y surprised to hear Dan Kennedy isn’t one of them… seeing as Kennedy practically invented the group coaching model many moons ago, you’d think maybe, just maybe, she might wanna see how to do the whole coaching thing right.

And I was slightly amused she doesn’t get my newsletter and therefore does NOT get the accumulated wisdom of ten years of in-the-trenches-work, and a dozen years of continuous study and thorough immersion.

But really, on reflection, I wasn’t really that surprised.

Many folks do just enough to be dangerous.

And that’s okay if they just hurt themselves. Trouble is, you don’t want to be the one following their advice.

The lessons here are obvious…

One, school is never out for the pro. I’ve seen too many “I’m too smart for the room” folks fall on their own swords over the years, right up to the very end blissfully ignorant of their own short comings, believing their own PR, incredulous when the shit hits the fan and their house of cards come tumbling down.

It’s important for us as entrepreneurs to seek out the right kinds of information, the right kinds of advice; and be forever child-like in our appreciation for change, for new information, for growth.

After all, you do NOT want to know just enough to be dangerous; that’s dangerous for you and your long-term wealth accumulation, but also dangerous to those who hang around you.

Two, be very careful on who you follow, who is giving you advice. Frankly, I don’t pay much attention to those who “teach” but do not “do”. And I find it hard to listen to the instant online Gurus who have had one success with one particular technique and who now sell their “experience” to gullible folks looking for the magic pill.

I want to know those I study are doing what they teach… and have been doing it for a lot of years.

Sustained success is what I’m looking for. Not a flash in the pan; but genuine longevity in the field they teach.

It’s the same in sports; take football as an example. Every year you get the new star; a bright light that for one brief seasons eclipses even the most powerful and well-known stars. But the next season they are injured, or off their game, and they struggle to get back to the top.

It’s the same in any field of endeavour.

Folks come and go.

True pros sustain their success over many years.

So the guy’s and girls I study are doing what they are teaching and they’ve been doing it for a lot of years. That’s where I get my info; that’s who I spend my money on.

What about you?

Love you to hear your thoughts on this… Cheers, Pete

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Michael Ratner June 24, 2011 at 12:18 pm

Hi Pete
Worth reading. It relates to your comments about experts. I do mention companies but it’s all true. This went into ACT Fanatics User Group in response to a suggestion we use experts…..
By the way Mike here’s the problem. Too many people think they are experts. I’ve spent my share with wankers only because they knew slightly more than I did which was two fifths of nothing. Maybe we need a list of ACCS you also wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. I can contribute. I’ll even put in my solictors details in case they wish to sue me.
and below is part of an email I sent to a member of my management team…

Yep I might be Mr. Nice Guy to some but I am really sick of being Mr. Nice Guy when I’m being taken advantage of.
From now on any deals, I draw the contract. You better know where you stand before work begins. I certainly am not going to take advantage of anyone…. Don’t think ever have but tell you what, there will be more clauses in the contract they haven’t even thought about that they will have to think about before we sign. That includes car dealers, floor sanders, phone companies…. Do you want a list…..
How come perennial suppliers—-shelving, our fork lift, our printer, our computers, our transport both in and out, our catalogue printing, our designing, our web hosting, our Act consultants, Travelex, Peoples Telecom, IInet… we have a long term great relationship with these and yet……. keep going and look who thinks we are dickheads

Act Today Josh
Try Doug
All Banks

There are more, it will be interesting but note the service and bullshit we put up with on the dickhead list and note the relationship we have with the professionals.
Not sure where to put Fred’s name. Amazing how while people are putting their hands in your pockets at a time to suit themselves, everything is ok but the minute you actually ask for some value or service in return you are reduced to begging.




