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petegodfreyG’day, thanks for stopping by. 

I’m Pete Godfrey… AKA The Wizards of Words. Maybe you’ve heard of me? I help business owners boost their profits, build stronger relationships with their customers, and live better more productive business lives. And each month I share my experience in my Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter.

Anyway, I’m sitting here writing this in my backyard Bali Hut… up here in tropical north Queensland. And the reason I put this webpage up is because I’m celebrating.

I’m celebrating the 100th issue of my Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Newsletter… And I’d love you to join in the celebration.


Well to celebrate, I’m giving away 3 FREE back issues of my newsletter. Now usually, these newsletters get printed and posted by good old snail mail. (Yeah I know… so last century right?) And usually they come with a subscription fee.

But to celebrate, I’m giving away the PDFs… this way you can get instant access to this powerful information right now. And I’m giving them away free so you don’t invest a cent. 

All you’ve got to do is enter your name and best email address and you’ll get instant access to 3 FREE back issues.

By the way, I only cover 3 subjects inside the newsletter… what I call my…

Business Profits Triangle

The subjects covered are…

  • Copywriting

  • Marketing (including sales)

  • And mindset.


Anyway, fill out your details and grab your copies and help me celebrate the 100th issue.

And if you can’t find at least 10 ways to make more sales from these newsletters, then I want you to check your pulse to see if you’re still breathing. (Just joking… sort of.) Enjoy! And thanks for celebrating with me.

Pete Godfrey
Wizard of Words

POST SCRIPT: I almost forgot to tell you what to expect…

Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll discover inside your 3 FREE newsletters…

What’s Inside Issue #78…  

  • Marketing Savvy Department:  How to be Booked Solid With Cash Paying Respectful Clients. Discover the first thing you must establish to get the best clients… and the little-known and little-used ‘old-school’ strategy that makes it happen.(Pages 3 & 4)
  • Sales Department: How to make more sales more often. See 3 simple things you can do right now to make more sales. (Revealed on page 5)
  • Killer Copy Clicks: Look For The GOAT & Make More Money.  Discover the secret to creating great titles and headlines that sell. (Go to page 6)
  • This Month’s BIG Lesson: Embrace You. Why comparing yourself to others only devalues your own achievements.(Page 6)
  • Wizard On Wealth: 3 ways to attract wealth into your life…PLUS… why you should never underestimate the stupidity of others. Not doing so could cost you a fortune. (Pages 9, 10 and 11)
  • And simply loads more…


What’s Inside Issue #84…  

  • Pete’s opening ramble: *** What it really takes to succeed in your business… and no, it’s not the latest app or some new facebook strategy. *** The difference between buying opportunities and investing in skill sets… knowing the difference gives you the power to succeed with any business or opportunity. *** See how I started a kitchen table Mail Order business with a start-up budget of $100 which brought in millions of dollars. (Pages 1 to 5)
  • Killer Copy Clicks:What we can learn from a rare Gary Halbert mistake. (Go to pages 5 and 6 for a big copy lesson.) 
  • Sales Department : The one simple thing you can do right now to get a rush of sales! (Page 7)
  • Marketing Savvy Department: How to DOUBLE your profits on your next Direct Mail promotion. And how to get me to do this for you! (Pages 8 and 9)
  • Plus way too much to mention here…


What’s Inside Issue #99…

  •  Pete’s opening ramble:  The theme for this month is, Make More Sales! You’ll discover: **Why I’m full of energy & why this is good news for you! **Do this ONE thing and make more sales. **The first critical step in any promotion (get this one right and you’ll be sitting on a winner). **PLUS, for the first time, I actually ask you for a favour. (Pages 1, 3 & 4)
  • This Month’s BIG Lesson: What’s your outcome?A simple yet powerful way to get more done. (Page 2) 
  • Sales Department: This month a smorgasbord of sales-boosting & sales-saving strategies.Discover 3 different and easy-to- implement ways to make more sales. You’ll see how sales are sabotaged and how to prevent this from happening in your business. And you get a peek inside the mindset you need to make maximum sales. (Pages 4, 5 & 6)
  • Killer Copy Clicks:   Do you ever get the feeling? Not for sensitive readers. This one is powerful and I’ve never revealed this before. It comes with a warning. (Pages 6 & 7)
  • Moneymaking Emails: Part 10… How to Make More Sales by Honourably & Honestly Targeting Your Prospects’ Most Embarrassing Anxieties! WARNING! Use this ONLY for good, not evil purposes. I mean it. If your product actually solves a problem and gives a genuine benefit then I want you to benefit from my hard-won advice. On the other hand, if you’re some slimy douche-bag chasing a quick buck at someone else’s expense then shame on you. And be careful, Karma is a real bitch and she bites. (Page 8)
  • Marketing Savvy Department:Get on Your Feet, Get on Stage, & Make a Shitload of Sales!Not just for the gurus. (Page 9)
  • Final thoughts for this month: The attitude you must possess to make maximum sales. Plus a great question answered…(Page 10)
  • Back Page Wake Up Call:  Are Your Hang-Ups About Money Sabotaging Your Sales
  • PLUS LOADS MORE all inside this month’s newsletter!


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