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Your Customers. Make `em an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

by Pete Godfrey · 3 comments

Your Customers. Make `em an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

No, I’m not talking about doin’ a Godfather and leaving a severed horse’s head in your customers’ beds.

I mean, that would be silly and damn disgusting right?

The big thing you MUST understand is the most valuable asset your business has are your customers and the relationship you have with them. Also understand they will buy more from you if you just make more offers.

As I keep saying in my newsletter:

Make More Offers, More Often!

So make this a priority.

Contact your customers.

Make an offer.

And I’m not talking about discounting either. Just the thought of the word ‘discount’ makes me feel ill.

You can add value in other ways.

Think about this! This is where your focus should be!

What else can you offer them?

What other problems can you solve?

This is where the money is so get busy on this.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.



PS. Also, let your customers know everything you offer because if you don’t tell them, there’s a good chance they won’t know.

Case in point: I had a printer for years doing my fulfilment. I didn’t know he could do my Direct Mail either until he brought the subject up.

Fact is, I had spent ten of thousand of dollars on Direct Mail before his revelation. All this money he missed out on. So let your customers know all the good things you provide.

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