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Who Controls Your Day?

by Pete Godfrey · 14 comments

Who Controls Your Day?

Now that’s a damn good question isn’t it? Who controls your day? Makes you think.

  • Is it your customers?
  • Your lover?
  • Your kids?
  • Spouse?
  • Any random fool with a laptop or smart phone who wants to throw a question your way?
  • Who?

Or do you control your day and make others work around you?

Frankly, I’m bemused with people
who let others control them.

Personally, every day I fight for autonomy, I fight for my freedom, and I fight for my time to do my work and not be derailed by someone else’s emergency.  I guard my time like a stubborn bulldog that refuses to budge. If I didn’t, I’d get sidetracked, unfocused, and my work wouldn’t get done.

That’s not going to happen.

Let’s face it. We live in exciting times right? So many more media options are available to us. So many more buying situations. As entrepreneurs, we make sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether we’re stuck at the office or chilling out at the beach, the orders keep coming in. I can’t complain about that.

 But with all the conversations going on around us
we can’t let ourselves get caught up in
all the noise and all of the clutter.

As entrepreneurs, it takes a Herculean effort on our behalf to keep focused on what’s important and not succumb to the endless chatter; not give in to juvenile peer-pressure which dictates you do it because everyone else is doing it.

It takes courage to stand your ground against the torrent.

But I believe with every cell in my body that controlling your day is THE key to your success; whatever ‘success’ means to you.

Who controls your day, holds the cards to your future; it’s that simple.

As marketers, we get bombarded with incoming data. Bam, bam, bam; every day the bombing continues. As you can imagine, with this whole instant access world of ours I get many questions thrown my way.

So I set aside a time each day to sort it all out and respond.

… they get first priority. They’ve paid for the privilege.

Enquires of products or my services get handed on to my wife Elita for follow up.

Same with folks booking in calls with me, Elita takes care of them. (By the way, all of my calls are booked on a Wednesday. I take them one after another for hours on end. If someone is 5 minutes late for their 30-minute call well too bad, I’ve got someone else on the line in 25 minutes so let’s get busy. The rest of the week I take few calls and they are usually from paying clients.)

All the rest of this incoming data can wait.

Some don’t get answered at all.

If that seems harsh, continue reading.

Here’s what annoys me…

Many questions sent my way could have been easily answered
by doing just a little bit of homework.

Just a smidgen of thinking would have saved them from firing their questions my way.

Instead, every time some folks have a brain-fart, the whole world’s gotta know about it including me.

I don’t mind answering questions from folks who give me money, or from folks who are polite and interested and they’ve just got a question for me, but the ill-conceived and childish questions I get from prospects is a pet peeve of mine… especially when you know this person EXPECTS an answer! Here’s a recent enquiry I received.

NOTE: * Letters have been used to replace names in the correspondence below. I did this is to protect the innocent parties mentioned, not to protect this ignorant fool.

“My name’s *XY. I’m a copywriter. I love it. It’s so easy for me. Anyway got a question for you. I saw you speaking at *XYZ gig, didn’t buy your pack because I bought *X’s pack, but I remembered you mentioning a book we should get. The one on headlines? With me? You said it was important. Just let me know what it is and I’ll grab it. Also, what other books should I buy?”

Most times I don’t even reply. But, what the hell, sometimes I’m in one of my moods and I wanna amuse myself. Here’s my reply.

“Hi *XY, great to hear from you. I must say, I envy the way copywriting is so easy for you. For me, I agonise over every word, every phrase, so it’s good to hear from someone who makes it easy. Well done! As for the book, yes, I remember the one. In fact, I have it next to me right now where I just found a headline template I’ll remodel for a client. It’s a beauty and I’m sure it’ll be a winner. Anyway XY, there are many other books you should get as well as this one. A complete list is contained in my Copywriting Pack that I sold at the XYZ gig. All the best XY, cheers Pete.”

Okay, yeah I know I’m childish sometimes but I can live with it. Point is, this guy didn’t even think when he sent this email.

How many blunders can you see?

Instead of bonding with me, he alienated me. Not only that, you can feel an answer is expected.

As I said before, most times I do not reply to such drivel. I spend my time doing my stuff; stuff that’s been booked in days before. I will not be sidetracked. Fact is…

  • You can control your own day
  • You can train people to do business the way you want to
  • You can make yourself the centre of a universe you create.

Love to hear your thoughts on this… and yes, I’ve blocked off time to answer each comment.

But seriously, I would love to hear how you deal with incoming data and what you do to protect your productive time.

Speak soon… Pete


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