Something strange can happen when you get a few runs on the board. You can start to feel invincible. Feel like everything you touch turns to gold. If you were a rabbit’s foot, you’d be a real BIG one that’s for sure.

It’s a good feeling.

You possess a trusted certainty in your abilities; a confidence that radiates outward that people actually feel. Some may even call your inner-confidence arrogance because they lack (and envy) your self-assurance. There’s no doubt about it:

Confidence attracts money!

There’s an old saying, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are right.” Something like that anyway. But it illustrates my point. Confidence is the key. Confidence lets you think bigger; dream bigger. Without an Ego we’d all be sheep walking around the paddock.

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Freaky Facebook Fast

by Pete Godfrey · 10 comments

Sadly, one of the casualties of the 21st century is the inability of many folks to concentrate for more than a minute.

They are like butterflies hopping from one flower to the next; tweeting, checking emails, commenting on facebook, texting, and looking at funny cat videos on youtube.

And hey, if that’s your thing, have at it.

It’s not my job to judge… I got my own worries to deal with.

But get this…

Studies prove this constant online stimulation is rewiring brain-circuits and diminishing the capability to actually think. This is scary stuff.

But I know you don’t wanna hear that. You’re hooked on the constant stimulation of social media, and couldn’t imagine a world without it.

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Wake Up and Live

by Pete Godfrey

I was watching the news the other night when I choked on my cup of tea. I don’t like watching the TV, especially the news and pop culture current affairs show… but… I force myself to do so a couple of times a week. I call it research. That’s because when you elevate your thinking, […]

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Shocking Email Blunder Instantly Breaks Trust & Sabotages Sales!

by Pete Godfrey

We all know the importance of email subject lines right?  Subject lines are like headlines in ads; they need to get attention and stimulate interest. (The ‘from line’ is even more important.) So just like headlines, this is where I spend a bit of time, working out the best subject line to fit the email. […]

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Debunking The Law of Attraction

by Pete Godfrey

If you’re like most of the people I know, you’re well aware of the law of attraction. You know, the old what you focus on you get. Or as Hill said in ‘Think And Grow Rich’, you need a definite purpose backed up with a burning desire to achieve. Which is all good… Up until […]

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Constant Daily Improvements

by Pete Godfrey

It still amazes me the amount of aspiring copywriters who contact me each month seeking work, who have not done the most rudimentary study of the craft. They’ve never heard or studied the old greats such as Caples, Collier, Burnett, Ogilvy, Schwab, Cossman and many  others. The guys and girls in my new Apprentice Group […]

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The Language of The Sexes

by Pete Godfrey

FOREWORD: After many thousands of years, countless studies, numerous focus groups, and much angst all round, it has recently been discovered that men and women are different. And it’s these differences we’ll look at in this article and how to use this knowledge to make more sales. Sure I take a light-hearted look at this […]

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A Time To Reconnect

by Pete Godfrey

Report From The Front Lines– Reality Check For Entrepreneurs Fact is, we live in a spontaneous, fast-paced world where we are bombarded with incoming information on an hourly basis. Recent studies now reveal for many people, the more plugged in they are the lonelier they feel. That’s because there is always something else to look […]

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So, you wanna write your own copy do ya?

by Pete Godfrey

A couple of big tips for you today on writing your own copy. I’ve been getting a few questions of late from readers who write their own copy for their own businesses. So they are not professional copywriters, but business owners who can see the power of being able to write emotionally-charged words that sell. […]

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Make More Money With A GOAT

by Pete Godfrey

I first heard the term GOAT from old time info-marketer Jerry Buchanan. Jerry first got famous for selling a little booklet on how to remove gophers from your backyard. He then went on and published the very successful, “Towers Club USA Newsletter: The original source for insider news for mail order merchants.” Folks like Gary […]

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Who Controls Your Day?

by Pete Godfrey

Now that’s a damn good question isn’t it? Who controls your day? Makes you think. Is it your customers? Your lover? Your kids? Spouse? Any random fool with a laptop or smart phone who wants to throw a question your way? Who? Or do you control your day and make others work around you? Frankly, […]

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Your Customers. Make `em an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

by Pete Godfrey

No, I’m not talking about doin’ a Godfather and leaving a severed horse’s head in your customers’ beds. I mean, that would be silly and damn disgusting right? The big thing you MUST understand is the most valuable asset your business has are your customers and the relationship you have with them. Also understand they […]

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2 Simple Words To Increase Sales

by Pete Godfrey

We all know you’ve got to limit your offers right? It cuts down on procrastination and gets folks to buy now, not later. But many times people get stuck on how they can limit their offers How can you make it sound believable in an ordinary, everyday small business? Well here’s a story that will […]

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Caught With My Pants Down

by Pete Godfrey

An embarrassing lesson on headlines… We’ve all experienced it. An embarrassing moment, a moment so bad you’d rather be caught with your pants down in the middle of Surfers Paradise on a cold winters’ morning. Fact is, we’ve all had our own embarrassing moments. They might be fun to look back on, but at the […]