Who is Pete Godfrey?

7 Insanely Profitable Reasons why YOU should listen to my advice

NOTE: Please understand all of the following is not meant to be read as one big bragging session. When you get to know me, you’ll realize I’m a pretty unassuming kinda guy. The following info is for your information, so you know who you are dealing with. These days, you’ve got every right to feel skeptical. The info below lets you know I’m the real deal and I’ve got your best interest at heart.

REASON #1: I’m a full time copywriter and marketing consultant who has honed his skills for the past 10 years on the frontlines of Direct Response Marketing. I’ve spent well over $150,000 on my education and I spend at least $20,000 a year to stay current. I subscribe to several expensive copywriting and marketing newsletters that are delivered each month to my door.

  • I also subscribe to two leading copywriting and marketing membership sites.
  • I’m also BIG on coaching groups. That’s why I started my own Godfrey Mastermind Group a few years ago and why I started my $29,995 per person Private Wealth Group.
  • I’ve shared the stage with legends like Mal Emery, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Pat Mesiti, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Andrew and Daryl Grant, Rick Otton, Paul Blackburn, Brett McFall, Bill Zheng and many more! Fact is, you can’t share the stage with the likes of these guys if you do not know your stuff!
  • I also run a small, exclusive coaching group called my Private Wealth Group, limited to 8 entrepreneurs. Each Member invests $29,995 a year to take their seat at this prestigious table. They wouldn’t invest this money if they didn’t believe I had the goods to deliver.
  • I’ve personally trained many of Australia’s new crop of copywriters and marketers including Bret Thomson, Dean Kennedy, Bill Dimitrovski, Kevin Francis, Dana Steddy, Denva Emery, Malissa Isted, Angela Smith and many, many others.

I’m a perpetual student! And my knowledge is deep!

I never STOP reading, devouring and applying this information. As for Amazon, well, they see me coming! I must be their best damn customer! The point is, I’m constantly learning and honing my skills to a razor’s edge so my clients and members get outrageous results for their money. I work with the best marketers on the planet and my experience has taught me what works and what doesn’t… and what’s the best way to approach each different promotion. This info is priceless and nothing counts more than experience with PROVEN results on the board.

If you think I’m obsessive, you’re damn right! This information has taken me from knock-about rebel to riches. From blind clueless wanderer to ultimate dedicated professional… it can easily transform your life too!”

REASON #2: My client list includes a “Who’s Who” of marketers and entrepreneurs from around Australia and overseas. Mal Emery, Daryl & Andrew Grant, Paul Blackburn, Bill Zheng, Pat Mesiti, Scott Finlay, are just a few of the many successful clients on my list. My days are full… and I’m often booked out many months in advance and rarely accept new clients. (They get referred to my small list of protégés I have personally trained.) In fact, because of the great demand for my services, clients who wish to use my services must get on my Priority Waiting List for their jobs to even be considered. (Shortly, clients will pay for this privilege.)

“He’s Australia’s best and highest paid copywriter,” says Mal Emery while recently talking to Joe Sugarman.

“We only want the best for our members, that’s why we send them to Pete,” says Daryl and Andrew Grant.

REASON #3: I believe you should never trust a copywriter or marketer who hasn’t spent his own money on his own ads and who understands what it’s like to plonk down a whole heap of advertising dollars out of his own pocket. I started what we used to call a Mail Order business back in 1999 that continues today. I’ve had my own successes, my own failures; I have tested ads in the real world with my own money so I know what it’s like to be sitting around waiting for the results. Through expensive testing and measuring I’ve honed my skills in the real world, with my own money.

REASON #4: I put lifestyle and family at the top of my priorities. I live in the Whitsundays in a little town of 100,000 people called Mackay in North Queensland Australia. Even though I’m away up to 60 days a year through copy, speaking and consulting commitments, that still gives me over 300 days in paradise. I work from home and rarely do more than 5 or 6 hours a day.

And because I work fast, I pump out more copy in a week than most copywriters do in a month. This way, when my kids get home from school at 3 o’clock, that’s it … we’re in our pool in the back yard laughing and just generally goofing off. My skills as a copywriter give me the freedom to do as I please. It could give YOU this freedom too!

REASON # 5: Copywriting is the most valuable skill you can ever learn. My mate and mentor Mal Emery says it’s the most profitable skill he has ever mastered. Dan Kennedy says the same. And it can be taught, that’s the good news. I was a knock-about labourer going from one town to the next like a gypsy nomad for over 20 odd years. I was a rebel without a clue, never mind a cause! Then I woke up, snapped out of my aimless wanderings, and taught myself how to write compelling copy that sells. And I’m damned good at teaching others how to do it. I recently shared my skills to an exclusive group at my Last Ever Master Class which attendees paid up to $6,995.00 for the privilege… and most are NOW reaping the rewards on offer.

$100,000.00 Plus Copy Gig Thanks To Pete Godfrey’s Master Class

“Without Pete’s Master Class, I would never have scored a $100,000.00 plus copy gig with Mal Emery. Thanks for opening my eyes Pete!” Bret Thomson – Mal Emery’s personal copywriter.

The Best Programme This Side Of Dan Kennedy

“If you intend to do the best for your clients you had better get with the best programme this side of Dan Kennedy. Pete Godfrey’s Copywriting Master Class!” Dean Kennedy, Graphic Artists & Copywriter, Melbourne

Hardcore… No-nonsense!

“If you’re a business owner looking to write your own copy, either go to Pete’s class or pray that your competitors never find out about Pete (or someone like me!). Hardcore. Nononsense. Great results. That’s Pete Godfrey.” Kevin Francis, Maximum Results Copywriting, Sydney

REASON #6: I publish the only Direct Response Copywriting & Marketing newsletter specifically written for the Australian small business owner. It’s a printed, 12-page monthly publication called The Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter . I have happy Members right across Australia… and even though the content is specifically designed for Aussie business owners, I’ve still got subscribers from New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, the U.K., Ireland and the U.S. who happily pay me each and every month to deliver.

REASON #7: I’m dedicated to improving the lives of my members and clients by exposing them to the highly effective strategies I use each day. Understand this: I get a real kick out of helping people make money. I love it! I love doing a promotion for a client and then popping the old champagne corks when the results come in… knowing that my client has made a whole lotta money. All with the power of my words. And I love teaching this stuff to my members each month in my Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter … and then hearing about their results.

I trust the 7 reasons above have given you a good idea of who I am and what I’m about. See you next time at my blog http://www.petegodfrey.com

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