Kurt Johansen June 24, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Touche Pete. I am a believer ‘Success’ only comes before ‘Work’ in the dictionary. Sure, some people stumble across success but for how long. I remember, because I am that old, Boz Scaggs coming to Australia around 1977. His number ONE album at the time was Silk Degrees. Australians had never heard of Boz Scaggs until Silk Degrees was released. At his concert at Memorial Drive in Adelaide he proudly announced how grateful he was that Australians liked his new album – the 7th one he had released. My friends and I said, “What???” I thought he had just started. No it seemed even the great Boz Scaggs took more than 10 years of plying his trade until Australians fell in love with him. Your blog post is so relevant – follow those that ply their trade. These people are the ones to fall in love with. Cheers Kurt


Konrad June 24, 2011 at 12:46 pm

Brilliant post Pete,it’s all about the results that your mentor is producing in his own life/business and what they share with others.It’s Awesome the way you communicate these messages to us. I am absorbing everything I can find about Dan Kennedy, books/videos etc, by what I see of Dans material it almost makes me believe that Pete has taught Dan.
I guess Pete I could sum it all up as “A good student makes a good teacher,a good teacher never stops being a good student.”
Cheers Konrad


John Anderson June 24, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Hey Pete,

Great post. As you’d know your friend Ted Nicholas said he’d never had a blockbuster headline under 17 words!

Now obviously you can do longer than that and still rake in the dollars.

But it points to the power of the man that he’s been able to get his ‘big idea’ into a headline of17 words or less – for all the Billions of dollars of sales that he’s created.

There truly is power in simplicity and succintness – just takes more time and effort though! (Oh no – hard work! 🙂

(Cannot wait to hear the man himself speak at the Masters of Conversion Conference’)

Regarding, the lady starting a group coaching group without any reading of Dan Kennedy – yes this lack of self education in the RIGHT areas is a fascinating topic – completely agree.

Folks ‘kid themselves’. They say they want business success, or wealth or whatever…But then don’t invest the time into studying the materials that will OBVIOUSLY bring that to them.

Case in point: If you’re a business owner who wants more sales…you’d be stark raving mad not to come to a conference to learn the PROVEN secrets of conversion experts who’ve created over $100 Million in sales.

Why? Because in a business…Conversion is where the money is.

Yet another reason I can’t wait for the Masters of Conversion Conference.

Talk soon,



Rachel June 24, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Hi Pete

“I want to know those I study are doing what they teach… and have been doing it for a lot of years”

Have you read MJ DeMarco’s book The Millionaire Fastlane? It’s a great read – one of the things he talks about is the Lamborghini Factor (ie did that wealth creation guru buy their Lamborghini from doing what they teach – or from selling books & DVD’s?)


gordon June 24, 2011 at 3:21 pm

There are a s%#t load of people out there providing advice or selling something that they havn’t practiced enough themselves. It’s more convenient for them to sell than to practice over and over beforehand.

The problem is the Quality of the advice….for those who cant ‘see’ with clarity, it can be dangerous, confusing and costly to them – if it sets them back they will lose faith on the ones that are doing the right thing.

I was recently listening to a telephone recording with a master coach and 8 aspiring coaches, most sounded like they were having a go because they wanted to help people, which is fine – but all I kept thinking was you guys need to HELP YOURSELF FIRST, it was hilarious, credit to them for trying 🙂



Monika Mundell June 24, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Another slammer of a post Pete. Well “said.” I finished a great book yesterday that has been around for some time, yet I never heard about it before: “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S. Sharma. In the book Robin writes: “The teacher appears when the student is ready.”

This is so true and has worked well for me all my life.

Why listen to the newbie when you can be taught by the master?

Speaking of which… where’s my newsletter? I’m giddy with anticipation about your June issue. I actually ran to my letterbox this morning hoping it had arrived after my latest trip, but no luck as yet. 🙁

I hope I haven’t missed it due to my travels.


Christina June 28, 2011 at 12:32 am

The 4th edition of Tested advertising methods by John Caples is one ripper of a book that I really love 🙂 I say fourth edition because that is the last one that John Caples himself worked on and edited. After that some other editor took over and destroyed half of the good ad examples that John Caples himself had put in, by taking a lot of the old original ads out and putting newer ads in . His most famous book was of course tested advertising methods, but another one of his books that is rarer but great is called “Making ads pay” I love that book! I’ve seen it go for up to a thousand bucks online, but you can get it cheap on amazon and ebay sometimes.

PS- if you want a one word headline that will get a girls attention, I know just what it is: Chocolate?


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